Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 13 “J’ai Obtenu Cette” Recap 12/4/12

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 13 “J’ai Obtenu Cette” Recap 12/4/12

Tonight on FX my favorite show SONS OF ANARCHY airs with a whole new episode called “J’ai Obtenu Cette.”  Can you believe it is the season finale?  Another season coming to a close. On tonight’s show Jax strikes a new deal while ridding himself of old problems.

On last week’s show Jax mades arrangements to take the club in a different direction.  Did you watch the show?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

On tonight’s finale, Jax continues to get his hands dirty and, in the opening clip of the preview for the episode, we hear him say, “I’m committing to handing over a brother for you to murder.” Jax continues to be faced with challenging choices, ones that continue to influence him, his friends, and, as we’ll see in next week’s episode, his family as well. Jax pulls a gun on someone (watch the trailer to find out who!), and it leaves us wondering . . . will he make the kill? Someone also tells Jax that “he had the chance to be different,” to which he responds, “well, maybe I’m not so different.”

Virtually every SOA preview consists of the same thing: dramatic conversation between two characters (usually featuring Jax), another dramatic conversation featuring another couple characters, and then finally some more dramatic conversation–this one usually spiced up with a good ol’ fashioned explosion or a gun draw.  Also, there’s an exchange of money that will go down, and the drama will definitely be intense and, hopefully, leave us on the edges of our seat.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of season 5 of Sons of Anarchy, so far?

Tonight’s recap:  Okay, before this episode started, I had to translate the title – it’s French naturally and means “I have to have that.” I’m intrigued already! It’s the season finale… Who will die? Who will live? Who will get revenge on whom?

Jax is sleeping like a baby – nice that he can drug up his ex and ruin her life and sleep so easy. Tara wakes up – she can’t sleep. Gemma’s in bed with Nero – she can’t sleep either. Clay’s all alone, drinking coffee, staring at his wedding ring and his gun. He’s busted up and his ink is a mess.

Jax wakes to find a note from Tara – “Took the boys and left. See you later.” How much later and took them where? Hmm.

Nero wakes alone as well and finds a note as well tacked to his birdcage. It says “You should name them Carl and Carla. Love, Gemma.”

Tara’s having an ultrasound of her damaged hand. Jax is riding his bike. Side not – the opening music is a haunting version of To Sir With Love, sung by Katey Sagal (Gemma.)

Jax is meeting up with Pope and Auggie – he says he’ll miss seeing him. Now that their coke dealings are done, he says the only thing he has they want is Trager. He wants paperwork from them guaranteeing Charming Heights and a home for Opie’s family. Auggie says they can bring it. Jax is to deliver Tig at 2 pm to their storage facility.

At the shop, Clay’s locking up his tools, but tells Gemma he’s leaving them. Gemma asks Chuckie to take the car mats to Tara – to get rid of him. He responded in French – it’s his new tick instead of rhyming. Clay tells her he’s leaving at 4 with Galen. Gemma tells him her suitcase is in the car and they hug. He thanks her. He promises her it will be a fresh start for them – the honeymoon they never had. They agree to meet at his place at 3. No way – there’s no way that she’s leaving with him for Belfast!

Tara gets good news at the hospital. They think she may be able to operate within 6 months. Tara asks the doctor to forward them to Karen Dunhill (the rep from the Oregon hospital.) Wendy shows up to see Tara and tells her exactly what Jax did to her. She raises her shirt sleeve and shows the bruise mark where he banged an eight ball into his shoulder.

Wendy tells her she needs to take the boys and run to Oregon before something happens to the kids. Tara tells her she’s getting out and Wendy says good.

Chuckie comes in with a peace lily he found on Tara’s porch when he dropped of the mats. Gemma reads the card – it’s a welcome to the team card.

Nero’s hearing a complaint from a neighborhood shopkeeper about Dante charging extra protection. He tells her he’ll take care of it. Jax shows up and Nero tells him he’s got to take Dante out. The Sons agree to go in and scope out Dante’s crew first. They’re bringing the cholo cavalry along as well to ensure numbers.

The Sons walk into a dog fight and face off with Dante. Trager is pissed – he loves dogs and can hardly stand to watch as one pit bull brutalizes another. The dog’s owner walks out with the wounded animal and Tig follows. Jax seems him go and takes off after him. Tig sees trash bins full of dead dogs. When the guy starts to put a bullet in the dog’s brain, Tig threatens to kill him. They found out where Dante is and send the dog off with one of the Sons.

The Sons bust in on Dante counting his take from the fights. They hold them at gunpoint, but then way too many of the other guys show up. The Sons take off running. Nero his crew and the cholos show up just in time. Dante rushes to lock up the warehouse and run off. Jax, Chibs and Nero are hot on his trail.

Dante runs out of the warehouse and jumps in a van. Unfortunately, one of the fight dogs is in there and it mauls him. Nero holds the door closed and they all laugh, enjoying the irony.

