Sherri Shepherd Divorce and Break-Up: Throws Husband, Lamar Sally, Out Of The House

Sherri Shepherd Divorce and Break-Up: Throws Husband, Lamar Sally, Out Of The House

Sherri Shepherd‘s marriage to Lamar Sally isn’t doing too great, according to reports. Sherri has apparently thrown Lamar out of the house, citing their troubled marriage and nasty estrangement as the biggest reason for the split. Looks like Sherri will be heading for another divorce soon.

Sources close to Sherri have opened up about the former couple, claiming that Sherri and Lamar are not on speaking terms right now. The sources also explain, “Their whole relationship was built on a fraud and it’s finally over. She’s thrown him out of the house and he’s tried to speak with her but nothing is happening.”

Apparently, the biggest reason that Sherri got fed up with Lamar is because he kept giving her empty promises and then refusing to deliver on them. As the sources explain, Lamar reportedly promised Sherri that he was a big-time Hollywood writer with tons of connections, but he’s yet to prove it with anything concrete. On the other hand, sources close to Lamar also claim that he has written several promising projects that have failed to get off the ground, and anyone who works in Hollywood knows how difficult it is to establish a successful screenwriting career.

Perhaps Sherri’s previous marriage woes have made her distrustful of Lamar, considering that her first marriage didn’t end well either. She has a son with her first husband, and that might have come into play with her decision to throw Lamar out. For example, she might have felt like Lamar’s empty promises would have had an impact on her kid, not just on her. And maybe she felt as though she was the only provider for the family, and she didn’t want to deal with that pressure anymore?

Although Lamar has officially spoken out on their estrangement, Sherri’s reportedly adamant that she doesn’t want to take Lamar back until he gets his act together. Maybe that won’t happen, and maybe it will – but if one thing’s for sure, it’s that Sherri’s very, very angry with him right now.

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet