Jennifer Aniston Cupping For Fertility As Wedding Delayed, Is Baby A Deal Breaker?

Jennifer Aniston Cupping For Fertility As Wedding Delayed, Is Baby A Deal Breaker?  0424

Two Jennifer Aniston stories hit yesterday but one took off more than the other. As we ALL know she’s cupping but we finally know why! She’s working on improving her fertility. Jennifer Aniston is sucking all the bad toxins out of that body to get the blood flowing to that uterus. Seems like a sound plan. I know a lot of people who have essentially done the same thing with acupuncture and have had amazing results. Apparently Halle Berry’s miracle pregnancy has lit an ambitious fire under her ass and she’s all about conceiving naturally. She’s 44 so let’s see how it goes. They’ve probably been trying for awhile already.

Fine. Good. Whatever. Not really a surprise, right? But here’s the other story – the wedding has been delayed. It seems Jen and Justin Theroux can’t compromise on what they want and it’s pushing the wedding back. Now sources speculate it could be towards the end of the summer. Jen wants a big ‘ole bash with loads of friends whereas Justin wants something more intimate. So… could these stories be related? Just go with me. Is a baby a deal breaker? Naturally it would be easy to say it’s a deal breaker for him but I actually think Justin likes the perks of being Mrs. Jennifer Aniston. He’ll take her baby or not. Is the baby a deal breaker for her then? Would she bother getting remarried if there wasn’t a kid involved? I’m not sure. She doesn’t need to be married. She’s got her friends, her money, her houses and needs for nothing. Does she seem the type to want that piece of paper? She definitely comes off that way. Jennifer plays the traditional card to her adoring fans but I’m not so sure she’s all that conventional at heart. But why get engaged then? I DON’T KNOW. These are just theories. It just seems odd to me and I’m wondering why more people didn’t pick up on it. Why would you delay a wedding over a silly technicality like the number of people present? That seems like something you squabble over and then ultimately get over. You don’t change a date over something like that. Or maybe you do. Maybe Jen wants to really get it right this time. But those marks on her back might have something to do with it too!

What do you think? Is Jennifer Aniston cupping for fertility and is the wedding hanging in the balance?

Side Note: The source claims Gwyneth Paltrow advised Jen about the cupping thing… naturally.


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