Report: Tom Cruise’s 19-Year-Old Daughter, Isabella Cruise, Is Getting Engaged!

Report: Tom Cruise's 19-Year-Old Daughter, Isabella Cruise, Is Getting Engaged!

Isabella Cruise may be only 19-years-old, but the adopted daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman is reportedly ready to tie the knot!

According to The Mirror, the teenager is on the brink of announcing her engagement to her 23-year-old boyfriend, musician Eddie Frencher.

Eddie and Bella have been dating for some time but have deliberately kept their romance under wraps. The couple decided to go public at [her brother] Connor’s birthday party recently because Eddie and Bella have discussed marriage,” said a source.

And while most parents might be freaked out about the prospect of their daughter getting so serious at such a young age, Tom and Nicole are seemingly OK with the plans.

Tom and Nicole think Eddie is a great kid, and couldn’t be happier. The fact that he is a Scientologist is obviously a boon, too – they’ll be Scientology royalty.

Adding more fuel to the speculation fire is the fact that Isabella recently Tweeted a photo of a rather funky-looking engagement ring that features a gold band that’s shaped like a tree trunk: “I adore this! #yesplease,” she wrote.

However, while having family members like Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, Keith Urban and brother Connor Cruise aka DJ C-Squared (who, coincidentally, looks a lot like Eddie) at the couple’s nuptials will automatically turn it into a contender for the celebrity wedding of the year, Isabella and Eddie are reportedly in no rush to walk down the aisle.

They won’t be getting married anytime soon, but they are getting pretty serious, very quickly,” added the source.

We bet Isabella’s half-sister Suri Cruise is already pretty psyched about the prospect of being a flower girl!

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