Stalker Recap – Beth’s Stalker Snaps: Season 1 Episode 11 “Tell All”

Stalker Recap - Beth's Stalker Snaps: Season 1 Episode 11 "Tell All"

Tonight on CBS Stalker starring Dylan McDermott continues with an all new Wednesday December 10, season 1 episode 11 called, “Tell All,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, an athlete’s estranged wife is terrorized when her tell-all memoir is about to be released. Meanwhile, Beth [Maggie Q] sheds light on her painful past.

On the last episode, after a series of harrowing attacks befell two seemingly random victims, the TAU desperately searched for a connection between them before the elusive stalker striked again. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “a high-profile athlete’s estranged wife is terrorized as her scandalous memoir is about to be published, and the TAU must investigate a long list of potential suspects to find the real perpetrator. Also, Beth finally reveals the painful details of her past.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Stalker.

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#Stalker starts with an alarm system whining. The security firm calls and a woman says she thinks someone is one the way. The woman tells her a team has been dispatched and asks if she can get safely out of the house. She says someone is downstairs and she can’t get out. The woman tells her to stay in her room and lock the door. She says that help is on the way. There’s someone in the room with her and she screams, unlocks the door and runs downstairs. She opens the door, sees a man and screams but then realizes it’s the security guy.

Jack is out for his morning run when Ethan comes over to him. He says he’s on the way to school and asks Jack if he lives nearby. He asks how long Jack has lived there and where he’s from. Ethan says he’s not a stranger but Jack says his mom wouldn’t like him being where he’s not supposed to be. Ethan agrees and heads off to school.

Janice is with Beth and she has told her everything about her family and what was done to them. She asks Beth if Ray is still incarcerated. Beth says his family has money and they were able to get him into a psychiatric hospital. Then she says her records have been sealed since she was 18 but Perry managed to get into them. She says he’s from money like Ray so they can’t arrest him without solid proof that he’s stalking her. Janice says if they could confiscate the drawings, they could build a case.

Jack texts Beth about a new case and then Beth tells Janice that discretion is important. The woman tells Beth and Jack that it was her ex Tom Wade, a pro hockey player. Stella says he knows the alarm code. Beth asks why she never changed the code or the locks. She says they’ve been separated for a year and officially divorced for a month.

Stella says Tom has been a creeper since they broke up. She says he’s been making drunken phone calls and showing up. She says they had a rocky marriage. She says as a pro athlete, he made bad lifestyle choices. Beth asks if he ever got rough and she says one night after he was drinking, he cracked her cheek bone. She says she called the cops and then pursued a divorce.

They bring in Tom Wade but he has an alibi for last night. He says he never laid a hand on his wife and Jack asks how she fractured her cheek. His lawyer is there and doesn’t want him to answer. Tom says Stella is a pathological liar. He says she got drunk and fell on her face. He says they partied a lot and would fight then make up. He says that was their thing but he never hit her.

Beth says he could have hired someone to frighten her. Tom says he’s not a bad guy. He says he knows he looks like a cliché – pro athlete party boy – but says he’s not. He says he has two degrees, a sports camp and is no longer involved in her life. He says he’s moved on and that Stella has some people in her life that don’t like her.

Jack says the guy has a bruised ego but isn’t sure he’s the one and his alibi checks out. Stella is at a benefit with a guy. She says she’s getting looks and asks her date if everyone knows. He says it was online immediately. Cynthia walks over and gets Catty with her and Stella deliberately mis-speaks her BF’s name. Stella lays into Cynthia and says she knows she slept with her husband and you don’t come back from that.

Her date tells Stella to quiet down but she doesn’t and says it’s about time the truth comes out. She say she dealt with it and now Cynthia should too. Stella goes off to the women’s room but sees men’s shoes under a door and hears a noise. She opens the stall but finds a woman there. She goes into a stall and locks the door but then the lights go out. She calls out that someone is in there.

She opens the stall and comes out and it’s Richard, Cynthia’s BF. She pushes him away and yells for him to get off her and runs out. Cynthia and Richard are at TAU. Richard is in holding and Cynthia alibis him. She says he was defending her honor and didn’t hurt Stella. Jack asks why she doesn’t like Stella. Cynthia pulls out a copy of the galleys of Stella’s memoir.

She says Stella accused her in the book of sleeping with her husband. Beth asks if she did and she says no. Jack says lying is obstruction and she admits she did sleep with him but after they broke up. Cynthia says that Stella trashes everyone in her tell-all. Beth and Jack go to Stella and ask why she didn’t tell them about the book.

