Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s Plastic Surgery Revealed (Photos)

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's Plastic Surgery Revealed (Photos)

What is it with these Teen Mom girls?  Have you noticed that none of them really seems to end up doing things that you’d want to see your daughter do? Multiple pregnancies, drug and alcohol problems, domestic disputes, jail- the list is endless. This time around, Farrah Abraham is on the cover of In Touch Weekly talking about how after $21,000 in plastic surgery she finally feels beautiful!  The 21 year old recently had a rhinoplasty and chin implant, years after her much publicized boob job. She decided to sit down and chat with In touch about her insecurities saying,

“I’ve hated my nose since I was 13. I don’t have to hate anything on my face ever again,” she says. “I feel gorgeous! There was pain,” admits Farrah, although she insists she “wasn’t insecure” before the surgeries. “But it was very worth it.”

The double procedure was performed on Oct. 7 in Bal Harbour, Fla., by Dr. Michael Salzhauer and Farrah obviously seems thrilled with the results. But what makes an already attractive young girl think it’s a good idea to hack into her face? I’ve seen the photos and I actually think she may have even looked better before. Any difference is so slight that the money spent is ridiculous. The 21 grand would have been better spent on her daughters’ future education!

Do you think Farrah needed the surgery? This girl has had some serious issues with depression, drugs and a tense relationship with her mother. Is obsessing over her looks just an easier thing to fix rather than the real problems that surround her and her daughter?  Tell us your thoughts on Farrah’s surgeries in the comments below!

2 responses to “Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s Plastic Surgery Revealed (Photos)”

  1. Mike Abraham says:

    Cate your very judgemental as to state that Farrah and our family has not planned and invested for Sophia’s education. You dont have facts and your fueling “haters” to be judgemental also. Also stating that Farrah has a drug problem is WRONG….because its all hear say or things that happened in the past…..yes a majority of everyone in the USA has “done” drugs…and “has done drugs” and “has a drug problem” is not the same……so have you been “drug free’ all your life? Are you drug free now? Maybe we should start looking at your past and start writing things on the blogs I write… also I bet you like having your hair doen…or beautiy treatments….if so how to you feel if I call YOUR PERSONAL CHOICES RIDICULOUS like you just did to my daugther? I think you get my drift. yes this is Michael…Farrah’s father and I KNOW THE FACTS.

    • Annie says:

      Michael, I don’t think Cate is being judgemental, she is writing her opinion. Which she is entitled to just as you are. We only know your daughter through a TV show that she chose to go on and portray her life. From what most of us see she seems very self centered and shallow. She has no respect for you or your wife and is very unappreciative. She will find that history repeats its self, Sophia is watching her. To us the viewer she looks like a spoiled little girl. I too think it’s ridiculous for her to have so much plastic surgery at her age. She needed to change on the inside instead of the outside. I wonder how she will feel one day when Sophia sneaks a boy in her room at 16? Part of growing up is learning how to listen without being so defensive, and taking constructive criticism. It’s not moving out on your own because a TV show has given you the means to do so, and your parents before that. She needs to acknowledge your reasons for being hesitant in trusting her choices, she was pregnant at 16!! That alone shows bad judgment on her part and yes as a parent her responsibility should be questioned. Sophia’s well being comes before Farrah’s dream to live away from the family that would care for Sophia as their own. Sophia is at a very vulnerable age, there is no one Farrah should trust around her daughter. If Farrah gets too trusting with someone, Sophia could possibly pay the price. Farrah seems to want too much to put a family together, for herself, and because of that desire she could overlook potential harm to Sophia.