Beyonce Pregnancy Confirmed: Second Child on the Way for Her and Jay-Z

Beyonce Pregnancy Confirmed: Second Child on the Way for Her and Jay-Z

Rumors have been been circulating the past week that Beyonce was pregnant.  Beyonce recently cancelled a concert during the  Belgium leg of the ‘Mrs. Carter Show’ world tour. That led to more speculation that Beyonce was suffering from morning sickness.  Her camp and her mother denied all rumors saying she was suffering from “dehydration and exhaustion.”

Multiple sources today are confirming that Beyonce is pregnant and her and her hubby Jay-Z are expecting their second child together.   The two already have a daughter, Blue Ivy, 15-months-old who Beyonce has said is, “everything she dreamed of and more.”

Beyonce has been doing a lot of talking about expanding her family and recently told Entertainment Tonight at the Met Gala,“I definitely want to have more. I don’t know how many. God knows, I don’t know yet,” she said. “I have such a full life. I feel like now I know the reason that I was born.”

She also told Vogue in an interview, “When I was younger, there were moments where I said, ‘I’m not going to have children.’ And then moments when I wanted four. And now I definitely want another, but I don’t know when.”

So it looks like with Baby #2 on the way, Beyonce is going to have her bigger family.  Congrats to Beyonce and Jay-Z!

6 responses to “Beyonce Pregnancy Confirmed: Second Child on the Way for Her and Jay-Z”

  1. thebutcher says:

    I wonder if she’ll use the same surrogate

  2. ewwkimsass says:

    i wish her all the happiness in the world! and even if she used a surrogate, theres no shame. some women have health reasons for not wanting or being able to carry their own child. it doesn;t mean they love them any less.

  3. patty c says:

    I read a blind item that I think is Bey. Said they used the same surrogate for baby #2, but Bey unexpectedly came up preggers as well. Said they’ll pass them off as twins. Hmmm, this scenario sounds familiar to me.

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