Gillian Anderson Moving To Get Closer To David Duchovny – Rekindle Love and Romance?

Gillian Anderson Moving To Get Closer To David Duchovny - Rekindle Love and Romance?

So the gossip blogs are going crazy today over the news that Gillian Anderson signed on to co-star in NBC’s Hannibal. She’ll have a multi-episode stint as Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier, therapist to Mads Mikkelsen’s Hannibal Lecter. People are naturally excited because she hasn’t appeared in an American series since the X-Files ended in 2002 and this show seems promising. It has also cast Hugh Dancy, Laurence Fishburne, Eddie Izzard, Gina Torres, and Molly Shannon which sounds pretty awesome.

The other thing that has fans foaming at the mouth is the fact that the new role might force Gillian back to full-time living in the United States which puts her on the same continent as David Duchovny. She moved to London after the X-Files wrapped and has managed to stay there out of the spotlight for the past decade. I’m not sure if she kept a residence in the U.S. as well.

So they must be together, right? Why else would she sign up for a juicy role that might stretch her as an actor and catapult her career again? It’s got to be because of a guy!

Sorry all you Gillian/David believers but I’m not sure this is the sign you’re all looking for. I’m not going to crush your hopes but this is hardly concrete evidence the two are shacking up (although some do believe they are). I think she’s just ready to start acting on a more consistent basis again. She’s got a few movies coming up and just filled a new series for BBC2 called The Fall.

Gillian Anderson’s Hannibal sounds pretty cool, no? Are there some of you out there who think she’s only doing American television again because she wants to be closer to alleged husband David Duchovny or could she just want to try something different?



4 responses to “Gillian Anderson Moving To Get Closer To David Duchovny – Rekindle Love and Romance?”

  1. Flo Ramirez says:

    NOPE. she’s only signed on for 3 episodes and Hannibal shoots in Toronto Canada. Sorry. Sad though. But it will be great if she lands a fulltime tv role in the States. We do miss her.

  2. […] Celeb Dirty Laundry is posing an interesting theory, maybe Gillian Anderson accepted the role so she could be closer to a certain someone. (hint: his initial’s are DD.) Or maybe she is just ready to get back into acting again. She has a few movies set to come out next year and has recently filmed a new series for BBC2. […]

  3. Blabla says:

    According to me, this is only for business. There is a rumour concerning DD and Minnie Driver…

  4. K@reN says:

    Definitely they are together now, that makes me very happy. Gillovny up!