Kanye West Has Only Spent 18 Days With Kim Kardashian Since Baby – Why Is He Staying Away?

Kanye West Has Only Spent 18 Days With Kim Kardashian Since Baby - Why Is He Staying Away? 0409

Should we be worried? I mean, I know a lot of you out there think Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are soul mates and are going to stay together for the next fifty years but this doesn’t bode well, does it? I’m just kidding. I don’t think there are many of you out there that think these two are soul mates. But it still doesn’t bode well.

According to OMG!’s calculations Kanye and Kim have only spent 18 days together since Kim announced her pregnancy news three months ago. She’s now six (although could be seven) months pregnant and has spent the majority of her time surrounded by those Kardashians in L.A. where she’s continued to film her show. For the most part Kanye’s stayed in Europe performing the occasional concert, freaking out of Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z and attending fashion events. Kim’s taken a lot of shit for jet-setting to be with him on some of those outings but why hasn’t he taken shit for not coming to her? She’s the pregnant one! And, most likely, her flying privileges will be taken away very soon as her belly progresses.

So what’s the deal? Is Kanye just too busy to or is he growing increasingly tired of playing second fiddle in Kim Kardashian’s world? I spoke to another writer about this yesterday. We agree that Kanye’s going to have a difficult time in this relationship if he’s not already. When they first started dating I think Kanye fooled himself into thinking he was the bigger star. Does he get pissed when people prefer to shout after her and take her picture when they’re together? You bet your ass he does! One of the main issues with Kanye is his massive ego. He has to be the best at EVERYTHING. Playing Kim Kardashian’s husband doesn’t seem like a role he’ll ever get comfortable with, right? So something will have to change. Kim will have to scale back or Kanye will have to get over himself. Which do you think has the greater likelihood of happening? God, I wish I knew what Kris Jenner thought of this whole thing!

Is Kanye West staying away from Kim or just busy? Does it seem off to anyone else? Are Kanye and Kim over each other already? At least she got a baby out of it.


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11 responses to “Kanye West Has Only Spent 18 Days With Kim Kardashian Since Baby – Why Is He Staying Away?”

  1. […] CelebDirtyLaundry propose the idea that Kanye is actually jealous of all the attention Kim gets from the paparazzi because he feels like the less famous one – quite likely considering his huge ego! The couple have fit in a few babymoons since the news broke so at least it seems like they’re doing their best to keep the romance alive – but is there a spark still missing? It feels as though they weren’t together for very long before this pregnancy happened and perhaps Kanye is even having cold feet, avoiding his baby momma until he’s had time to process all of the craziness that has been their relationship so far. Knowing Kim, drama isn’t too far behind, especially if it involves a relationship and when you throw a baby in the mix, all hell could be about to break loose. Watch this space.. […]

  2. ilovechickentenders says:

    he was probably sick and tired of her before she got pregnant and now he feels stuck. i’d have sympathy but he knew what he was getting into. still, it is a dousche move on his part. (then again he is one).

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  4. Kim could have done so much better kanye is so ugly and he seems like a complete jerk. He will never get over himself and kim will end up raising that baby alone. Money can’t buy love for your child kanye and if he is not there not he won’t be there when the baby grows.

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  6. parischic says:

    OMG ya’ll pretendin’ they are a couple & she’s pregnant ???????!!!!!!!!!!
    WTF ! LOL ….report some truth man !

  7. AnitaC24 says:

    Surprise!! a true ghetto relationship. What did she expect — she’s just a baby mama. All those jewels, cars, property, etc. mean zip. Just a bribe to shut her up as continues to live his rapper life in Paris — far, far away from lard-ass fame whore!

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