The Vampire Diaries Spoilers and Synopsis: Finale Season 5 Episode 22 “Home” Preview Video

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers and Synopsis: Finale Season 5 Episode 22 "Home" Preview Video

The 5th season finale of The Vampire Diaries is fast approaching, and the writers are laying down some meticulous plotting for an explosive conclusion. The most recent episode gave Stefan/Elena shippers something to gloat about, considering their little conversation in that very remote location, and the focus on Elena’s love life. Plus, Liv and Luke are living dangerously when they come up with a new plan, following their disastrous failure to protect the doppelgangers.

We’ve also got some spoilers from the next episode, which is the season finale! Cryptically titled ‘Home’, the episode will focus on Damon’s heartbreak from his unexpected tragedy, and how he pushes Bonnie to stop the ‘disintegration of the Other Side’. It’ll be one heck of a tough battle for Bonnie, but she’s proved that she can do less with more in the past. Of course, Bonnie will also take this opportunity to settle an old score, even as conditions worsen around her.

Elena, on the other hand, is sick of letting things happen to her, and she’s taking matters into her own hands. She will reportedly reach out to Luke and Liv to help her, but Liv refuses to do anything until Caroline gives her what she wants.

Plus, Sheriff Forbes will feature into the finale, watching in horror as Markos proves that Mystic Falls is under the control of the Travelers by using violence against Tyler/Julian. Damon will get involved in this, and because of information he gets from Sheriff Forbes, he involves Matt and Jeremy in a last-minute plan that may or may not be fatal for those involved. We know that his plan will cause a massive explosion, and the aftermath of that explosion will be dealt with even in Season 6.

Most fans right now are worried about Stefan’s return to the show, but they’d be pretty stupid to get rid of one of their main trio, no? The actors all only have one season left on their contracts as well, and I don’t think the show would get rid of Paul Wesley before that. Plus, it looks like we’re already losing another major character with this finale, and losing Stefan will be too big of a blow for fans to recover from.

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