Back at the clubhouse, Tara’s waiting on Jax and wants to talk. Uh-oh. They kick Chuckie out of the office and he responds with more French. Tara tells him about her nerve exam and the good news that she’s recovering. He’s thrilled. She doesn’t look thrilled. He wants to know if she’s worried about the shit that happened the day prior. She says she needs a little clarity.

Jax says he’s going to make a statement today (to the cops I guess) and then it will be behind them. She asks what about Wendy. Jax says she’ll back off and she wants to know how he can be sure. He says that she’s just a junkie and will never get custody. He leaves her in the office.

Jax runs Chuckie away from Unser’s table – can he ever get a moment of peace? Unser reports on Lee’s career – lots of accolades, but also lots of violence, racial profiling and was forced into early retirement for using excessive force. The dead nurse (his sister) was his only family.

They bring Otto into interrogation. Lee’s observing behind the two way mirror. Otto chuckles. They start recording the session and ask him to state his name. He bites off his own tongue and spits it out and then throws it at the window and it sticks right in front of Lee’s face. Lee says to himself “Wow. Way to commit, Otto…” Otto’s in a heap on the table, blubbering blood and giggling like mad.

Back at the hospital, Gemma’s waiting on Tara and confronts her about the Portland job. She wants to know if Jax knows and she says he knows, but not all the details. Gemma tells her she’s not taking her family anywhere. Tara says they’re her sons and she’ll take them if she wants to. She says she’s taking her boys away from the cesspool that Gemma and all the others are in.

Gemma says if she takes one step out of Charming and the only place she’s going is prison. She says she’ll tell the cops that Tara asked her to bring her the cross and that she planned the murder to reverse Rico. Tara says Jax would kill her and Gemma says she may as well be without her boys, but at least she would know that Tara was locked up getting fist raped until the boys were in their 20s.

Tara tells her to do what she has to do, but she’s leaving Charming and taking the boys. Gemma slams out of the office, but punches Tara in the stomach first – then says she hopes she’s not pregnant.

Jax calls Auggie and tells him he’s running late. Jax tells Tig Nero called and they’re going to go shut down the guy who’s breeding the dogs for the fights – that was an easy way to get Trager to ride along.

Gemma shows up at Clay’s and tells him her bag is in the car. He sends Juice out to get it. She says she’s ready.

Jax and Tig roll up on a warehouse in the desert. Trager looks around as says it’s quiet. He asks if Jax is sure that it’s the place, there’s no kennels and pens. Jax pulls a gun on Tig and tells him to hand over his gun and knife. Trager wants to know what’s going on. Cars pull up and Trager knows it’s Pope. Trager calls Jax a rat bastard. Trager begs him not to give him over. Pope tells them to take Jax’s gun as a precaution.

Trager tells him his daughter was screaming his name while they burned her. He asks how he could let them do this. Jax asks Pope for the paperwork and he hands it over and says a copy went to Hale’s lawyer also. Jax tells Pope he should do it in the garage because there were some hikers nearby and sound travels.

Pope wants Trager’s jacket and they strip it off him. Jax tells him “It all comes around Tiggy.” They take Trager into the garage. Pope takes off his jacket. Back outside, Jax pulls out a silenced gun and shoots the guard in the head, then blows away Auggie as well. He holds a gun on Pope and tells him to stay down.

Pope says “This was not our agreement.” Jax hands Trager the gun and tells him he can kill the man that burned his daughter alive. Pope asks if they know what will happen to whoever kills him and Jax says he’s counting on it. Tig puts a bullet through Pope’s brain. Splat! Jax apologizes for not telling him. Trager says they could have killed him. Jax reminds him they didn’t. Tig realizes the gun he shot him with was Clay’s. Jax asks if he has a problem with it and he says no. Trager breaks down in tears and Jax comforts him and tells him it’s over.

The police get a call to report a murder out at a warehouse in the desert. The caller tells the sheriff he’ll want to be there personally to find the body. They say “Holy shit. It’s Damon Pope.” The sheriff gets a cell call from Jax who asks him how is day is going. He wants to know if Jax did this. He says he’s working toward their common goal. He directs him to a vent up the hill where he finds the gun.

The lawyer comes to see Tara and tells her about Otto chomping off his own tongue. She says it’s good news – the only charges she could possibly face would be misdemeanors. The lawyer brings all the insurance and guardianship papers and the wills. She says she ready to sign, no need to review. Tara signs all the papers immediately. She says they’re not binding until Jax signs and they’re notarized. She tells the lawyer she’ll take care of it herself.

At Clay’s house, Juice is packing up stuff for him. He tells him he’ll get all of his boxes into storage and Clay thanks him. Clay tells him he knows it was Juice that found the documents in the vent. He asks why he didn’t say anything. Clay tells him he figures Jax was leveraging him over the Rico stuff. Clay tells him he loves him and will miss him and gives him a hug. Juice is crying and tells him he’s got to leave now, that he can take his bike.

