Shahs Of Sunset Star Asa Rahmati Issued Federal Lawsuit For Diamond Water

Shahs Of Sunset Star Asa Rahmati Issued Federal Lawsuit For Diamond Water

Shahs of Sunset star Asa Rahmati has found herself in some hot water recently regarding her Diamond Water company. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Diamond Water, it’s a high-class bottled water company that Asa has been developing throughout Season 3 of Shahs of Sunset. The water has been blessed by “Priestess Asa” to promote health and wellness, and according to the Diamond Water website the water is infused “with diamonds.” A case of 12 bottles of Diamond Water is priced at $35.88 a pop, approximately $3.00 a bottle. Just last week on Shahs of Sunset, Asa’s Diamond Water launch party was featured on the Bravo reality series.

Asa no doubt chose to film her Diamond Water production process in hopes of bringing attention to the product, and it has definitely caught the attention of one company. According to Radar Online, Asa has been served a federal trademark lawsuit from a company called Dymund Water. Apparently the Dymund Company is not happy with Asa’s choice of name for her company and are concerned that consumers will be confused between the two products, which could potentially harm their sales.

According to Radar, “The plaintiff’s are asking for an unspecified amount in damages, but are also seeking attorney’s fees, punitive damages, costs of the suit incurred herein, and any other relief the court deems just.” Shahs star Asa is refusing to budge on the matter though, and she claims she has done nothing wrong because she owns the trademark “Diamond Water LLC.”

Considering how new Asa’s company is, this one lawsuit could shut down Diamond Water for good. Even if Asa and Diamond Water win the court case, the legal fees are going to be immense. Asa has caught a lot of heat for her “magic water,” and a lot of people think it is a farse and compared it to “selling magic beans.”

Do you guys think the owners of Dymund Water have a legitimate case against Asa? Or do you think Diamond Water would have went out of business eventually, regardless of legal problems?

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  • steven wiser

    The thing is that when she applied for her trademark it would have gone through a period where anyone with a similar mark whose goods and/or services were similar could have contested the mark and settled. Does her mark have a registration certificate? If not and she is distributing this stuff than she is in a heap o shit. Actually isn’t her company having issues with their website and ordering?!?!? It’s probably because they are still in the middle of opposition on the matter.

  • anthony sempero

    Once alkaline water is made, the alkalinity of the water dies within a week or so. “Diamond Water” is a lie. Instead of speeding money on these ridiculous unhealthy bottled waters, invest in Kangen Water! The best water!

  • Hannah

    lol. just like people are “christians” does not mean all muslims are religious strict ones. Life does not have to be about organized religions and I myself tell people I am christian (when they ask), because that is what my passport say and obviously I pay some tax to the christian church (not volontary) in the country I live in because I was baptised when I was a baby! Life. GOD IS TOO BIG TO FIT IN TO ONE RELIGION. If they say they are muslims, let them. Maybe they don’t follow one single book and think religion and God is about rules!

  • nhg

    They are Jewish…

  • Kat

    Saw a documentary about infusing positive energy into your water before you drink it by speaking kindly to it. Like you would recite positive affirmations to yourself, you do that to your water. The make up of the water changes depending on the energy. YouTube it, I swear. Asa just created a business out of this exactly. So basically, do it yourself. No diamonds needed.

  • kim

    Asa is a wako, these people make middle eastern people look a hot mess