Covert Affairs RECAP 9/10/13: Season 4 Episode 9 “Hang Wire”

Covert Affairs RECAP 9/10/13: Season 4 Episode 9 “Hang Wire”

COVERT AFFAIRS continues tonight on the USA Network with a new episode called, “Hang Wire.” On tonight’s episode Arthur enlists Bianca Manning, DC’s top defense lawyer, to help save the Campbell name. Did you watch last week’s episode? We have a full and detailed recap here for your enjoyment.

On last week’s show Annie convinced Teo to turn on one of his own in the hopes of bringing Henry down. After Joan made a stunning decision, Calder began to show his true colors. Auggie landed in hot water.

On tonight’s show a stunning revelation catapults Annie to Copenhagen where she must stop Teo from committing a terrible act. Auggie discovers where Calder’s allegiances lie. Arthur enlists Bianca Manning, DC’s top defense lawyer, to help save the Campbell name.

Tonight’s season 4 episode 9 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Covert Affairs” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for the season 4 episode 9 of Covert Affairs tonight.

Stemming from last week when Teo learned his mother died from orders issued by Henry, Teo definitely has his sights set on revenge. He’s looking to pay someone back. Annie knows she has to stop him so she leaves her friends and Auggie behind while she goes to Copenhagen. Joan and Arthur on the other hand will hold down the fort by keeping watch on Calder.

Calder had Auggie in detainment and was too busy questioning Auggie over the flash drive. But Auggie is made out of stern stuff. He’s not going to talk.

While has to do a lot of fast talking. She spots Teo in mid-preparation. She knows she can’t stop him physically. He’s at a high point with a sniper rifle. She takes the only option given to her. She shoots her gun off in a crowded area. The sound of it alone causes Henry’s handlers to immediately protect him.

Annie runs after Teo fearing what else he has up his sleeve. The moment she finds him, she tries to reason with him. She tells him how his father would be very upset by what Teo is doing. It would mean Arthur may never see him again. Then she tells him how she would miss him as well. She says they have too much to learn from each other but even after listening to her heartfelt speech Teo decides to carry his plan out. No one is going to stop.

He escapes her but leaves Annie in hot water. Her cover was as a journalist and now she’s been caught with a gun. The Danish police have her in questioning when suddenly out of nowhere she’s told she could leave. Annie knows this is suspicious and that’s why it’s not that much of a shock to find Henry waiting in his car outside. He played it off as an offer for a ride and, when she acts stubborn, his men in the surrounding cars exit the vehicles to offer her some incentive.

Back in the states Valder’s questioning. Both a mixture of threats and cooperation fail to impress Auggie. Auggie then tells him why he’ll never have to fear him because Calder would do anything in his power to protect Henry from what’s on that flash drive. Calder denies he’s in league with Henry and, in order to prove it, he takes him back to base and shows him the actual flash drive that did not miraculously disappear as Auggie suggested.

In a return of good faith, Auggie shows him what’s on the flash drive.

After he won at least a little of some of Auggie’s trust, they meet with Joan. Joan is still on guard and isn’t ready to divulge too much to Calder but after he leaves her alone with Auggie certain things need to be reassessed. They all thought Calder was Henry’s man, so why would he want to expose Henry’s wrongdoings? Is it possible they were wrong about him?

There seems to be another dilemma. Their people have found the missiles, although one out of the five is still missing. The fifth missile is in Copenhagen.

Annie’s drive with Henry finishes and he takes her to a vantage point to see his plan in action. His people did find Teo and now they’re going to use him. The helicopter taking off with some very important U.S. officials is what Henry truly wanted her to see. The last missile is used to take down the plane. Henry is going to set up the unconscious Teo for the crime. Annie want to go to Teo and so Henry graciously allowed her to. He knows it’s too late anyway. Henry is going to take down Arthur using his own son.

Arthur meanwhile has been getting legal help to admit to all of his crimes and try to gain immunity for himself and others. Bad timing!
Annie gets to Teo but, in amidst of their escape, Teo ends up getting shot. They make it out of Denmark to safety. Once Annie has him in medical and paternal care, Annie leaves. She doesn’t want to return home yet. She feels driven to keep an eye on Henry.

Henry has taken the explosion to self-promote but as he’s doing so Arthur is told his son died.