The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap 6/9/14: Season 9 Episode 8 “Not So Silent Night”

The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap 6/9/14: Season 9 Episode 8 “Not So Silent Night”

The Real Housewives of Orange County returns to Bravo tonight. On tonight’s episode called, “Not So Silent Night”, drama marks Shannon’s holiday bash. Elsewhere, a downcast Vicki deals with Briana’s move to Oklahoma, and a harsh reality hits Tamra.

On the last episode a trip to Oklahoma caused Vicki extreme emotional stress as she helped her daughter Briana looked for a house. Back in Orange County, Heather and Shannon tried to make sense of the massive rift in their friendship, leaving Lizzie caught in the crossfire of accusations and hearsay. Later, Tamra was shocked as she discovered that her son Ryan is possibly endangering his health by taking a potentially harmful medication without a prescription.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Shannon is excited about her annual Christmas party, but holiday cheer quickly turns into holiday jeer when the ladies get together. Meanwhile, Vicki mourns Briana’s move to Oklahoma and Tamra gets a dose of reality when she gets some shocking news about her son.

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

RECAP: Tamra’s son, Ryan, could literally have a heart attack at any minute. After she took him to see the doctor, they were informed that he’s so unhealthy that his heart palpitations weren’t normal. Now the doctor doesn’t believe the growth hormones that he’s been using has altered his health, but it probably would be best if he gets off of them right away.

Still, his health means so much. To both him and his mother. She doesn’t want to worry about her son dying before her. He’s 28 and she wants him to live for a very long time. And as for her son, his dreams end up getting crushed today. He wanted to be a body builder and that’s no longer possible with his health the way it is.

Shannon’s big Christmas party is coming up and all of her friends are invited. In theory, everyone should be able to enjoy it, but the slight fight the hostess had with Heather isn’t as settled as much as they were hoping it was. Heather believes their argument to be dead. And she had every reason to think that.

When Shannon and Heather met for lunch they both decided to just settle whatever issue is on their mind right then and there. Yet Shannon doesn’t trust Heather to be as easy about their agreement as she is. Like she said, Heather is an actress and you can never tell if she’s merely acting like everything’s fine instead of it actually being fine.

The party gets underway and everyone is enjoying the décor and the food when Tamra and Heather along with their husbands sit down to talk. Heather wanted to share her happy news and so she told her friends about being invited back on the morning show “Good Day LA” to guest co-host. This was a great opportunity for her and she wondered why Tamra had this funny look on her face when she heard the news.

Tamra admitted that hearing all of that brought back old memories from six months ago when on a different occasion Heather co-hosted. On that segment, Heather was doing a fitness special and Tamra was hurt that her gym was invited to do it.

And that opened up a can of worms for them. Because Tamra heard from other people that Heather did have a say to inviting a gym and still chose to go with a different gym. So Tamra wanted to hear Heather acknowledge her feelings on the matter and Heather wanted to drop the subject all together. She already told Tamra that she had no say and she expects her friend to automatically believe her. Something she was having a problem doing. Thankfully, the guys stepped in at this point and hastily brokered a peace.

Although Tamra wasn’t done with the subject. She went on with the party till she found Shannon and the other girls where she then vented. Heather was busy cheering up Vicki after her daughter moved to Oklahoma and so she didn’t know what Tamra was saying to their friends. Tamra was telling them about the gym scenario and after Shannon was the only one of them to get it – she also told them about what happened after the hoedown. Allegedly, Heather called her and demanded she pick a side between her and Shannon.

Heather and Vicki returned to the rest of the group and there was this awkward silence between all of them when they were reunited. Lizzie, taking it upon herself, decided to break the silence and in her words clear the air. She told Heather what they were discussing while also dropping the tidbit that she had defended Heather. As if she needed defending.

Heather then asked Tamra what the problem was. She thought they settled this and she wanted to know why it’s being brought back up and when she wasn’t getting anywhere with Tamra again – Shannon put her own two sense in. Shannon was angry about what she just heard and when she began to speak it suddenly felt like an ambush to Heather.

All of their arguing got nowhere and was honestly pointless. Even Vicki stayed out of it. She felt that Tamra was in the wrong and the fighting finally stopped when Tamra got up to walk away.

Heather didn’t like any of this and frankly she was tired of feeling like she had to defend herself so randomly out of nowhere she got a phone call from one of her kids saying they weren’t feeling well. She and Terry conveniently left the party before anyone could say something that couldn’t be taken back.

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  1. Tailisian says:

    Heather is a controlling bitch & a liar ( sick kid, fake phone call). Tamera, is well… Okay, ” Trailer Park Tammy” is pissed off at Heather, not for any one incident but for how Heather talks down to her, etc. Unfortunately, Tamera is incapable of expressing her feelings of injustice to Heather.. Well, unless there is some type of scene. Not to worry! Naturally, ” Trailer Park Tammy” takes a very generous offer from Heather to promote her stupid gym on ” Good Day, L.A ” (which Heather will be co-hosting) and turns lemonade into bitter lemon sludge. How could Heather offer her such a fantastic opportunity when in a season long ago, Heather was Co-hosting the same show and allowed the same program to promote another gym?? Meow, hiss, hiss, growl, meow, hiss, growl. Terry & Eddie try to smooth this interaction over, looking very helpless, as if to say, ” Dude, these byotches are crazy. I’m sorry, man.” What was needed was a tranquilizer gun that they use on large animals. It was downhill all the way after that. Vicky stayed put of it and sided with Heather. Yikes! Do, much for Holiday Cheer!! These women don’t need a Reality Show, they need Couples Therapy, with each other!! Seriously, awful episode.

  2. Tailisian says:

    Hey, wicked! How’s the tour going? Yes, my name is Taili. ( Hi, Taili!) I watch the Real Housewives.It is my Sister’s fault. I am addicted. It is the proverbial train wreck syndrome. I can’t help myself. LOL! Is there a 12 step program for this?

  3. […] On the last episode Shannon was excited about her annual Christmas party, but holiday cheer quickly turned into holiday jeer when the ladies got together. Meanwhile, Vicki mourned Briana’s move to Oklahoma and Tamra got a dose of reality when she got some shocking news about her son. Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you. […]