Lil Za Reportedly in Possession of Molly and Xanax when Arrested During Raid at Justin Bieber’s Mansion!

Lil Za Reportedly in Possession of Molly and Xanax when Arrested During Raid at Justin Bieber's Mansion!

Originally, Lil Za was said to have cocaine in his possession during the raid on Justin Bieber‘s mansion, which ultimately resulted in the arrest of Lil Za. Now it’s being said that the white substance Lil Za reportedly had in his possession wasn’t cocaine but rather Molly, that drug that has been getting so much attention in Hollywood as of late. Law enforcement tells TMZ that authorities are currently testing the drug and will have a more definitive answer regarding its true identity shortly. The police also found Xanax, and they believe this also belongs to Lil Za. Of course. No way could it be Bieber’s *frustrated eye roll*.

While the drugs definitely might’ve belonged to Lil Za, many people are completely open to believing that the drugs were in fact Bieber’s and Lil Za simply took the fall for his “friend.” This isn’t the first time Lil Za or his brother, Lil Twist, has taken the fall for The Beebz. Do you think he’s brainwashed his friends into believing that his livelihood is more important than their own?

If Za was in possession of Molly then his potential time in jail is significantly less than if he had cocaine, which could ultimately result in a sentence of up to three years in the slammer!

This Molly rumor comes on the heels of multiple celebrities either mentioning the drug or being connected to it in some way. Beyonce and Miley Cyrus have both mentioned it, either in tweets or their songs, and Selena Gomez was rumored to be suffering from a Molly addiction — which is interesting given the possibilities that she could’ve been partying with Lil Za, Lil Twist, and Justin in his drug den. After all this time. . . .

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Image credit to FameFlynet