Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 12 “Darthy” Recap 11/27/12

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 12 “Darthy” Recap 11/27/12

Tonight on FX my favorite show SONS OF ANARCHY airs with a whole new episode called “Darthy” .” On tonight’s show Jax makes arrangements to take the club in a different direction.

On last week’s show “To Thine Own Self,” we’ll see Jax in an sticky situation. He’s in a small room with Romeo, who says, “May I remind you how easy it is to disappear.” To which Jax responds with, “And, yet, here I am.” There’s definitely a lot of tension in this scene, which is presented in the promo video we have for you below, and we can’t wait to see where that dialogue goes — probably nowhere good.  Did you see last week’s show? We did and we recapped it here for you.

On tonight’s show it might lead to some surprises — big surprises. A lot of bad things have already happened this season, and I think we should prepare our lil’ SOA lovin’ selves for more unfortunate things. In the first few seconds of the preview, there’s an emotional scene that reminds us of Tig losing his daughter. Then, of course, there’s a scene with Jax. Pope tells Jax that Trager’s no longer has a purpose. And Jax says, “I’ll deliver him tomorrow,” to which Pope says, “If you break this promise . . . everything else goes away.” I noticed that SOA loves putting the “Dramatic Conversation” scenes in their preview trailers. It gets kind of old. Let’s hope Jax doesn’t break his promise!

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of season 5 of Sons of Anarchy, so far?

Live Recap Here!

Gemma’s dressing Clay, Jax is journaling in Thomas’ room, Tara’s pondering life. Jax is writing “Today I will try to be the man my father wanted to be.” Bobby tells Jax that Clay’s going to come to the table and admit what he did with the Nomads and let the club decide. Clay actually comes clean on all the home invasions. Trager tells him you hurt a lot of people.

Clay tells him he was driven by pride and greed but he wanted to push out Jax because he didn’t think he was ready to lead. He tells them he was wrong and that Jax was a better leader than he ever was. Wow! Humble, confessional Clay. I did not see that coming.

Jax tells the gang the vote has to be unanimous on Clay’s fate and calls for a vote on Clay losing his patch. They all vote yea. He calls for comments on Mayhem. Trager says Clay’s a traitor, Chibs says he needs to go down. Jax calls for a vote on Clay meeting Mr. Mayhem. All vote yea except for Bobby. Jax is not happy.

He attacks Clay and tries to kill him. Gemma, Chuckie and Unser watch dispassionately. Chibs pulls him off. They tell Jax ‘he’s done’ and he finally walks away. Jax is furious that Bobby made a deal with Clay behind his back. Bobby throws down Clay’s club vest and tells Jax they couldn’t prove shit.

Bobby said Clay needed to go away and he knows Jax would have killed Clay behind the club’s back when they were done with Galen. Bobby tells Jax he couldn’t let him become that guy because the club is broken and they need him.

Jax says he lost his sense of brotherhood when Opie dies. Jax says Opie told him being leader corrupts you. He tells Bobby to go and he does.

Gemma’s patching up Clay and wants him to go to the hospital. He refuses and asks to be left alone for a minute. He breaks down sobbing. Whoa. What is up with Clay? Is he in man-o-pause?

Tara’s lawyer’s visiting her at the hospital and asks if she or Jax have a will and a contingency plan for the kids if something happens to one or both of them. She asks if Gemma would get the kids and Tara says no. Her lawyer says she’ll help them.

Tara and her attorney are being interviewed by the cops. She tells the story about volunteering because her hubby had been in jail before and she had sympathy for those in jail. She insisted that she didn’t even know Otto was there. The cop asked if she knew it was illegal to give anything to prisoners as was listed in the document she signed to volunteer. She said she didn’t review the docs closely. Her lawyer insisted she gave an item of prayer (the crucifix) to a man in shackles and had no idea what he was capable of.

Jax is having a chat with Pope about business, but then Jax asks his advice about leadership styles. Pope wants to know if it’s about Clay. Jax tells him they took his patch, but he wants him dead. Pope says democracy is over-rated. Jax wants to know how to get rid of Clay without tearing the club apart. Pope advises to get someone else to do it so he can get the end result he wants.

