The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Episode Review Spoilers – Was Terminus a Disappointment?

The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Episode Review Spoilers - Was Terminus a Disappointment?

Were you disappointed with Terminus? Okay, so we now know for certain that Terminus was a community of cannibals. At the end of The Walking Dead’s fourth season, we all speculated. The cliffhanger with the group thrown into train cars after the Terminus people offered some great grilled steaks (no cows anywhere around…hmmm) made us all point at the screen and shout “They’re going to eat you!”

Who here expected Terminus to be a big part of season five? Raise your hand, because we all thought it. The season five premiere was a roller coaster ride of terror and triumph, but I think we all thought Terminus would play a bigger role.

Will Terminus Be Back? The group has escaped from Terminus and are moving on. It seems as though they will be moving as a whole toward Washington D.C., but is Terminus really over?

We were left without any clear idea about the Termians who survived. It sure seemed like most of them bit it — or got bitten. We don’t really know, though, and as The Walking Dead writers have proven time and time again, expect the unexpected.

Rick instructed his group to kill anyone from Terminus, but it looked as though some escaped. Maggie pointed out that the survivors would not make it anyway as there were so many walkers in the area.

I think some of them will be back and will be looking for revenge. I don’t believe they are the villains of season five, but perhaps minor annoyances and threats.

It’s Not Over – Any Termians who did indeed escape and survive, will undoubtedly be after revenge. Their hunky dory well-fed way of life was turned upside down and many of their group were killed. It’s doubtful they will be friendly toward Rick’s group of survivors.

Be watching, because I predict that further down the line in season five, we will see some of these Terminus refugees show up. I’m not sure how well they will survive without their free meal ticket and their protein, but some of them will be back.

More to the Story – “No Sanctuary” gave us hints about the events that brought the Terminus group to the point of inhumanity. There is much more to that story, and it will undoubtedly come up again. The group that terrorized the Termians may play a role in future storylines, but who knows? Wouldn’t we all like to know a little more about what happened to this group of people? What turned them into the butchers they became? Hmmm, maybe we don’t want to know.

It will be interesting to see what happens. Now that our group of characters is free of the cannibals in one quick episode, and are homeless and wandering, we are all anxious to see what adventure they will have next.