Kate Middleton and Prince William Win Topless Photo Court Battle (Offending Photos Here)

Kate Middleton and Prince William Win Topless Photo Court Battle (Offending Photos Here)

No surprises there! It’s hard to believe that this time last week, the entire world didn’t know what future queen Kate Middleton’s chest looked like! Those were dark days, for sure. Thanks to Closer Magazine and a long lens camera, we do now! The photos (CLICK HERE) came out just as Kate and hubby Prince William set off for royal tour of south east Asia, and they’ve been livid ever since! Representatives for the royals have given various statements, calling the images grotesque, comparing Kate to Will’s deceased mother Princess Diana, and clamoring for legal action against the paparazzi and print editors.

Yesterday morning Kate and Wills had a Aurélien Hamelle, who famously represented John Galliano defend himself from  charges of anti-semitism lawyer lodge a formal criminal complaint against Closer.  This forced the court to investigate the charges not merely as if civil law having been broken, but as a crime that had victims.

The Mirror reports the result of the preliminary trial, “A French court has banned further publication of topless pictures of Kate Middleton. As well as imposing an injunction, it also stated that there would be a 10,000 euro daily fine if any of the photos are re-published or sold. The court also ordered that all pictures are handed back to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge within 24 hours.”

Clearly they mean business! Of course, this is all typical of a court about to start an investigation. And handing back the pictures to Kate and Wills can’t remove them from cyberspace or individual hard drives! For the royal family, this is the first of many steps in the right direction.  More importantly, the royals wish to set an example for the paparazzi. Palace lawyers are “reasonably happy” with the courts decision—as well they should be. I don’t know what more the court could have done at this point.  Despite this victory, the next vacation Kate and Will take will probably not include any topless sunbathing!

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