The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nick Disowns Victor For Hiring Fake Ghost Cassie To Drive Sharon Mad

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nick Disowns Victor For Hiring Fake Ghost Cassie To Drive Sharon Mad

Victor Newman’s shenanigans never cease to amaze us, but Y&R fans will surely be delighted to hear that  on April 23 The Young and the Restless Victor’s lies and schemes will finally blow up in his face. Nick, Victor, Sharon, and the Fake Ghost Cassie that Victor hired all wind up in the same room tomorrow and there is no way he can deny hiring his dead granddaughter’s doppelganger to haunt Sharon.

On today’s episode of Y&R Victor attempts to explain to Nick that he hired a Fake Ghost Cassie to haunt Sharon…for him. He knows Sharon is keeping a life-changing secret from Nick, and he planned to have the Fake Ghost Cassie get the secret out of her so he could share it with Nick (right, because Victor would just hand over a secret without blackmailing someone with it). The problem is, his ghost for hire never got the secret out of Sharon, so he basically drove her insane and caused her to receive electroshock therapy and lose her memory for nothing.

Nick has warned Victor numerous times to stop playing with members of his family like chess pieces, and this is clearly the last straw in Nick’s book. Secret or no secret, Victor Newman has officially crossed the line and it looks like he and Nick’s relationship is irreparable. Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless Nick Newman kicks his Dad Victor out of his life for once and for all.

Also on the April 23 show on The Young and the Restless Ian Ward pays his alleged son Dylan a visit and reveals to him that he has listed him in his will, and if anything happens to Ian then Dylan will inherit his entire empire. We think this is probably another one of Ian Ward’s schemes, and it will probably be just a matter of time before the other shoe drops and Dylan learns that there are strings attached. Y&R fans can also expect to see some touching scenes between Courtney and Noah and Christine and Paul tomorrow on the CBS daytime drama.

Do you think that Victor Newman really hired the Fake Ghost Cassie for Nick’s benefit, or did he once again have a hidden agenda? He had to have known the effect seeing her daughter’s ghost would have on Sharon. Do you agree with Nick for cutting his father off, or do you think that in a sick twisted way Victor really meant no harm? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Well Victor was telling Nicholas the truth about Sharon. Sharon has done so many things to the family and she gets a free pass. Sharon should of told everybody about Summer paternity results. That electroshock made her forget things. Phyllis was the one at the staircase with her. Phyllis knows that Summer is for Nick not for Jack. For the writers jeopalize the storyline was so dumb. Sharon change the test results so she can be a family with Nick is very bad. This show is very bad and i am glad i am watching general hospital.

    • Gwen

      Victor in his sick way was looking out 4 Nick but it was all 4 nothing now. Sharon is going 2 eventually lose Nick. Too bad, she’s not sick anymore but she caused 2 much damage when she was sick. Leslie is 2 stupid 4 words & that storyline is 2 stupid even 4 a soap!

      • Racquel Garnette

        I agree with you. Victor was looking out for Nick. Sharon will lose Nick eventually. Nick wants to give Sharon chance after chance. I think the writers like Sharon character. Lesile is a biatch for what she did to Neil. Most of the woman Neil dated there was always something going on with them. Neil deserves someone new who won’t treat him like crap. This show is so bad.

    • Lizzy Lopez

      Oh shut it. And go watch something else then.

    • raven

      sharon is the only one the writers won’t touch — maybe she has something on the writers — i can’t blame you changing to a different soap — even if phyllis doesn’t return allow nick to find what the true sharon is really like — sharon wasn’t worried to get phyllis out of everyones life — fake trying to win over the others on her side — go figure

      • Racquel Garnette

        Yeah i agree with you. Sharon has done so many things. Summer needs to know who her real father is. When Jack finds out that Summer is not his he is going to hit the bottle. Nicholas and Jack should question thereselves of what really happened at the staircase.

    • dee

      All the characters have skeletons in their closets. That’s what makes it a soap opera. I love it. All of them are love/hate characters.

    • shop

      whatever this is an awesome soap forget GH … I am glad you don’t watch you obviously don’t understand the characters and their relationships…don’t ever say Y and R is a bad show

      • Racquel Garnette

        To you the show is awesome but to me the show has a lot of holes. It sucks very much now. The storylines are weak and the storylines have been going on for months.

    • Tired

      I agree this storyline is so tired. Not exposing Sharon is not good.

  • kyra

    I’m so sick of misunderstood Sharon she get away with so much. I’m still trying to figure out why is everybody else secrets is coming out and not hers. First it was Adam secret that he thinks he killed Chloe daughter, then it’s Victor hiring the fake Cassie her secret has been going on for way to long. Let Nick now that Summer is his daughter and Nick and his father can rebuild there relationship.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Victor is a evil person but the way how he find out about some things is a good thing. Nicholas always care about his woman and want to find a way to control them. Sharon is better off without Nicholas. Sharon can meet some guy at a bar or at the club or something. The writers only care about is thereselves. General Hospital is not too bad. There storylines is easy to follow. The bold and the beautiful and this show sucks already. Pretty soon Nikki and Victor is going to break up then Nikki is going to end up with Paul and Victor is going to be all alone. The writers need to stop making Victor marrying his woman so many times. This show has a lot of holes. Wrap up the Dylan father thingy and make him know who is real father is. Wrap up the Summer paternity results and wrap up the hit and run. Stop making your characters play the part on the show and don’t finish the storylines.

  • Racquel Garnette

    lol get a grip about what. The writers likes to start up with there storylines and don’t even finish them. Dylan father thingy, hit and run, summer paternity results needs to wrap. The writers are running out of ideas for the show. They refused to bring lots of people to the show and create new storylines. David Tom needs to go as soon as possible. This abby needs to be recasted. Tyler is after Abby money. He is still engaged to Mariah. When Abby finds out that Tyler is after her money she will call off the engagement. Tyler knows that the Newmans are rich and he wanted to take advantage of that. That is bad. Tyler and Abby is not going to get married.

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