Stella says Tom doesn’t know about it. Beth says Cynthia got a copy of it. Stella says people looked down on her and thought they were better, that she’s dumb and a gold digger. She says she’s none of those things and wrote the book to set the record straight. Beth says they need the names of everyone she trashes in the book because they are all now suspects.

Janice goes to the college to do some checking on Perry. The RA knocks on his door and then unlocks the door. He puts his head in and then lets her in. She steps inside and taps his computer. The screen lights up, but it’s password protected. She looks on a box in his desk then pokes around at his stuff. She looks at the mirror and then looks at the photos that Beth showed her.

The drawings are down off the wall, but there are holes in the wall where they were. She snaps a pic. Perry comes in and she says she’s with the LAPD. He says he doesn’t care and that she needs a warrant. She says she doesn’t need a warrant if there’s due cause since it’s a public institution. He says he doesn’t see anything there and asks if she does. She says she doesn’t but as a detective, she’s good at looking.

She leaves and he slams the door angrily after her. Ben and Jack are reading the memoirs and Jack says Stella has a lot of enemies. He says the book is a compelling read. Ben says it’s very candid. Ben says he gets the sense that she loved her husband until she didn’t. Beth says Stella’s plastic surgeon has filed a lawsuit to stop it. They go to see him.

Dr Chase tells them he can’t talk to them since there is a doctor-patient confidentiality clause. He rebuilt her cheek after it was broken. They ask if it could have happened from domestic abuse. He says he was Stella’s friend until she wrote that he was taking oxy. He says the book was delivered to him anonymously. He says her lies could cost him his medical license.

He says he doesn’t need to stalk her when he can sue her. Stella shows up to Cynthia’s to apologize for all the trouble. She has a security guy with her. She asks to have a chance to explain to Cynthia about the book. She goes inside and tells Cynthia she knows the book was hurtful. Cynthia says she makes her look like a whore. Stella says she hurt her by sleeping with her husband.

She says separated or not, you don’t do that. Cynthia says it’s too late for that and Stella says in time she may understand why she needed to tell the truth. She leaves but doesn’t see her security guy outside. Cynthia picks up her phone and sends a text. There’s a noise and she sees someone on the security camera about to break in. She screams and runs. The guy grabs her and she struggles with him.

Beth is back at Stella’s and tells her Cynthia was abducted. She says they think she’s still alive. Beth says they think she was taken for a reason and asks if she knows what it was. Stella says she went there to apologize. Beth says it’s escalated from her to people in the book but Stella insists she doesn’t know what’s going on.

Jack goes to Amanda and says they need to talk about Ethan. He tells her that Ethan found him when he was out jogging and was acting strange and asking him a bunch of questions. He says he thinks Ethan might know more than she thinks. She says she talked to Trent the other night about him and Ethan must have overheard. Jack says this may be a good thing and tells her to tell him what to do.

She walks off. Janice shows Beth the pics of Perry’s room and says he took it all down. Janice says he’s scared but likely didn’t throw them out because he’s attached to them. Beth says it’s a defensive move to take them down. Beth says they could be copies on his cell or computer but they don’t have enough for a warrant yet. Janice says she’s on it and Beth thanks her.

Jack tells Beth he found out the leaked copies came from her editor Oliver Grazinger. Jack goes to see him and he says he sent them to create buzz on social media. Jack says Cynthia is missing and may be dead. Oliver says this is standard publishing practice and Jack demands the names of all the people he sent copies to. Ben says they have more kidnappings of people from her book.

Jack says the person is snatching enemies of Stella and it could be a love obsession. Ben says it was her ex, acting coach, Cynthia and then Tom. Beth says to send a unit out to find Tom. Dr Chase is washing up after surgery. He hears a noise and calls out for his nurse. He gets no answer. He gets a bottle of the pills he denied taking out of his pocket and goes to take one. He’s hit in the head from behind and the pills go spilling. The kidnapper slips a bag over his head as he struggles.

Ben tells Janice that Tom is at the gym all day and Janice says Chase has been taken and a bottle of pills was left. Janice says the stalker broke their pattern but then Ben says there is a difference between the original and the galley. The stalker is going in order of the original draft. Janice tells him that’s impressive.

Beth calls Stella to ask who else had a copy of the original manuscript. She says no one else had a copy and that she didn’t have a ghost writer. Janice brings up the word peripatetic and says it’s an odd word to use. She asks what it means. Stella doesn’t answer. Then they ask what sanguine means. She doesn’t answer. Janice says to just tell the truth. She asks who really wrote it.

