Selena Gomez Looking For A New Companion: Not Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez Looking For A New Companion: Not Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez is looking for a new companion and it’s not Justin Bieber.  It was just six months ago that Selena and beau, Justin, adopted a shelter dog while in Winnipeg, Canada.  She made headlines then as she was seen walking through LAX cradling “Baylor.”  Now it seems the young star may be thinking of adding a new addition to her family.  Gomez is on location in Bulgaria shooting “The Getaway” and is entertaining the idea of adopting again.

“Stray dogs definitely make me and my mom sad. If she does not mind, I would adopt a Bulgarian dog,” Selena said in an interview for local 24 Hours daily.

Stray dogs have been a normal part of life in Bulgaria – just that life in Bulgaria is not totally normal, at least by American standards – but after the mauling death of a US professor, the locals are no longer as tolerant.  Animal rights activists in the country hope that celebrity adoptions of these pooches will help ease the tension a bit.

It has been rumored that Gomez has had a bit of a difficult time in Bulgaria.  Fans have camped out where she has been staying and supposedly have kept her awake by screaming her name.  The star admits,

“I just did not expect all that interest in Bulgaria.”

What do you think Gomez should adopt a dog from another country?  There are plenty of shelters in the states that have dogs in need of love.  Should she adopt here at home instead?  Hey wait a minute – maybe she learned from Angelina Jolie?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!