Chicago PD Recap – ‘Climbing Into Bed/You Never Know Who’s Who’: Season 3 Episode 5 & 6

Chicago PD Recap - 'Climbing Into Bed/You Never Know Who's Who': Season 3 Episode 5 & 6

Tonight on NBC their riveting police drama Chicago PD continues with an all new Wednesday October 28, season 3 episode 5 & 6 called, “Climbing Into Bed; You Never Know Who’s Who” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Ruzek’s (Patrick John Flueger) career is in jeopardy when an undercover mission doesn’t go as planned; and the discovery of a body in an SUV is investigated.

On the last episode, Voight and Olinksy hunted an ex-con who’s targeting cops; Atwater accidentally revealed information about Ruzek’s past that unsettled Burgess; and Platt tasked Burgess and Roman with handling a high-society dognapping case. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Ruzek’s career is in jeopardy when an undercover mission doesn’t go as planned; and the discovery of a body in an SUV is investigated. In other events, Halstead and Lindsay move forward in their relationship.”

Tonight’s episodes look like they are going to be great and you won’t want to miss them, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s Chicago PD at 10:00 PM EST!

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Tonight’s episode of Chicago PD kicks off with Ruzek at a bar with one of his informants – Jesse. Jesse called him to meet up with him and Frank, Frank is planning a robbery and is looking for a thief for hire. The meeting was all spur of the moment – Ruzek couldn’t get Voight on the phone, but he did call Jay and tell him where he was.

Frank tells Ruzek that he wants to take him for a ride, they drive Ruzek’s truck to an empty parking lot in the middle of the night. Frank is acting strange and won’t tell Ruzek what he is up to. Suddenly he hits the gas and starts speeding with Ruzek’s truck across the parking lot, and he drives straight in to a building. Ruzek hits his head badly and is disoriented. Meanwhile, Frank hops out of the truck and shoots and kills some of the people in the building and then he makes a run for it, Ruzek calls for back-up.

Hank and his team rush to the restaurant – Hank tells Ruzek not to talk to any of the other cops, he could be in serious trouble for going to with a an informant without permission or back-up. Ruzek explains that when Frank broke in to the restaurant, there was a robbery in place. Frank shot and killed the two men robbing the store, and the owner. They think that it was Frank’s team and he wanted to take them out of the equation so he didn’t have to split the loot. They cut a hole in to the wall and climbed through it to the jewelry store next door. Frank got away with $2 Million worth of jewelry.

They identify two of the dead robbers in the restaurant – Richards and Spiracho. They are working hard trying to track down Jesse Conway, the informant that introduced Ruzek to Frank. There is a possibility that it may be an inside job, they are going to look in to the jewelry store owners and see if they may have contracted Frank and his crew to rob their own store so that they could cash in on the insurance. Whoever robbed the store knew exactly where to cut the whole in the wall so that they didn’t trigger the alarm system.

A deputy named Crowley comes down from the superintendent’s office – she is investigating Ruzek’s involvement in the robbery. She is not happy that there was no plan in place, or any back up, plus he was drunk. Meanwhile, Jay and Lindsay head out to find Jesse. His girlfriend Amanda gives him up and says that he is at a motel. They bring him in to custody, he swears to Ruzek that he had no idea Frank was going to kill anyone.

Jesse swears that if they let him go, he will be able to find Frank again. Hank and Ruzek agree, and they put a GPS tracker on Jesse so that he can’t run. Meanwhile, Roman and Burgess are at the restaurant still taking statements. The owner of the restaurant’s son freaks out on them – his mom is dead and all the cops are doing is standing around and talking. He shouts that he is going to “handle it himself” and hops in his car and drives off.

Burgess calls Hank and tells him what happened and Hank tells Burgess and Roman to follow the owner’s son. They follow him to a pet store – and are baffled when he runs back out emptyhanded a few minutes later and his car and leaves.

Back at the police station, Ruzek finishes his statement and gives it to Trudy to make sure it makes it to the superintendent’s desk. Trudy doesn’t have any pity for him, she says that if Ruzek had just gotten permission from his supervisor, “then everyone’s ass would have been covered.”

Lindsay and Jay meet with Frank’s parole officer, he reveals that he has personality disorders and is on a cocktail of medications. They head to a graveyard where he was supposed to be working, he hasn’t been to work since his first night – but they learned that he is driving a 1993 Ford Bronco. They track down the Bronco and when they arrive, Frank is nowhere in sight. But, they do find Ruzek’s informant Jesse. He’s lying on the ground dead.

Mouse ran phone records on the dead robbery suspects burner phones – one of them was calling Pullman Pets several times a day. Burgess and Roman remember that they tracked to the owner’s son to Pullman Pets earlier that day. Hank tells them to work the angle and see if they can find the connection, and find out who the owner is of Pullman Pets.
Atwater and Alinsky head to Pullman Pets, they question the owner and he insists that he doesn’t know anything about Frank.

Atwater roughs him up a bit and dunks his head in the fish tank and he gives up Frank, he tells them the motel that Frank is staying in. Jay, Lindsay, and Antonio rush to the motel. When they find Frank, he is in the laundryroom beating the restaurant owner’s son. Frank makes a run for it and Jay and Antonio catch him. Meanwhile, the restaurant owner’s son cries to Lindsay that “no one was supposed to get hurt.”

Lindsay sits down with the restaurant owner’s son at the police station for official questioning, he sobs that he owed his drug dealer a lot of money so he arranged the robbery – his mom wasn’t supposed to be there, no one was ever supposed to get hurt. Frank doesn’t seem to be taking his arrest too seriously, he scoffs to Ruzek that he had to turn on his team because he could “sense” that they were going to cut him out of the jewelry store deal.

