Kate Middleton Betrayed by Sister Pippa Middleton’s New Job at NBC’s Today Show – Shunned by Queen Elizabeth and Royal Family?

Kate Middleton Betrayed by Sister Pippa Middleton's New Job at NBC's Today Show - Shunned by Queen Elizabeth and Royal Family?

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth are shocked and outraged that famewhore extraordinaire, Pippa Middleton, is once again leveraging the fact that her sister will be Queen of England one day to get work. Queen Elizabeth and Prince William will insist that Kate Middelton to keep her distance from greedy Pippa is she goes ahead and becomes a correspondent for the Today Show as it appears she is in the midst of doing! In effect Pippa will be disowned by the British Royal Family and Kate will be obliged to follow suit.

Pippa Middleton has been offered an NBC Today Show position as a correspondent for Lifestyle and Health features, after a successful test shoot that NBC sent her on. Sources have been telling the NY Post that the deal is being made, and that the network is fairly confident about Pippa’s future with them. In fact The Daily Beast confirms rumors that Pippa has agreed to sign on Today on a provisional basis. However, you know who won’t be as pleased with this news? That’s right, the entire royal family.

Pippa Middleton has ridden her sister Kate Middleton’s coattails to almost every single job she’s every gotten, even though she has no talent in writing whatsoever. Sure, she’s a big name celebrity, but again, that’s all down to her being Kate Middleton’s sister. On her own merits, she would be a struggling, jobbing socialite, not a successful writer/author. And this NBC gig probably comes as validation to her, but there’s no way the royals are going to let this happen.

For one thing, Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth have been trying time and time again to get Pippa Middleton to tamp down her famewhoring antics. And you know, the royal family doesn’t necessarily have the best relationship with the press. And now, Pippa Middleton wants to join the other side? There’s a HUGE conflict of interest there, and it’s probably the reason that NBC wants to hire her in the first place.

Today and NBC will get their own inside scoop on everything royal, and considering the royal family’s popularity in the States, you know they’re going to take advantage of Pippa’s connection to Kate. Now, there’s a big IF to this whole enterprise, and I don’t believe Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, or Prince Charles will actually let this deal go through. But if it does – prepare for a meltdown in the royal press offices, since their workload has now doubled. They will probably spend the majority of their time trying to contain Pippa’s big mouth, if they even manage to get that far. Should Pippa take this job be certain that Kate will be banned from spending time at Bucklebury or meeting with her sister alone. One thing you can be certain of – Pippa Middleton will NOT be joining Kate and Prince William at Sandringham for Christmas!

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  1. Elia says:

    It’s like Honey Boo Boo and her family ! The royals asked for all the circus, {they are a circus too}, when they allowed Waity into the family.
    You didn’t see Diana’s sisters running around giving interviews and trying to get their faces everywhere. But then again they were raised as aristocrats. Waity and Pippa…not so much.

    • BTZ4455 says:

      Still not quite sure why the residents of the UK continue to fund the
      royal family, they’ve got more than enough money stashed away to be just
      fine on their own, must be some sort of connection to the “good ol
      days” when the UK still had some sway in the world.

      As far as Pippa doing “health and wellness” stories for the Today show, well she looks pretty darn healthy to me (Pippa, stop in anytime for a much closer examination if you’d like!) and it just might get me to actually watch the Today Show in who knows how many years! (note to Today Show execs-please tell your wardrobe staff “form fitting” is the key word as far as Pip’s outfits go!)

      I also LOVE the part about “The Palace” possibly putting the kibosh on Pippa’s new gig. If so, it MUST be in exchange for something huge from “The Palace”, since the idea of the UK telling the USA what to do on anything is well, just a bit antiquated. The UK may be able to still kick around Luxembourg or Lichtenstein if necessary, but not us. Even China, which according to some now has a larger GDP, doesn’t hold too much sway, due to the fact that we have the globe covered with our military (and thanks to the men and women staffing those many bases) and the fact that we spend about as much on it as the rest of the world combined. So, unless “The Palace” has something to offer, which they might, they’re just talking to themselves on this one!

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  3. kkeri12 says:

    If NBC does confirm it, chances are Zero to None Pippa is going to talk about either her sister, the royal family, or her own personal life.
    According to mutiple articles on google news aggregate (too many to links to post), NBC allegedly asked Pippa to do segments on health and lifestyle, which will be shown on NBC breakfast television in the US only.

    Again, according to different news articles, the deal (if it actually happens) includes the clause that Pippa won’t have to talk about her sister, her own family’s private lives, or the royal family. Supposedly she will be doing exactly the same as she did for the Telegraph newspaper, only on television instead of a newspaper column.

    If it happens, there’s no doubt Pippa was offered the position ONLY because she’s Kate’s sister. NBC tv wouldn’t have any interest in plain Philippa Middleton, and it’s silly to pretend they would. Their interest is based SOLELY on the fact that Pippa is the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, nothing else.
    The thing is, So What? NBC hired Jenna Bush and Chelsea Clinton as well, and for that exact same reason: because both women are related to someone famous. In their case they’re both former Presidential daughters.
    If Pippa does lifestyle and health segments on breakfast televsion in the US and she doesn’t mention the royals or her own family, there is no more reason for us to care about Pippa working for NBC than we do Chelsea and Jenna.

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  5. Elia says:

    It helps to have a sense of humor. Yeahhh, I didn’t think it was a EXACT MATCH for Honey Boo Boo either. It just sounds funny. Royal-Trolls are too serious to get jokes I see.

  6. Elia says:

    Ohhh I touched a nerve !!!!!!!! LOL !!!!! And it touched off the longest paragraph in history. LOL

  7. Elia says:

    Wealthy and trashy. Pippa toilet paper dress and Waity butt flasher.

  8. Elia says:

    Quite possibly ! In that case you could also ask, what the heck is going on….unless he was seriously studying and planning on that sort of job. You know, “deserved it” but I wouldn’t know —

  9. Elia says:

    Her sister is still quite a commoner too…….

  10. Elia says:

    At least the others never wore a toilet paper dress and nothing else, neither did they flash their bums.

    I don’t quite see the complaint or comparison against Diana’s sisters and who they married. They were aristocrats dear. NO shock as to who they married. Ditto for Princess Diana.

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  12. Elia says:

    WHAT ? LOL. Nice, and bizarre rules you make up there eh ? BIG EFFORTS to TRY to make Waity seem less offensive. It’s not working.

  13. Elia says:

    I love Sarah Whalen ! She tells it like it is, she’s hysterical. I didn’t know you post links here, but good for you !

  14. Elia says:

    I can’t really force myself to read your pompous drivel. No comment, I didn’t read it ! LOL

  15. Gianmarco Sabato says:

    those slutty [Moderated] really need to disappear – they are all tacky, useless and whores trying to slut/cash in on royals