Pope wants Trager now. Jax promises to deliver him tomorrow. Pope says if he breaks his word, he will crush the club. Jax says Tig was Clay’s right hand, so he means nothing to him.

Except that I don’t think Jax will give him up. My hubby and I are having a debate over the break about how this can go down. Here’s my theory: Jax will hand over Trager who will shoot Pope and Augie will take over the club and it’ll be copacetic. Let’s see how my ESP does…

The Sons ride into the warehouse to introduce Romeo and Luis to Henry Lin who gives a munitions show and sell. Henry’s getting them from the Palestinians, but it’s not going to be as fast a ramp up as they wanted. Romeo and Luis whisper and then place their outrageous order. Luis says after they get the “Hammas Express” sorted, they want shipments every two weeks. They drop a 250k deposit.

They pull Jax aside and say they need one last shipment from the Irish while waiting on Henry to ramp up the supply. Jax says he’ll call Galen – this means he’ll need Clay. Uh-oh.

Tara tells Wendy that Abel was in a car wreck with Gemma who was stoned and she had to operate on him. Wendy’s pissed. Tara tells her about the new job in Oregon and Wendy wants to know if Jax is okay with it, she says they’re working on it. Tara asks Wendy if she wants the kids if something happens to Jax and Tara. Wendy’s quietly happy and Tara says she can visit Abel in the hospital daycare.

The Sons are on stop two of their arms tour and go to see the Irish. Galen wants to know where Clay is and they tell him he turned in his patch. Jax tries to make amends about what happened in Belfast. Galen agrees to the deal. But then the doors open and Romeo and Luis bust in guns out saying they weren’t sure the deal would go through without Clay.

Jax tries to get them to leave it to him, but all hell breaks loose and shots are flying everywhere. They take the guns from the Irish and add insult to injury by refusing to pay. Romeo says it’ll cover the cost of the men he lost.

Galen’s pissed and says there’s going to be fall out on both clubs – in the US and Ireland for this stunt and it’s all on Jax. Great, just what he needs… Jax tells Trager to alert all the clubs. He tells Chibs to get Gemma to call him. Jax wants Juice to bring Clay to him.

Nero’s getting up to speed on his old crew’s goings on. Gemma’s at the escort club looking for Nero and one of the pros directs her to the kitchen. He wants to know why she’s there. She asks for his doctor friend to look at Clay. She tells him he got kicked out of the club and then Jax beat him down. Nero wants to know why she didn’t talk to him. He wants to know if she really loves him and she says yes.

Lila comes to tell Gemma they’ve all been called into the club about an incident with the Irish. Nero agrees to send his doc to Clay.

Clay’s packing up club stuff and tells Juice there’s some good classic stuff he can have. Juice tears up and says he can’t. Clay says to take it, that it’s his way of saying thanks. Trager comes to pick up both Juice and Clay even though Clay says Jax won’t want him there. They pack up and Juice takes along the gun Clay just gave him. I’m suspect of that gun – what crimes was it used in that can come back to bite either Juice or the Sons?

At the hospital, Jax sees Abel with Wendy and wants to know what she’s doing with him. She says Tara let her see him. He takes Jax back to daycare and tells her to meet him outside. There’s a random shady dude at the hospital checking them out and making a call on his cell.

Wendy was there and then there’s the squeal of tires and she’s gone. Her purse is all spilled out. Jax finds her stuff and knows she’s been taken. I’m thinking the Irish grabbed up Wendy thinking she’s Jax’s wife or baby Mama. Not cool.

In the hospital, Lee comes to see Tara and tells her he’s Pamela’s sister (the murdered nurse). He’s looking for details about the murder. She tells him that he knocked her unconscious and then stabbed her in the neck with a cross. She assures him she was in no pain and died quickly. He tells her it was very helpful and thanks her. He asks if she knows why it happened, if they had been arguing.

Then Lee’s questions get more intense. He wants to know if she knew Otto from before and if Jax knew about it. He hands her his business card – he’s a retired US Marshall. Oh shit. He tells her he wants answers and will find out if they’re involved when they hear Otto’s side of the story.

