Bobbi Kristina Brown To Die On Whitney Houston’s Death Anniversary – Family Stopping Life Support – Fighting Over Inheritance?

Bobbi Kristina Brown To Die On Whitney Houston's Death Anniversary - Family Stopping Life Support - Fighting Over Inheritance?

Bobbi Kristina Brown is scheduled to die on February 11, the anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death, as her family intends to remove the life support that is keeping the tragic woman alive. Are you disgusted? Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family have proven that they literally have no shame, and this latest report just reinforces that. Outlets are reporting that Bobbi’s family has decided to pull her off life support, but they want to wait until Wednesday so that Bobbi can die on the anniversary of her mom, Whitney Houston’s death. Never mind that Bobbi might not even be brain dead, or there is literally no reason to rush this sort of life-altering [or in this case, life-ending] decision. Sure, Bobbi’s family will claim it’s being done out of respect and emotional attachment, but really, they just want the publicity and the attention that this will provide them.

Now, we don’t want to get too cynical, but given the depraved and despicable history of the Houston and Brown family – and their obsession with Whitney Houston’s money – we just don’t understand how the people responsible for legally taking Bobbi off life support can make this decision given the obvious conflict of interest… especially when they stand to gain or lose her $20 million inheritance. Aren’t there some ethical laws against that sort of thing? Of COURSE Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family is letting her die, considering that they wont get her millions and millions of dollars any other way.

Page Six’s source remains ultimately sympathetic to this family, explaining, “This is the only thing they can agree on — that she’s gone [brain-dead], and there’s nothing more than can be done for her.” And apparently, pulling the plug on Bobbi Kristina Brown on the same day as Whitney Houston’s death is ‘symbolic’ and a way of intertwining the mother’s fate with the daughter’s fate forever. Or, you know, Bobbi’s family is ridiculous and has no class and is just doing whatever they think will make them look best in the media. You think they care if Bobbi’s fate and Whitney’s fate are intertwined forever? Especially since they couldn’t even see the warning signs from Bobbi and violent Nick Gordon coming from a mile away and did nothing to help her?

What do you guys think about this whole tragic affair, and the fact that Bobbi’s family is letting her die on the anniversary of Whitney’s death? It’s not enough that this family gets into fights with each other over Bobbi’s inheritance – now they have to literally pull the plug on her life support as well? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.