Jessica Simpson Pimps Out Her Daughter Maxwell Drew

Jessica Simpson Pimps Out Her Daughter Maxwell Drew

Yes, of course babies are cute, but why does every famewhore celebrity want to pimp their child out? I don’t get it. Case in point, the picture of Jessica Simpson’s 4 month old daughter, Maxwell Drew.

During Simpson’s visit to Katie Couric’s new show, Simpson couldn’t help but gush over her child. Now Simpson decided the best picture to showcase of her infant daughter is one in a homemade yellow two-piece STRING BIKINI bathing suit over her diaper.

Does this woman remember what it was like being ridiculed for her weight gain and loss over the years? I’m sure she doesn’t want anyone making fun of her daughter but she still thinks it’s okay for us to look at a baby in a STRING BIKINI! It would have worked better if Simpson showed Maxwell off in a onesie.

Now, I’m not saying Maxwell is fat – she’s a cute little chubby baby – the way they are supposed to look. And I know, babies are oblivious to the world, but one day when you look back and Google yourself, you’ll be one pissed off kid at your parents for showing that picture and I’m sure there are more to come.

If this baby was ‘Tan Mom’s’ kid, she would be ridiculed for pimping out her new baby for others to gawk at, but since it’s a celebrity and Jessica Simpson, the double standard is in full effect. We are supposed to look at little Maxwell and think how awesome it is to be her and how happy Simpson and her baby daddy are now that they are finally parents. It disgusts me.

Regardless of what people think in their perverse little Hollywood world, what Simpson is doing is pimping out her 4 month-old daughter. Jessica Simpson makes Kris Jenner and Mama Boo Boo look good. And that is terrifying.  WTF is wrong with Jessica Simpson, Katie Couric, the producers of the show and the entire TV network?  Can’t they see what we see?   Feel free to comment but please keep it clean and classy.

6 responses to “Jessica Simpson Pimps Out Her Daughter Maxwell Drew”

  1. just saying says:

    OH please so every celeb on twitter & elswhere its ok but Jessica shows a really cute pic of her baby girl & she is pimping . really are you kidding me sad

  2. Cara says:

    You’ve got serious issues Debbie.

  3. my three cents says:

    I do think she pimped out her pregnancy for $4 mil as she over ate and now she and her ‘chubby’ baby are way more susceptible to having adult onset diabetes. I know, I was 9lbs, 12 oz and am hypoglycemic and my mother, a nurse and heavy all her life did suffer with it.

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  5. Jasey says:

    LOL. This article is hilarious! Of all the things to worry about in the world and people pick on Jessica for this harmless photo of her baby in a bikini? Only someone sick would find it sexualizing. This photo is wrong but the hundreds of thousands of baby “topless” or fully nude are ok?

  6. Luis says:

    Are you kidding me? It’s a BABY! There are so many problems in the world and you’re worried about a baby in a bikini?