Corey Feldman Outs Famous Hollywood Pedophiles: Names BIG Names in Coreyography Tell-All

Corey Feldman Outs Famous Hollywood Pedophiles: Names BIG Names in Coreyography Tell-All

Corey Feldman’s tell-all book, Coreyography: A Memoir, launches next week. In the tome, the former child actor reveals both he and Corey Haim were the victims of pedophiles who worked on the child stars’ movies and others who were hired to work as assistants.

While making the coming-of-age film Lucas, Corey Haim was convinced by an adult male predator who worked on the movie, “that it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations, that it was what all the guys do.” Haim then allowed the adult to sodomize him. Haim was 15 years old.

Sadly, with his innocence shattered, Haim also tried to proposition Feldman who said “it’s not what kids do, man.

Feldman’s book reveals abuses he suffered at the hands of show business people who worked for him and at the hands of his own mother, Sheila, a former Playboy model.

One of the main reasons Corey decided to write his book was to name names. “I stood up and said there is a bigger problem, that I’d lost Corey and that I didn’t want to see any more kids lost to these sick perverts.” He has also gone on record as saying the biggest problem in Hollywood is the pedophiles.

Whether or not Feldman made good on his promise to point fingers remains to be seen, but I’m doubtful. Publishers don’t want to get their hands dirty and deal with potential lawsuits. Unfortunately, it means these monsters walk free, and given their potential power in the industry, they would walk free regardless, then turn around and try to paint Corey as mentally unstable.

Tragically, the abuses of the two Coreys are repeated to this day on fresh victims who are traumatized so severely they never speak of what’s happened. The nightmares of both Coreys will play out again and again as long as parents keep thrusting their children into show business. In the written words of Mr. Feldman, “People always ask me about life after childhood stardom. What would I say to parents of children in the industry? My only advice, honestly, is to get these kids out of Hollywood and let them lead normal lives.”

What do you think? Would you risk it to have your child in show business? Will you read Corey’s book to see if he exposes the monsters that surrounded him? Sound off.

9 responses to “Corey Feldman Outs Famous Hollywood Pedophiles: Names BIG Names in Coreyography Tell-All”

  1. I would never want my kid in show biz. Too many nut cases in Hollywood especially male scientologists. I wont name names but theres plenty

    • carrie says:

      Christian Bale a former child actor strongly advices against the kid acting because it’s a adult world

  2. allie says:

    and it messes them up for life

  3. ivan says:

    It’s not only young attractive kids in the movies but also in the pop music world that could be pressured by pedos or gays[a minority not all] in the industry to fool around for advancement, favors, and so on. It is a stressful situation for young artists and movie stars; they have to be strong to resist it.

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  5. Anton says:

    looks like you nailed Dominick Brascia

  6. Anton says:

    I thought it was Ron Howard, but that didnt add up. He was also a child actor.

  7. Me again says:

    So… Let me get this straight. In his book corey talks about how he hooked Haim with Marty Weiss who is now a registered sex offender and then with Tony Aka Brascia who he refers to as an overwight and unatractive friend.. both of them had sex with Haim quite often.. all this because Feldman claims he (haim) asked for it. He said and I quote “haim was the most sexual person I have ever met and this was the result of his first sexual abuse when he was 11 in the set of Lucas , haim was raped by an adult male actor who convinced him it was ok to have sex with older male and as innocent and ambitious as Haim was, he allowed himself to be sodomized” but Corey also explains that the second and third abusers were acquaintances and known for being Gay/pedhos. In fact he even got one of them a few small roles in ‘dream a little dream and ‘license to drive’ WTF Feldman.. you sound like a pimp/predator to me…for all I care you were the reason Haim ended up like he did..and this is his ‘so called best friend’.

  8. Me again says:

    Is that you Dominick? How interesting you choose the same pseudonym Feldman use for you in the book!!! Dumbass