Sister Wives LIVE Recap: Season 5 Episode 5 “Growing Up Polygamist”

Sister Wives LIVE Recap: Season 5 Episode 5 “Growing Up Polygamist”

TLC’s reality show SISTER WIVES returns tonight with its fifth episode of season five.  Tonight’s episode is called, “Growing Up Polygamist” and on tonight’s show we check in with some of the Brown teens to see how they are dealing with dating, college, and the uncertainties of their futures as potential polygamists.

On the last episode, the family decided to throw Kody a Vegas-themed surprise party thanking him for all he’s done to get the family where they are. During the planning, each person shared how the family had grown. But was the big surprise spoiled as the countdown loomed? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode we check in with some of the Brown teens to see how they are dealing with dating, college, and the uncertainties of their futures as potential polygamists. Meanwhile, Janelle has a battle of her own when she hits a plateau on her weight loss journey.

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RECAP: One of the main concerns for the Brown family is their children and how said children will interact with their peers once they leave the house. The adults are pretty conservative when it comes to dating and especially with little things such as intimacy. Kody, for one, admits he would like to impose no premarital sex but once his children grow up and leave the house then he’s really left sitting back and hoping the morals he instilled in them will stick.

The kids were taught right from wrong. Though that hasn’t stopped the parents from slightly freaking out whenever one of their kids starts dating. The eldest, Logan, is currently a sophomore in college and he’s also living off campus with roommates so he parents are concerned about him. They know he’s dating and so far as they know he hasn’t gone beyond the stage towards anything sexual. He’s mostly hugged and occasionally kissed someone. And even that is a bit out there for the Brown family.

They don’t approve of kissing or holding hands prior to marriage. However their kids, most importantly the ones that aren’t thinking about living a polygamous lifestyle, don’t see a problem with it. Logan is leaning towards a different life and so is Maddie. Maddie out of all the girls has probably dated the most and she’s also been the most vocal about not living the polygamous life. That doesn’t mean she didn’t love growing up within her family but she happens to know she wouldn’t be able to live with it as she got older.

A lot of the times the kids become this firm because of their friends and what other people might and/or have said about them. Logan has to deal with people judging him from coming from a polygamous family and just like with his siblings – they are constantly being questioned about living the life. So that led to Logan saying “for now”. For now he doesn’t see himself becoming a polygamist though his father thinks he’ll adapt to the life if he were to choose it.

Aspyn isn’t sure either. She’s gone back and forth on polygamy since she was a little girl. And the only thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that she wants to wait for the right man. If he lives plural marriage then she’ll consider entering into it. If he doesn’t then she’ll just be monogamous.

As for the former Wild Child of the group, Mykelti, she was the one threatening to break all of her family’s rules the minute she was old enough to do so and yet with age came maturity. Mykelti is no longer Boy Crazy and it appears that she may have put the entire sex on the backburner while she peruses her dreams in fashion. So the adults don’t have to worry about her so much.

Meanwhile the family is planning on a vacation… if it can be called that. Their taking out their RVs and traveling all the way to Missouri to meet a new polygamous family. And naturally no one is happy with the adults’ plan. The younger are willing to give their parents the benefit of the doubt but the older ones, the teenagers, hate the idea of going to Missouri. So their moms tried to find fun activities for them to do on the road trip like possibly stopping for some sight-seeing along the way.

But the teenagers still aren’t happy. They doubt their moms could find something that will interest them and so they begin to whine and complain. All in hope of convincing their moms to stop the trip or leave them behind. Neither of which worked!

They’re going on this trip and they will make their parents regret being them along!

Janelle has made personal strides in trying to lose weight. She realized how important it was to her after she kept getting nowhere by putting everyone else first. So it’s time she’s starts thinking about her own well-being. Does she want to stay fat or does she want to be healthy?