Will Smith: Inspiration That Changed His Life

Will Smith: Inspiration That Changed His Life

Will Smith has been in many films during his career and still will be doing them for a long time to come; he’s been in many projects such as “I Am Legend”, “Men In Black” and for what he’s probably best known as “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Yes Will has starred in a lot of Successful movies and some were Sci-fi genre throughout his caree. Recently Will did “Men In Black 3” and will be starring in the upcoming film “After Earth” too.

TG Daily reports that Will discussed with Collider the inspiration that changed his life, “I would say the most impact a movie has ever had on me is Star Wars. Star Wars changed my life and really shaped how I wanted to create. Part of my affinity for sci-fi, even this Men in Black series, is about Star Wars. It just changed how I thought about the world. The walls shattered around my imagination.” I believe that Star Wars made a huge impact in tons of people’s lives due to how amazing it truly is. Will credits both “Star Wars” and Rap, which he discovered when he was ten, in making him the person he is today.

Even though Will dealt with time travel in “Men in Black 3” he said that African Americans aren’t big fans of time travel stories for one main reason “For black people going back isn’t the best direction,” Smith said. “You don’t want to be black in 1409… You want to be black today.” This is oh so very true.

“Men In Black 3” isn’t the only film that Will will be starring in this year; his next film will be “After Earth” by M Night Shyamalan. In this film Will Smith will be starring in this film along with his son Jaden and the plot of the film actually sounds quite interesting. It takes place a thousand years into the future; both Will and Jaden have crashed on planet Earth. Will is injured due to this, leaving his son to go and try to look for help, not knowing what’s out there waiting for him.

Will has always been a big inspiration to his son Jaden and promised to teach him everything that he has learned in the business to help him become a big star. I find that Jaden does have potential in becoming what his father said, hell I liked him in the reboot of “Karate Kid” which I know a lot of people didn’t because they kept comparing it to the original shadowing over the great aspects the reboot had.


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