CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Recap – Gig Harbor Returns – Season 15 Episode 13 “The Greater Good”

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Recap - Gig Harbor Returns - Season 15 Episode 13 "The Greater Good"

Tonight on CBS CSI: Crime Scene Investigation returns with an all new Sunday January 4, season 15 episode 13 called, “The Greater Good” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, The CSIs redouble their efforts when they learn the main suspect in the Gig Harbor killings is being released from jail due to a lack of evidence.

On the last episode, the CSI team reopened a 10-year-old murder/suicide case when the sole survivor claimed her accused father was innocent. Dean McDermott guest stars as Garth Fogel, a suspect in the case. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “The CSI team learns the main suspect in the gig harbor killings is being released from jail due to lack of evidence. Guest stars include Mark-Paul Gosselaar as twins Jared Briscoe and Paul Winthrop, and Mark Valley as Detective Daniel Shaw.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season.

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At a crime scene, Maya is taped up and Jared Briscoe takes the tape off her mouth. She asks him to not hurt her. He says his brother taught him to set someone free if you love them and then he lunges at her and says he would never hurt her. He says he loves her. He knocks her down and asks if she’s going to run. She does and he chases her and says she’s beautiful like this. She goes to the door and Jared says – you don’t want to do that. She opens them and screams as she sees Paul Winthrop standing there. She wakes up in bed screaming from her nightmare.

She calls her dad and says she wants to go back to Seattle but DB doesn’t want to let her go with the Gig Harbor stuff going on again. She says she appreciates what he’s done but is ready. Daniel Shaw is watching her house and listening in on the call. She says she has to get back to her life and he says fathers worry. She says she’s booked a flight tonight and he says Detective Crawford will pick her up since he’s working. They end the call. When she’s done, Shaw notifies someone that it’s happening tonight.

In Seattle, Paul comes to see Jared in jail. He tells Jared he looks good and says today is the big day. Paul says the confession is being thrown out and he’s getting out. Jared says this is not the plan – he says Paul told him if he made the sacrifice he’d live forever. Paul says they need each other and can have it again. He says this time it will be so much better. Jared asks how he can trust him and Paul says his heart is Jared’s. He says he should be free in a few hours and they’re going to celebrate in Vegas.

He says he’ll have a gift for Jared – something he’s been thinking about for a long time. Sarah, DB and Julie watch Paul making a statement about his brother being freed and how he’s coming after those that wrongfully accused them. DB says Keri Torres can’t remember being kidnapped and they don’t have enough evidence. Crawford says he’s picking up Maya to take her to the airport. Sarah says she thought Maya was here visiting.

Julie asks if Maya knows she was here as bait. Crawford says they had her under 24 hour surveillance so she was safe. DB says it was for the greater good. Morgan hears bad music and goes to check it out. Hodges is playing violin badly and he says he’s experimenting with cat gut to try and come up with some evidence. Morgan asks how this is relevance. He says it’s hard to do and says either the killer was an expert or hired (or forced) one. Paul is not an expert.

Hodges shows her the photo of the woman held at the Mizu that Finley shot. Hodges says she was never ID’d and now they have her address. Morgan asks Hodges if he wants to ride along. He agrees. They find the lock to her place busted and it smells. Morgan says it’s likely death. She tells Hodges to stay put while she clears the place since he has no gun. He says he copies. He comes in and looks at a bulletin board all about the Gig Harbor case – covered in clippings.

Morgan creeps deeper into the house and finds a body tied to the bed. It’s a woman. She comes out and Hodges shows her the board. She says the killer was squatting in Rebecca Lowell’s house, but she’s not the body. They wonder why Paul would squat in this low rent place. Hodges says maybe it’s Paul’s partners rather than Paul’s. They spot ants and open a cooler. Morgan opens it and asks him how he feels about body parts. Ick.

Outside Maya’s, there’s a call for all officers to respond two blocks from Maya’s for a shooting. Her police guards leave to respond to the call. Shaw knocks on the door and tells her he’s there to take her to the airport. She says Crawford was supposed to take her and he says he’s Detective Shaw. He says he used to work in Seattle with her dad and says DB thought she might like a familiar face. She says he’s early and he says there’s traffic. She hands over her big.

Pamela Kramer and Emily Bartson are the ladies that own the body parts that were found. Morgan says there are prints all over the house that belong to Shaw. She tells Julie he’s Paul’s partner. Uh-oh. Shaw has Maya in the car and she asks if he knows Julie. He says he does. She asks how long he’s been in Vegas and if her dad dragged him down there. She says her dad talks about Finn all the time but has never mentioned him. He says they’re not as close.

Shaw passes the airport exit and she says he missed the turn. He says he’s going another way. She says – you’re not taking me to the airport and he says no.

JB talks to Conrad and says his house is a crime scene right now and Maya is missing. He thanks him and ends the call. Julie runs up and asks what happened. He says a fake 444 called off the surveillance team. Julie tells him about Shaw’s fingerprints being found at the scene. They’re tracking Shaw’s car. Julie hears Maya’s voice and DB tells her that Maya agreed to wear the wire to end the nightmare. Julie says this is a dangerous game.