After work Burgess takes Roman to the hospital – he is supposed to be donating bone marrow to a little boy with cancer. When they arrive, the doctor explains that the little boy’s health took a turn for the worse – so they won’t need his donation, the surgery would be pointless now. Back at the police station the deputy arrives that is investigating Ruzek – she says that she has to strip him of his police powers until further notice.

Burgess has the night shift, she is riding around with Price and they get a call about a man sitting in a black SUV in the park late at night. Burgess and Price check it out, they realize he is dead, but they can’t get in his car – it is bulletproof like a government agency truck. Price is dumb enough to try and shoot through the window while they are waiting for the ambulance and fire company to arrive and help them get the door open.

Hank and Antonio arrive as they are getting the dead body out of the car – they run the truck’s plates and learn that it is licensed to a security company, and is owned by Victor Cullen. Cullen is the dead man in the SUV. They find a gun on Cullen too.

Hank’s team head to Cullen’s home address, and they trigger numerous alarms when they walk in. Once they get the alarms deactivated, they find a secret room, that is closed off with a huge vault door. Once they get through the vault door, they find a bunch of pictures hanging on the wall or Cullen meeting with various politicians. Another secret door leads them to what appears to be a mini warehouse full of assault rifles and bulletbroof vests. Hank and his team are obviously shocked – Lindsay says that Cullen “must be somebody important.”

Hank brings a van filled with guns back to the police station – he tells Mouse to catalogue all of them and send them to forensics. They are waiting for the report to come back from the coroner on Cullen, but something is already not adding up. Cullen had been dead for at least a week – but the police that patrol the park said that his car was only there one day.

Cullen’s girlfriend Jainie shows up to the police station with her lawyer, she says that she didn’t kill Victor – he had a heart attack. Jainie explains that she put him in his car and drove him to the park. Lindsay says that nobody is buying her story, what are the odds that a man with an arsenal and $1 Million cash just happened to have a heart attack and pop up at the park. Jainie explains that Victor told her that if anything ever happened to him, she had to drive his body to a public place and leave him there so that the agency would find him, because he was CIA.

Hank checks in on Mouse, three of the guns in Cullen’s house matched 3 unsolved murders from the last year. The guns were all used to get revenge on criminals that had somehow beaten charges. One of the guns was used to kill a rapist, another was used to kill a computer hacker that had stolen millions from elderly people, and the third gun was used to kill a murderer who had managed to beat the case. While they are trying to make sense of the guns – Atwater rushes in and announces that someone just stole Cullen’s body from the morgue.

Lindsay does some digging on Cullen’s security company – she learns that he owned 3 other bulletproof SUV’s, they think that his employees are out riding around Chicago in them and acting as vigilantes and killing murderers and rapists. Lindsay gets the name of one of Cullen’s employees, a man named Ryan Bergstrom, they think he is the one who stole Cullen’s body from the morgue.

Hank and Antonio head to Bergstrom’s address – when they arrive they find Bergstrom wearing a gas mask and sawing Cullen’s body in half with an electric saw. He tries to pull a gun on Hank, but his team manages to take Bergstrom down without any shots getting fired and bring him in for questioning. Bergstrom insists that he is in the CIA, and he has proof – which is just a handwritten letter of immunity that Cullen signed. Bergstrom says they were part of a CIA team called “Street Cleaners.” And, he was cutting up Cullen’s body because he was instructed to remove his chip if he ever died.

Alinsky talks to an old CIA contact of his – they learn that Cullen was in the CIA, several years ago. He wasn’t an agent though, he was just an analyst in Panama – and a few months in to the job he had a mental breakdown and they shipped him home and kicked him out of the CIA. Apparently ever since then Cullen has been running around and playing secret agent.

Cullen’s mother owned a soy bean farm and when she died, Cullen inherited over $30 Million and that was what he was using to fund his operation. He paid Bergstrom and his employees $15,000 a week. They bring in Dr. Charles, who says that he was suffering from Dellusional Disorder, and he honestly through his entire fairytale was real.

Bergstrom said that Cullen claimed to have a CIA contact named “Carl Jacobs.” Mouse prints up a fake ID for Alinsky and he heads to meet with John and Clay, Cullen’s other two employees. Only Clay shows up for the meeting, he isn’t buying that Alinsky is in the CIA though. He shoots Alvin and Bergstrom and makes a run for it. Hank and his team track Clay down to the basement of an office building and they wind up in a shootout. Antonio shoots and kills Clay.

Hank and his team still need to bring in John, the other hired killer of Cullen’s. They learn that he was in the marines for 8 years, he told Clay that he wasn’t coming in until he “finished his mission.” Hey get a lead on John’s SUV and head out to take him down, they wind up in a high-speed pursuit and John won’t pull over. Atwater winds up driving a tow truck in to the SUV and crashing it, they are finally able to bring him in to custody.

Alvin was wearing a bullet proof vest when he was shot, he was cleared by a medical team – later that night he heads to the gym to pick up his daughter Michelle. Hi got the DNA test back form Mouse but he still hasn’t opened it. He tells her that he wants to take her out to dinner.

Back at the police station, Ruzek gets great news – Deputy Crowley dropped the investigation and he is reinstated. Apparently, Trudy reminded her of a favor that she owed her. Tonight’s episode ends with Jay at the bar, Herman is trying to hook him up a blind date. Lindsay arrives and interrupts, Jay wants them to make their relationship official and stop trying to hide it. She jokes that they can hold hands in public – and he leans in and kisses her right there at the bar.