Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev Was Sewn Into Her Dress And Could Not Go To The Toilet (Video)

Sewn Into Her Dress And Could Not Go To The Toilet

Every girl’s heard pain is beauty but Nina Dobrev let us in on a whole new level. The Vampire Diaries star divulged to Conan O’Brien on his show that she had to be cut out of her dress to use the restroom during the MET Gala on Monday night.

Dobrev was considered one of the best dressed at the ‘Fashion Oscars‘ in the metallic, fishtail Donna Karan design made of vintage gold medal that fit her so snuggly Conan said it looked like she was, “dipped in liquid gold.”

But all that glitters is not gold as Dobrev went on to discuss the consequences of wearing something so high fashion – and so tight.

On the day of they have to literally sew me into it so that everything fits perfectly in all the right spots,” she told Conan. “…. And you kind of forget that at a certain point you kind of have to go….When the time comes you call the designer and they have an emergency sewing kit. They cut you out of it and then they sew you back into it.”

Conan was floored. “This seems medieval to me that they sew you into a dress and there’s no way you can use a bathroom or anything…. The things you ladies have to do is insane!”

I would be miserable. First of all, do they hand out alcohol at these functions? I’m guessing they do and after what Kate Bosworth said about these fashion parties being like high school I’d have to have some champagne to calm my nerves from thinking everyone was judging my dress behind my back. Don’t get haughty, you know they do! So I’d have to run to the bathroom constantly making my poor designer’s sewing fingers ache by the end of the night. I guess self control is a prerequisite for these sort of things which is probably why I, like Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian, am never asked to go.

But what’s a girl to do? The dress was exquisite and definitely worth the possible urinary tract infection. Don’t you agree?

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