Slim Thug Angry He Couldn’t Get Beyonce Pregnant

Slim Thug Angry He Couldn't Get Beyonce Pregnant 1025

I’m sure no one else is angry about this. I’m sure Beyonce and Jay-Z are tickled pink that rapper Slim Thug never got to live out his dream to make Beyonce pregnant but that’s not stopping him from tweeting all about his utter disappointment.

Slim Thug worked with Beyonce on her 2005 song, Check Up On It and apparently has had a hard soft spot for the superstar ever since.

“Still pissed I ain’t find Beyonce first and put a baby in her,” Slim Thug tweeted.

Can we all just take a minute and pretend we never read that tweet. That’s beyond disgusting. But it isn’t the first time Slim Thug has inappropriately name-dropped Beyonce on Twitter. In 2009 he wrote, “I’m glad the baddest chick in the game from htown…. I’m about to start jacking off where the lotion at…. Round 2 to Alicia, where’s my lotion.”

Charming, no? I hate when a dude says he wants to get a girl pregnant and it’s supposed to be some sort of compliment. Only Tracy Jordan can say it without me wanting to throw up in my mouth.

But this is Beyonce’s version of Sliding Doors! What would have happened to Beyonce if she hadn’t hooked up with Jay-Z when she was barely legal? There would have been no Blue Ivy and rumored new baby on the way! There would have been no mega couple! It’s almost too mind-boggling to take. But we can relax. There was no way Beyonce was ever going to let a dude named Slim Thug knock her up. It’s the same reason Beyonce never had a K-Fed or three marriages under her belt thus far. She knew for worth. Chalk it up to good parenting or simple self-esteem but Beyonce was never going to settle for anything other than the best.

Should Jay-Z be pissed about this Beyonce/Slim Thug story? It’s been awhile since Slim Thug’s won a MTV Moon Man. I wouldn’t make a habit of disrespecting Jay-Z’s woman. Would you?

Photo Credit: Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures