Brandi Glanville Makes Kyle Richards Want To Vomit – Says She’s A Low-Class Pig

Brandi Glanville Makes Kyle Richards Want To Vomit – Says She’s A Low-Class Pig

I have watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills religiously for the past few years and I have to say that I never really thought that Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards were very close. Brandi is known for her lack of filter and Kyle seems to bathe in appropriateness. I mean, you just know that she drops her share of F-bombs but it would never happen on camera, ever. Brandi meanwhile, is a refreshing loose cannon.

Brandi has been promoting her new book (which made it onto the NY times Best Seller List) and stopped to chat with Howard Stern. In that conversation she referred to her fellow cast mates as a bunch of- you know, that word that begins with the letter C and all women hate to hear? Yeah, that and Kyle was personally very offended. Apparently she has tried really hard to befriend Brandi (off camera, I guess) and didn’t appreciate being insulted. Kyle told All About the Real Housewives,

“I think it’s really disgusting and the truth is I’ve been so nice to Brandi and really have gone out of my way to try and get to know her especially after last season.  Every time we’re together we actually have a lot of fun and laugh. I made a point to try and get to know her off camera and have even said I really enjoyed the times we’ve had together and one minute we’ll have fun and laugh and the next second she’s saying something hurtful about me or the other ladies to the press.”

Have you ever gotten the impression that Kyle even attempted to like Brandi? I always have kind of felt that once Lisa Vanderpump befriended Brandi, leaving Kyle in the dust, that was it. Kyle felt replaced and has pretty much admitted it so why have any interest in the woman that came between her and a former bestie?  I have a hard time believing there was any.

Should Kyle be insulted by Brandi’s comment? Was this another instance of Brandi having no filter or do you think she truly meant what she said to Howard? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • the ugly truth

    Yeah, Kyle was a real friend when she allowed her scuzzy buddy Faye Resnick to attack Brandi over Adrienne at Kyle’s dinner party. Kyle wants us to believe she’s so proper and nice but it’s an act…she’s really a mean girl at heart. For the record, I do think Brandi should apologize for calling the women that, even if she was joking. She went too far, but Kyle can stop playing the victim anytime now.

  • LadySwagg236

    OooMMMGGOSH, Kyle, did you ever consider looking back at tape of you talking about #Brandi, the moment she set foot, (well 1 foot) in the door at the first of Brandi on the show, you didn’t even know her #MeanGirl talking Sh#t about her!!!! #Boom #Talkabout2faced, that is who and how you are, and you will try to come across as the caring one but you #StirTheShitUp, Pretentious biaaatch!!