Tori Spelling Flaunts Post-Baby Bikini Body (Photo)

Tori Spelling Flaunts Post-Baby Bikini Body (Photo)

Actress Tori Spelling is flaunting her wares in the latest issue of Us Magazine. The mother of four is debuting her post-baby body after the birth of her newest baby Finn! Surely, her body looks fantastic — but what on Earth is going on with that face?!?

She revealed to the magazine that after giving birth, “The last thing on my mind was getting my body back.”

During this pregnancy, she was laid up for four months with placenta previa and she’d gained 30 pounds. Three weeks after giving birth, she underwent emergency surgery, but has finally fully recovered. Now, she has shed all of the baby weight. She now weighs a total of 115 pounds at 5-foot-6!

She said, “I feel like I took off the weight safely, and I’m totally happy here. I think my stomach went back pretty well!”

Her body does look pretty amazing for having had four kids, but what is up with that face? She looks like she’s been gangbanged by Crayola in that makeup. She matched her lipstick to the color of her bikini and she just looks atrocious. What do you think? And it appears that they’ve also Photoshopped her boobs!

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3 responses to “Tori Spelling Flaunts Post-Baby Bikini Body (Photo)”

  1. boho moth says:

    It’s a shame she had that surgery as she was poorly advised in my opinion.

  2. FriedKudzu says:

    That bitch is fugly no ifs, ands or butts about it! And you’d think with all the Spelling millions she could have bought a better set of boobs.

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