But it’s too late. There’s a knock at the door. It’s the sheriff. Gemma gets the door. The sheriff asks if he’s leaving town and Clay asks what they want. They show him the gun and tell him it was used in the murder of Pope and three of his associates. They ask where his was this afternoon. Clay tells them he’s been at home. They want to know if anyone can confirm it. He says his wife and Gemma turns away. He tells her to tell them.

Gemma sits silently then says he went out for a few hours and took the gun. She said he had to settle up some accounts before he left. She feigns tears and says “I didn’t think he’d kill anyone.” The sheriff tells them to cuff Clay. They Mirandize Clay and haul him out. The sheriff tells Gemma she’ll need to come to the station and make a formal statement.

Juice and Gemma can’t meet each other’s eyes. The sheriff knows Clay didn’t do it, but he needs revenge for his pregnant wife whose death Clay caused. It’s karma brother…

Jax goes to see Auggie who tells him they confirmed Clay’s prints were on the gun. Jax says Clay blamed Pope for getting drummed out of the Sons, but that he never thought he’d be stupid enough to go after them. Auggie wants to know how Clay knew where the meet was since only Pope and Jax knew. Jax says he probably followed him.

Auggie tells him that it’s all pretty convenient for Jax – that it’s all tied up neatly – he gets out of the trouble, Trager didn’t get killed and now there’s a price on Clay’s head. Jax demurs and says he’s giving him too much credit – that he’s not that clever – he’s just a mechanic working for his family.

Auggie tells Jax that they will be investigating Pope’s death and if they find different than what the sheriff does, there may be more trouble for the Son’s. Jax agrees, they shake on their business deal and Jax leaves. Auggie tells his sidekick to put a bounty on Clay’s head and that he wants him dead before his hearing.

At the jail, Clay’s brought into a holding cell. The sheriff stares through the window at him.

At the clubhouse, Juice is waiting on Jax. Jax tells him he’s proud of him. He gives Juice a little smooch on the head. These are some affectionate bikers… Tig’s nursing the dog from the fight and tells Jax she’s going to be fine. Jax sits down in his office and Bobby comes in and closes the door. He tells him he knows what he did to Clay. He tells him he talked to Juice and Tig and Jax wants to know what they said. He says they said nothing.

Jax tells him he kept his word – he didn’t lay a hand on Clay. Bobby tells him it wasn’t about him being smart enough to hurt him, but about him being smart enough not to hurt him.

Bobby tells him he had a chance to be different and Jax scoffs. Jax says maybe he’s not so different.

At Nero’s, he asks Gemma what now. He tells her he can’t play house with her anymore. She said she’s not a casual girl and asks if he wants to be with her or not. Nero says he doesn’t know if he can give her everything she needs right now. She asks what he thinks she needs. She tells him it’s not love, that only men need to be loved – women only need to be wanted.

He reminds her his life is about to get very messy because he’s back in it now. She tells him she doesn’t mind messy, it’s what she does best and they start making out. Lila bursts in and tells them Jax is here. Gemma says “speaking of messy…” Nero tells her to look after the birds – Carl and Carla – that they want her.

Nero joins Jax in the bar. Nero’s got a bag of cash for him – his half of Dante’s dog fight money. Jax tells him to keep it as a deposit for helping him get Wendy back. Nero tells him to keep it and give it to his guys. Gemma realizes she can hear them from the office. Jax asked him what he’s going to tell his boy about the farm. Nero asks in turn if the journals he writes are for his boys – Jax says he writes down for them everything he can’t tell them.

Jax tells him he needs to buy the farm. Nero tells him he should walk away now that he’s got everything settled. Jax tells him goodnight. Gemma hears all of this and looks less than thrilled.

Jax comes home and finds all of the insurance and guardianship papers on the counter ready for him to sign. Tara’s feeding the baby. Jax wants to know why Wendy is listed as a guardian on the papers. She tells him she’s the best choice and that he shouldn’t have attacked her. He asks if she’s trying to teach him a lesson. Tara lays the baby down.

She tells him her job as his old lady is to be strong when and where he can’t be. She tells him she took the job in Oregon and that it starts in two weeks and she’s taking the boys. She tells Jax that if he loves them and her, he’ll come along. Tara tells him they know if they stay there, they’ll end up like the two people they hate most (I’m guessing she means Gemma and Clay.)

Jax walks out of the room. The sheriff is at his front door. He tells him they need to talk and Jax lets him in. Jax asks if they’re good and he says yes, but that he’s there for Tara. He said he’s got a warrant for conspiracy to commit murder. The baby starts crying as the sheriff says she’s under arrest. Tara tells Jax to call the lawyer as they haul her out.

Damn – Gemma did it. That absolute psycho bitch!

Bobby pulls his patch off his jacket and tosses it on Jax’s desk while Trager sits playing with his new dog.

Nero pulls off his rings and looks the shotgun by his bed. Clay sits on a prison transport truck.

Tara sits in the back of the police car and Gemma walks by, giving her the evil eye.

Jax hold his toddler son on his lap as Gemma comes in. She lays a hand on her son and grandson and Jax takes her hand.

All the while, there’s a Jane’s Addiction cover of The Stones Sympathy for the Devil.