Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Marriage Trouble: Halle Reveals The Truth (PHOTO)

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Marriage Trouble: Halle Reveals The Truth (PHOTO)

There have been tons of rumors surrounding Halle Berry‘s marriage to Olivier Martinez, and many of these rumors claim that their marriage is in trouble. There have been stories on Olivier moving out and Halle throwing him out, and most of these stories seem to have sparked from Halle’s ring-less appearances during Oscar weekend. In such a high-profile series of events, not wearing your engagement or wedding ring certainly signifies to the outside world that all is not well, no?

Halle knew she was would be photographed during all those pre-and-post Oscar parties, and she didn’t wear her ring. Plus, she discussed her new baby and juggling motherhood with her new television job, but didn’t mention Olivier at all. Is she setting us up for her new life as a single mother, or is she just leaving Olivier out of her interviews because of their alleged marriage problems? Or is everyone reading too much into it, and they’re just fine, albeit guarding their privacy more closely?

Perhaps Halle finally got sick of all the speculation, because she’s featured on the latest cover of Closer Magazine in an attempt to explain her rumored marriage woes. Despite every outlet under the sun writing about her relationship troubles, Halle decides to tell the ‘truth’ about her marriage. She claims that she and Olivier are just fine, but if she’s taken such trouble to clarify the ‘truth’, then maybe there was something to the rumors after all? We never hear from celebrities when everything is hunky-dory in their marriages, and there are too many rumors surrounding Halle’s alleged marriage woes for all of them to be completely made-up.

What do you guys think? Is everything truly alright with Halle and Olivier, and the press are just jumping the gun? Or are they in trouble, just as all the tabloids keep saying? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  2. Truth says:

    There is définitly some truth to these rumors, the source had to be relis le and close more then close to her circle of 3 friends to know these things now the latest news is olivier martinez is plain uncomfortable in los angeles and wants to go back to his birth country. Another article about october 18.2014 détaillée halle bet gong gabriel to let her mine to France now so rumors to me seem more like truths but if a man does not want to be there the small things do bé olé big things and the big Beatifull love store becomes history of the past not the present

  3. Guest says:

    This is no marriage, a person can feel a true honest marriage and it has nothing to do with hand holding and being see. In public although there is certai my no love modt of affection between berry and mzrtinez. Both there actions Godard each other are cold and awkward i just font cell these two age connectéd of on the same page sure Halles had a baby but n’eut her of them act of seem like its real parents both berry and martinez se to be living in another world separate and apart like in two different countries mentally and physically, hamle said it was definitely not love when she met olivier so what was it it seems to me like a write form of choice like halke wanted just a baby thats it and that all however they have nothing in Common balle had no brains olivier is in frznce in his heart mind and soul and be could care less about halke for olivier it halke Who be still does no know hzlle berry