Bruce Jenner Transgender Lifestyle Update: Kim Kardashian Warned by Kris Jenner NOT To Discuss Step-Dad’s Sex Change?

Bruce Jenner Transgender Lifestyle Update: Kim Kardashian Warned by Kris Jenner NOT To Discuss Step-Dad's Sex Change?

Kris Jenner has made the decision that she, Kim Kardashian, and the rest of the family will keep quiet when it comes to gossiping about transgender Bruce Jenner’s alleged sex change. As divorce and second pregnancy rumors swirl about Kim Kardashian, momager Kris Jenner stepped into her professional role by booking her daughter on Entertainment Tonight with the purpose of discussing Bruce Jenner and his transgender trajectory, but has seemingly had a change of heart and declared she wants the Kardashian clan to keep their mouths shut about her ex and his becoming a woman according to Naughty Gossip.

With the epic butt-selfies and cleavage shots that threatened to break the Internet, the upcoming release of her book Selfish, and the never-ending drama with husband Kanye and their geographically-named daughter, North West, it seems Kim Kardashian is news fodder all on her own. Step-father Bruce Jenner, however, is not to be outdone and has been making waves recently with his simultaneously jarring and under-the-radar appearance changes designed to look like a woman. With all the whispering and assuming going on, Kris Jenner thought now may be a great time to take Kim K out of the judgmental glare of the spotlight caused by her own questionable choice and instead let her turn even more of a light onto Bruce.

Acting as Kim’s manager, Kris booked her daughter on Entertainment Tonight. The goal was for Kim to give some family insight into everything that has been going on with Bruce. Ever since the highly-publicized split between Kris and Bruce, Hollywood has been abuzz with questions about his startling change in appearance. Despite sporting longer hair, facial plastic surgery, a shift toward more feminine clothing, and even the occasional splash of makeup, Bruce has been firmly tight-lipped on the topic.

Kris Jenner has previously been pushy on the issue of Bruce denying the rumor that he is going through a transition to become a woman, but now that she has sent Kim Kardashian out to do her gossipy bidding, the elder K has admitted it may not be her place to inform the world about ex Bruce’s lifestyle choices. In a show of decidedly un-Kardashian behavior, Kris seems to have gained some humility by confessing that she shouldn’t have sent Kim to talk about Bruce. Instead, she should have left it to Bruce and let him discuss the issues on his own. Imagine that revolutionary thought process.


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