Tom Cruise And Brad Pitt Fight In Upcoming Movie “Go Like Hell”

Tom Cruise And Brad Pitt Fight In Upcoming Movie "Go Like Hell"

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt feuding? Hold on, it’s not what you think. They’ll be feuding on-screen if the negotiations to bring Pitt onto Go Like Hell work out. Tom Cruise has been signed onto the movie for a long time, which will be based on a popular racing book set in the 1960s. If Pitt signs on, it will be the first time he reunites with Cruise on screen since 1994’s Interview With The Vampire. That movie earned both box office and critical success, and it would be hard to imagine that this wouldn’t replicate the success of that. Sure, racing movies don’t generally do as well as vampires at the box office [see: Rush], but it’s Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. It’s the type of movie star team-up that rarely happens anymore, especially since studios have started cutting down on making smart adult-driven movies, and have instead become increasingly focused on superheroes, young adult novels, and remakes.

Anyway, The National Enquirer is of course trying to make this seem like it’s going to turn into a massive off-screen feud between the two actors. You can’t put two massive movie stars in the same movie without them fighting with each other, apparently. A ‘source’ explains, “Both these guys are used to being top dogs, and when you get them in the same movie, there’s bound to be trouble. The dramatic tension in the movie may pale to that off-screen because Pitt and Cruise have plenty of leftover animosity from shooting ‘Vampire’ in 1994.” 

Look, there’s a lot of history between Tom and Brad, both professionally and personally. There have been plenty of rumors about Tom’s behavior on set back in the day, and apparently he was very intense on the ‘Vampire’ set. And there has to be a reason that Brad didn’t welcome Tom into his Hollywood men’s club, along with George Clooney and Matt Damon, apart from the part where Tom’s a little cuckoo. Anyway, regardless of their personal feelings on each other, they wouldn’t be willing to work together again if they didn’t want to – it’s not like they desperately need a job. So I’m guessing that while there may have been some unresolved issues, they’re both professionals first and foremost, and they won’t let that get in the way of their careers.

Tom Cruise And Brad Pitt Fight In Upcoming Movie "Go Like Hell"

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