Kate Middleton’s Royal Birth Plan: The Steps She’ll Take Once She Goes Into Labor!

Kate Middleton's Royal Birth Plan: The Steps She'll Take Once She Goes Into Labor!

Kate Middleton‘s royal birth plan! This royal should be giving birth any day now and, while we wait, we thought we’d give you a little info on the steps Kate Middleton will be taking once she goes into labor. Royal staff and helpers are reportedly on the clock every hour of the day and Kate’s definitely in good hands as she awaits her magical moment.

According to US Weekly, as soon as Kate experiences her first contraction, she’ll alert her secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton. After good ol’ Jamie gets the call, he will contact Kate’s doctor, Marcus Setchell, on a top-secret palace-issued phone. The phone has an encrypted signal so there’s no possible way the signal can be intercepted by crazy, overly eager paparazzi.

After Dr. Setchell receives the call, he’ll throw a green light on top of his car (like a police type light), which will allow him to get to St. Mary’s Hospital without any obstacles in his path. The royal baby is more important than any kind of speeding law, dear folks.

The magazine reports:

With more than 180 photographers and journalists camped outside the hospital 24/7 as of July 8, the duchess will be swept through one of three side entrances into a suite in the fourth-floor Lindo Wing. The $1,500-a-night room — outfitted with WiFi and satellite TV — was sanitized and sealed off July 1 in preparation for her arrival, then monitored daily by security.

Once she’s safely inside, the palace will release a statement announcing the imminent birth. If all goes according to plan, Middleton will deliver HRH Prince or Princess [name] of Cambridge naturally, with her husband at her side. The birth — with details about birth weight and gender — will then be announced with a framed notice just within the gates of Buckingham Palace. (The future monarch’s name will be revealed at a later date.)

Middleton’s due date was July 11th and it’s *erm* already July 16th. Family members hope the bouncing lil’ royal baby nugget will arrive sometime by the end of the week.

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    I can’t wait for this baby to be born already!

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