Kate Middleton Receives ‘Pregnant’ Lingerie: Sexy Times For Her and Prince William?

Kate Middleton Receives 'Pregnant' Lingerie: Sexy Times For Her and Prince William?

Kate Middleton, who is super pregnant right now, recently received a super fancy set of lingerie geared toward pregnant ladies. She was sent the lingerie by designer Lorna Drew (Lorna Drew nursing lingerie), and Kate is reportedly thrilled with her new sexy garments — and we have a feeling Prince William isn’t objecting the gift either. Wonder what the Queen thinks about Kate’s new nighttime wardrobe accessories?

Lorna Drew sent the royal an ivory satin Alexa bra and brief, and she also threw in an extra surprise in the form of an Amy bra and brief in a rose pattern. Ivory and roses. Sexy time for the royals!

Lorna didn’t just think to herself one morning, IMMA SEND PRINCESS SEXY CLOTHES! She had a good reason for doing so. She expressed her sympathies to Marie Claire“I know Kate would be feeling pretty dreadful and thought that she could do with special gift, as nothing makes you feel great like beautiful lingerie, so we sent her some. Kate’s style is very elegant, she always looks feminine and chic, so I knew she would love our nursing bras and knickers.”

Yes, yes, yes, I’m sure you wanted her to feel sexy, Ms. Drew, and it can’t be half-bad having one of the most luxurious celebs in the world flaunting your brand. Well played. Well played.

What do you think about Kate’s recent gift? I’m not pregnant and never will  be, so I can’t really relate in any way. What about all you ladies? Would you don some fancy lingerie if you were carrying a bouncing, kicking lil’ baby nugget?

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5 responses to “Kate Middleton Receives ‘Pregnant’ Lingerie: Sexy Times For Her and Prince William?”

  1. Whatever, if it made our Gorgeous duchess and future Queen feel good, than let ler accept them and wear them.

    • Ali gc says:

      well gorgeous of course with nose job done, cheeks fillers, botox, teeth veneers, etc etc, anybody can be as pretty as Kate Middleton or even more

      Future consort Queen, let me rephrase that, and let’s not anticipate to events, Prince Charles is the Prince of Wales, the future King of Britain

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  3. Ali gc says:

    how cares about what Kate Middleton does or wears, she was very good at undressing herself quickly surrounded by people last summer, not class at all,

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