Chicago PD Recap 9/24/14: Season 2 Premiere “Call of Macaroni”

Tonight on NBC CHICAGO PD returns with an all new Wednesday, September 24, season 2 premiere episode called, “Call It Macaroni.” On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “the season, 2 opener finds Voight under scrutiny by Internal Affairs as the Sheldon Jin murder investigation gets underway. Meanwhile, an undercover job goes awry; Burgess meets her new partner and Lindsay visits her mother.”

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It’s been a few weeks since of their own was killed and Voight’s people wanted to investigate Jin’s death themselves but they aren’t allowed to. Officially the squad is too personally attached and unofficially Internal Affairs wants to go after Voight’s badge and they’re willing to use Jin’s homicide to do it.

So the squad has to carry on with business as usual. They staged a sting and the proceeding shoot out ended up leaving a string of bodies. Kim’s new partner was able to identify one of them from his last job however, that’s the one good thing he’s done so far. Roman kind of doesn’t take women on the job seriously. At best, that’s how it appeared when he was bit astounded that his new partner was going to be Kim.

Sure, he thought he was going to be working with a “Tim” but he was unable to conceal his disappointment when they were introduced. Later, Kim asked him if this was the first time he worked with a woman and apparently it’s not. His last partner was also a woman. So maybe he just doesn’t like Kim.

Anyways, Jay received a package at the station that was apparently dated six weeks ago. It had gotten lost in the shuffle and yet it was a pretty important package. Jin had sent him a USB flash drive with a note that said Jay was the only one he could trust. So what did Jay do next? He showed both the note and the device to Lindsay.

Lindsay wanted to inform Voight right away and Jay wisely didn’t listen to her. He said he wasn’t going to tell anyone else about the flash drive until he had seen what was on it for himself. And after he had done that – he did give it to Voight. Because the flash drive does identifies Jin’s killer and it’s not the Sergeant.

Ironically, it a dirty cop in IA that was behind Jin’s death and yet Voight will never be able to take him down. The other man has threatened to reveal Voight’s secret relationship with Internal Affairs and once that gets out – his fellow officers would leave him to any criminals’ mercy.

So Voight, like a good little soldier, went about suppressing the evidence. He told Jay the case was being “handled” and refused to hand over the flash drive when Jay asked for it back. Stillwell had control of the leech and for a while it looked like Voight was going to do his bidding. But he soon came to regret his choice when Jin’s mother stopped by the station.

Susan Jin wanted to thank Voight personally for allowing her son to work with him. Jin had been teased during his initial training and so working for Voight was a validation for him.

After Voight had heard that – he couldn’t sit on the evidence anymore. He turned Stillwell in and dealt with the fall-out back at the office. Prior to Stillwell getting arrested – Jay had started to think that perhaps Voight was involved with Jin’s death. So the truth coming out help repaired that relationship but Lindsey still needs time.

The squad had to continue with their investigation into the earlier heist and to do that Roman and Kim had to keep looking for information out on the streets. They did eventually find the guy that could help them bring down the Bembenek brothers yet Kim just couldn’t leave well enough alone. She looked into her new partner and learned his former partner was also a pretty decent cop. So she accused him of being a sexist and he admitted to falling in love with his former partner. That’s why he transferred out and it explains why he would have been more comfortable working with a man this time around. He didn’t want a repeat of the last time.

Hence Kim misjudged him!

Later, when it came time to track down their criminals; a second shoot-out occurred and Jay had the misfortune of shooting one of the Bembenek brothers. First off, these brothers were prepared to attack the police to in order to steal crucial evidence that would have put them in jail. And do you know what the charges were? One of them had stabbed his girlfriend over twenty times because she tried to leave him!

So what will people like that do to someone that killed one of their own? Is Jay even safe? Guess not! Olinsky found out from his informant that a bounty had been put on Jay’s head.

As for Voight, he escaped suspension by having info on his superiors and then he gave some of the money he had hidden away to Jin’s dad. Jin had been pulled in by IA because of his father’s gambling debt. The money Voight gave the Jins will be able to wipe that all out.