Pippa Confirms Kate Middleton Pregnant – Second Baby Son Rumors

Pippa Confirms Kate Middleton Pregnant - Second Baby Son Rumors

Pippa Middleton was recently interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today Show, and needless to say, the interview was a mess of epic proportions. It wasn’t necessarily due to the questions that Matt asked, but rather Pippa’s complete delusion about her fame and celebrity.

However, sources are revealing that Pippa may have also inadvertently confirmed Kate Middleton‘s second pregnancy, even if she didn’t mean to. The rumor mill has been going into overdrive for the past few months, especially with Kate’s recent weight gain and palace ‘sources’ leaking pregnancy news. It may all be one giant conspiracy to distract us from Kate’s bare bum scandal, but if it is, it’s working.

Sources say that Pippa was telling a few people behind-the-scenes that her sister was pregnant, and that Prince George would be getting a new sibling pretty soon. She wouldn’t reveal the gender of the baby, but perhaps they haven’t found out yet. If Pippa’s right, the pregnancy is very recent and something that the royals are still working hard to cover up. However, Prince William‘s and Kate’s reticence in making public appearances makes sense in retrospect, especially if they were trying to produce the spare.

Kate’s appearance has also shifted recently, taking on an extremely tired and bloated look. As we know, she faced a lot of health issues when she was pregnant with George the first time, and it’s possible that she’s going through the same problems again. It’s also possible that she’s just doing her best to avoid speculation from the public, and is instead focused on staying healthy and taking care of George.

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