Is Angelina Jolie Racing Jennifer Aniston To The Altar?

Is Angelina Jolie Racing Jennifer Aniston To The Altar? 0820

Another weekend, another faux wedding for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I’m sorry! I really thought it was going to happen. But the globetrotting power couple pulled a fast one on us yet again because it turns out they’re not even France! Page Six reported today that last week Brad and his family were spotted in Greece and when a restaurant owner asked Angelina if she was ready to get married she laughed and replied, “Not yet.”

Damn it! Why won’t these two just do it already! The news has been so boring lately!

Anyway, it seems the happiness pendulum is swinging now that Jennifer Aniston is engaged. It’s Angelina’s turn to be miserable and unsatisified with her love life. The National Enquirer has a hilarious story this week that states she’s worried that Brad isn’t quite ready to settle down and make an honest woman of her. Do you think Page Six’s source got the story wrong? Was it Brad who answered the Greek owner with a laugh and a “Not yet”?

The Enquirer says Brad recently boozed it up with his pal, Guy Richie, but came home to a distraught Angelina who was disappointed in him because he refuses to give up his wild ways like she has for him.

“She told him how worried she’d been and that she wouldn’t toler­ate any more wild boozing in the days leading up to their wedding,” revealed another source.

“And she blamed Guy for lead­ing him astray. Brad made the mistake of defending his pal, say­ing Guy’s one of the finest people he’s ever met and it was his fault for taking advantage of his amazing hospitality.” And that’s when Angelina really let him have it, pointing out that she’d calmed down her wild ways now that they have responsibilities, and that Brad was acting like a 20-year-old frat boy in the company of his pal Guy,” the source divulged.

“She was so mad and shak­ing with fury, that she just threw up her arms and ordered Brad to get some sleep because “he looked terrible.”

Angie’s looking forward to their up­coming wedding in the South of France, and she’s concerned that Brad’s partying is a sign that he’s still not ready to settle down.

“Brad later tried to pass off his boozy night by saying he usually drank cans of Bud­weiser and wasn’t used to the strong English beer! Then he hugged her and said he was just celebrating his good fortune in having her as his bride,” added the source.

“But Angelina won’t buy that line until the day he puts a wedding band on her finger!”

Oh Angelina. How the tables have turned! Now she’s pulling the Jennifer Aniston and is all desperate to put a ring on it. I don’t know Enquirer. I love to love you but this story just isn’t cutting it for me. I can totally buy the fact that she got p-ssed at Brad for going out drinking with Guy. Guy seems like the kind of dude that will get you so drunk you won’t even remember your name afterwards. His life has got to be so much more care free post Madonna! But I can’t believe Angie wants to be a bride that badly. If she wanted to be married, they’d be married. I can’t imagine traditional, Missouri boy, “I want to design our rings so they’re that much more special”, Brad is shuffling his feet. Do you? I’m surprised the Enquirer didn’t try to use the angle that Brad’s drinking because he realized Jennifer isn’t still obsessed with him. That would have been a good read. Perhaps next week? Because you know it’s coming. And you know a wedding is coming too. Brad and Jennifer can’t both be engaged for long. Someone has to pull the trigger. Maybe Angie’s all ready to get married now because she doesn’t want Jennifer beating her to it? Am I just pulling stuff out of the air now?

Do you think there’s any truth to the fact that Angelina would want to hurry the wedding now that Jennifer is engaged? Do girls think like that? Hells ya they do! But do you believe Angelina would think like that?

Photo Credit: MiamiPIXX/BRJ/FameFlynet Pictures