She says they weren’t involved, but is sorry for what happened to his sister. He tells her that his niece and nephew that now have no mom are not reassured. He tells her to keep the card because it’s “obsolete” – he’s looking for a new job. Hmm. That doesn’t bode well for the Sons, for Tara, for anyone.

Tara tells Jax about Lee and that Otto’s giving his statement tomorrow. She tells him she called Wendy about their wills and taking the kids – just in case. He’s not thrilled, but she said it’s better than his mother.

Galen called Clay and he came to bring the message. He says he gets $475,000 or the guns or he kills Wendy and takes Abel to Belfast. Nero said he may have a solution and Jax kicks Clay out of the room. Bobby follows. Nero says he can raise the cash, that he’s got money saved up for his ranch. Nero says he needs guns and money for his crew. Jax asks if it’s a loan and Nero said to consider it a partnership.

Gemma tells Jax what he did to Clay was brutal – he said it wasn’t the way he wanted it to go.

Clay thinks Trager for backing him up. Clay tells him he knows he voted for him to get Mayhem and Trager says it’s because he owned it. Clay and Trager drop the money and pick up Wendy. Galen says he’s sorry it came to this and that it’s the end of an era. Clay tells him it’s a matter of time before the Chinese have all the gun business.

Clay tells him he’s putting together a new crew. He tells him he’s a free agent and is going to compete with Henry on arms. He asks for a lift to Belfast until the heat dies down in Charming on him. Galen says he’s the only American he trusts. He tells him to meet him at the barn tomorrow. Clay wants to bring Gemma and Galen says it’s okay.

Clay tells Trager he’s going to work with the Irish and pick up business the club drops, but with no politics. He says he wants make up for all the damage and reminds Trager his offer to him is still good.

Wendy’s chewing out Jax and Tara because she was kidnapped and because they told her about when they took Abel to Belfast. She tells Jax that she’s going to report what happened, report Abel’s kidnapping and come after her son. Can’t say I blame her but at least she’s clean and sober.

Tara asks Jax what they’re going to do about… and then she lists off all their many problems. He tells her Wendy has no proof, Clay and Gemma will work it out and the sitch with Otto will be just fine. He takes her in his arms and promises that he’ll give her a beautiful life.

Jax asks Unser to find out everything he can about Lee. Bobby wants to talk to Jax and he refuses – he says if he’s alone with Bobby right now, he’ll tear his head off.

Clay’s waiting in the shop office. He wants to know why Gemma didn’t ask why he lost the patch. She says he didn’t want to know. He hands her some documents from the safe – Thomas’ birth certificate. She asks why and he tells her he thought he wanted the club back.

He says he knows now all he wants back is her. He tells her he’s going to Belfast until Jax cools off. He asks her to go along. She said she can’t pick up and go. Clay asks her for two months. She wants to know when he’s going and he gives her the deets on when and where. She kisses him and promises to think about it. I think she’s going to tell her kid…

There’s a knock at the door – I think they’re coming to get rid of Clay’s club tat. He tells Gemma he’ll sleep at home because the ink will ruin her sheets. Clay sits stoic while they obliterate his Mayhem stamp. The rest of the club looks on with anger and sadness on their faces. Jax finally walks out and takes off on his bike.

At the escort club, Lila knocks and tells Nero he’s got a visitor. Gemma’s there to give him a cuddle.

At the club, Clay’s back tat is gone and they go to work on his arm.

Tara’s on her knees praying.

Lee’s reading and no doubt plotting revenge.

Bobby takes off next on his bike.

Tig’s waiting for Jax. He points out a room and hands Jax a package and says it’s ready to go. Trager asks why he’s doing it and he says he’s keeping life beautiful. It’s Wendy’s door he’s at. Oh crap.

He asks her if they can talk and she lets him in. He shoots her up with drugs and says he’s going to call her rehab tomorrow and turn her in and tell them she shot up at his kid’s daycare. She begs him not to, but he doesn’t stop. He whispers to her never to threaten his family again.

Wow. Jax is maybe worse than Clay and he’s decades younger.