Taylor Swift Lunch Date With Cara Delevingne To Spite Selena Gomez – Mean Girls War Continues (PHOTOS)

Taylor Swift Lunch Date With Cara Delevingne To Spite Selena Gomez - Mean Girls War Continues (PHOTOS)

Taylor Swift spent years being BFF’s with Selena Gomez and it seemed like a semi-unbreakable bond until recently when Taylor pulled the plug. She decided that she wanted nothing to do with the mess that is Selena’s dysfunctional relationship with Justin Bieber and decided that the friendship had run its’ course. I have to admit, it’s really interesting to me just how wrong we all were about Selena. I mean, remember when we all bought into the notion that she was really a Disney sweetheart? She was the good girl in a sea of underage train wrecks- or so we thought.

Now it’s obvious that Selena thrives on dysfunction, has been a closet party girl for years and has horrid taste in men. Oh and she is one catty bitch too. On the mean girl scale she clocks in at about a 50. Not too long after we got wind that Taylor had cut ties Selena popped up with the Jenner girls. Kendall Jenner is one of those chicks that Tay hates by association simply because she dated Harry Styles for longer than she did. Instant black ball material there and so Selena knew that by befriending her and Kylie it would make Taylor see red, for real.

Taylor wasn’t going to let that deed go unpunished and popped up yesterday in NYC with international party girl, Cara Delevingne. This bisexual chick has partied with the likes of Prince Harry and was last seen romping on the beach with Michelle Rodriguez. She also once caught Biebers eye while he was on one of those many breaks from Selena. Think of how many times Taylor and Selena discussed the Jenner girls and Cara. Now they have both basically turned to the others’ enemy in the best tit for tat girl fight that has hit young Hollywood in quite some time.

So, it’s Selena’s turn. What do you think that her next move will be? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Taylor Swift meets Cara Delevingne for a mean girls lunch in New York City, New York on April 9, 2014

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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