LeAnn Rimes Taking Laxatives To Lose Weight And Keep Eddie Cibrian – He “Loves Thins Women” Like Brandi Glanville

LeAnn Rimes Taking Laxatives To Lose Weight And Keep Eddie Cibrian - He "Loves Thins Women" Like Brandi Glanville

LeAnn Rimes seems to be going to any measures to keep her relationship with Eddie Cibrian intact, perhaps fearing that her life will spiral down the D-list reality route as Brandi Glanville. Wait a minute, she’s already a D-list reality star. Well, her reality show with Eddie would be at stake if they broke up, so I can understand her desperation to keep their marriage together.

According to the latest report from Star Magazine, LeAnn’s so desperate to keep Eddie that she’s started taking laxatives to lose weight. A source explains, “She told me, ‘I have to look skinny for Eddie.’ Eddie loves thin women, and would never have a fat woman in his life.”

The source also adds that LeAnn’s first goal is to keep Eddie interested in her, but she also apparently wants to look better than her arch-nemesis Brandi Glanville. Due to her desperation, she’s reportedly taking laxatives and medication to achieve her weight loss. Well, duh. CDL first reported this news ages ago, when we got a tip off revealing that LeAnn was addicted to taking laxatives. It’s pretty obvious that she’s always been using laxatives to keep her weight off, and eventually, that turned into an addiction.

Well, this is going to backfire on her, sooner rather than later. Taking laxatives and medication to lose weight is never a smart plan, and even if you do lose weight, you sacrifice your health in the process. Plus, there’s a high possibility that you’ll just end up gaining all that weight back eventually.

Despite that, it’s not surprising that LeAnn would sink to such measures to keep Eddie. There’s a guy who’s always had a wandering eye, and LeAnn’s pretty much as insecure as it gets. With a reality show and her future career on the line, it’s obvious that she would be willing to do a lot more than take laxatives to keep Eddie.

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Image Credit: Instagram