Stella says she hired a ghost writer – a guy she met at a party named Cameron Robbins. Janice asks if they got romantic and Stella says they got close but it was never serious. She says they spent a lot of time together but then it was done, she paid him and they went their separate ways. She says she wanted everyone to see her differently so she didn’t want anyone to know about Cameron.

Beth asks if Cameron ever expressed strong feelings to her. She says he never said love but she could tell he cared for her. Janice and Beth explain that her rejecting him is exactly what would set off stalking behavior. Stella says he lives in some old building in Hollywood. Jack shows up at his place and knocks. No answer. Ben is with him. They knock on each of the doors.

Jack pokes around in other rooms and says no one is home. They check out his computer and see lots of photos of Stella lying around. They also find recordings of him filing her. It looks like she didn’t know he was using his webcam to record her. Ben finds a recording from two days ago. He’s arguing with a guy – Tom Wade.

Tom insists she still loves him but Cameron tells him he hasn’t seen the book – she is done with it. We see them struggle and Tom cracks the guy in the head and drags him off. Jack opens up a closet and finds Cameron there dead. He says Tom has been lying to them the whole time. Stella and her security guy come home and she locks the front door. She hears a thud and calls out to her bodyguard.

She hears a muffled grunt and goes to see. She sees Cynthia, Dr Chase and some others tied up and the body guard knocked out. Tom comes in and calls her baby. She asks what this is and he says it’s all for her. She shakes her head no. She’s horrified. Janice comes and tells Beth that Tom paid the writer to slip him chapters and he recorded Tom killing him.

Janice and Beth try to figure out why he’s kidnapping her enemies. Janice puts out a BOLO on Tom and they get ready to go protect Stella. Tom rants to Stella that until he read her book, he didn’t see things from her perspective. He says he’s going to be better and proves that he loves her. He points a gun at Cynthia and says to apologize to his wife.

Stella tells him she wants to be the one to take out Cynthia since she’s made her life hell. She takes the gun and Tom tells her to do it. She tells Cynthia she’s sorry and aims at her. Instead, she shoots Tom but only wings him and he tackles her. She runs upstairs and he runs after her. Beth and Janice pull up and run to the door. They head inside and call out to Stella.

They hear the muffled sounds and find the hostages. Janice yanks the tape off Cynthia’s mouth and she tells them that Tom is crazy and chased Stella upstairs. Beth tells Janice to call for back up while she heads upstairs to check on Stella. She goes up and calls out to Stella. Stella comes out and says she doesn’t know where he is. Beth tells her to follow her. She checks the hall.

They step out and look down over the landing. Beth tells her to go and she runs down. He comes up behind Beth and she kicks his butt then throws him down the stairs. He lies crumpled halfway down but he survives. They take him away in an ambulance. Cynthia and Stella seem to have made up over their shared trauma.

Perry finds Janice waiting for him. He says he’s headed to the library. She says she knows he dug into Beth’s past so she did some digging of her own. She says his mom was beautiful and that he has her eyes but probably doesn’t remember since he was four when she died. He says that’s psych 101 and doesn’t affect him. She says it already has and says that’s why he fixates – to replace his dead mother.

She asks if he knows the cops suspected his dad since his mom was sleeping around and one of the affairs was a colleague of his dad’s. He says it’s a lie but she says to look it up and do some research. She calls him a little boy with mommy issues. She says his mom killed herself and that’s why he’s screwed up. She says his mom probably killed herself because she knew how screwed up he was.

Perry snaps and attacks Janice choking her. A uniformed car pulls up, flashes lights and they arrest him for assaulting an officer. He tells her she’s making a huge mistake. Amanda and Ethan are playing a video game when the doorbell rings. She asks Ethan if this is what he wants. He nods. Amanda gets the door – Jack is there. He asks if it’s okay and she nods.

Ethan gives him a shy smile and Jack says – hi Ethan. Amanda says she’s going to warm up some leftovers and asks Jack if he’s hungry. He says yeah and then sits down to look at Ethan’s video game. He gives Jack a controller and asks him to play. He agrees and they play. Amanda watches them and Jack tells her – thank you.

Perry is brought into the station. Jack asks Ethan if he’ll be mad if he beats him. They start their game but Jack seems overcome with emotion. Amanda steps away to let them chat. Janice escorts him in as Beth watches from her office. Wonder if they arrested him with his laptop if they’re allowed to poke into it? Hmm. Will be interesting to see what happens.