Crawford says Paul won’t hurt Maya. DB says very few people know about this to protect it. Nick is following them and says it looks like he’s out for a Sunday drive and hasn’t tried to shake them. Julie says she knows what the evidence says but something isn’t adding up. She says she needs to see the evidence from Rebecca’s house for herself. Morgan is working on body parts when David comes in. He tells her the body at the house was Rebecca’s sister and she was strangled.

Morgan says that’s inconsistent with the killer’s MO. Morgan also has some strange insect life on them and she thinks the bodies were moved several times, frozen and refrozen. She says she may be able to use them to map the killer’s movements. Shaw’s car turns off into an alley. Nick and Greg lurk nearby and tell DB the car just stopped. Maya asks why they stopped and Shaw tells her not to run. He gets out and makes a call. Maya speaks into the wire and says he’s making a call and she can’t hear anything.

She says that’s she’s scared and keeps asking her dad what he’d do and says that’s what will get her through this. She tells her dad she loves him. Shaw gets back in the car and Maya asks who he was talking to. She says she wants the truth especially if she’s going to do. He asks if she thinks that will make it any easier. He cranks the car and they’re off. Julie is at Rebecca’s place looking around. She hears a noise and is startled by Hodges.

She asks why he’s in the dark and he says Grissom trained him to see the scene as the killer. She asks where all he saw Shaw’s prints. He asks about her relationship with Shaw and she asks if he moved the table. He says no. She says someone did and asks him to help her move it. They slide it back and she pries up a board. She finds a box. She pulls it out as he snaps a photo. They find stacks of cash in the box and a small envelope with a flash drive.

At the PD, she plugs in the drive. Hodges says prints on the box match Rebecca’s. She says the files on the stick are about an escort service. She says all the dead girls were escorts working for Rebecca. There’s also a client list including Paul Winthrop. Julie says she was making a lot of money. Hodges asks the difference between a client and a friend. She finds Seattle and Vegas cops and judges on the list. Shaw is also on the list. Julie says that connects him to Paul.

Maya tells Shaw she has a daughter and he says her dad taught her well – to humanize herself in the eyes of a killer. She asks if he has kids and he says it doesn’t matter and won’t work on him. She asks why her. She says she knows she’s not like the other girls and he agrees she’s nothing like them. She asks if it’s because of her dad and he says it’s not just that. Crawford says it looks like the car is circling the airport.

DB says he thinks the meet is going down since Paul’s private jet just touched down and he has Jared with him after the release. DB tells the follow cars he thinks the meet is happening at the private terminal. Nick and Greg follow Shaw and Maya to a garage. It’s owned by Paul. Nick says there’s only one way in and out and if they go in, they’ll be made. DB says to hold back and wait on Paul. Shaw pulls them inside and she asks what this place is.

She asks if this is where it’s going to happen. Shaw tells her to be quiet and listen. He turns on the radio on a classical station. He says he went to a recital once with music like this. He says a young girl played the violin and she was beautiful. He says he couldn’t believe something so beautiful could be his. He says he knew he didn’t deserve her and says he destroys everything he touches. He says men like him are weak and commit crimes and sins.

DB worries because she hasn’t said anything. Crawford calls for all units to converge. Shaw says he didn’t want this or choose this and says it was all ordained. Greg says he played them and they find a recorder in the car. He tells DB that Maya is gone. Nick says Shaw pulled Maya’s wire and left it in the car with a digital recorder playing his voice and the music. Greg says they found the escape route and are checking it out.

Nick spots a wedding ring on the ground. He says it’s her ring and she’s leaving them bread crumbs. There are tire treads and they think she’s telling them they switched cars. There is also red paint. They think she was told to drive and scraped some paint off to leave them hints about the color. DB is beating himself up and Julie says they all are. Crawford says Shaw was talking about stalking a girl at a recital and Julie asks him to repeat it.

Julie says that’s it – she says she has to go check on something. She tells him to keep an eye on DB. Maya tells Shaw she’s not going to run or even scream when he does whatever it is he wants to. She says she won’t give him the satisfaction. He tells her he always respected her dad. She says she won’t make it easy for him. He tells her to keep driving. DB comes to Morgan who says she’s so sorry. He says it’s hard to be in this position.

Morgan says they’ll get Maya back. DB says Greg matched the tread to a red Chevy Impala. He asks about the bugs and she says they were at the crime scene, then the Mizu but were frozen and unfrozen more times. She says the blowfly species is too common to zero in on a specific location but is hoping for better results on another beetle she found. She says it could lead them to where Shaw is taking Maya. She got a response.

It says Bighorn Ridge is a threat area for that type of beetle. It’s a big area but just a few roads lead in. He goes to check traffic cameras. Julie is hard at work in the lab working on a violin. She gets a report and is taken aback at the results. She comes to DB and says she knows why Shaw is doing this. He doesn’t want to listen but he says Shaw was talking about his own daughter. She says she ran DNA on the violin and matches Rebecca Lowell’s sister and Shaw.

She says he had a sister and was protecting the escort ring. Shaw was involved with the sister and had a kid. The girl was born in 2001. She says she thinks Paul murdered the mother and is holding Shaw’s daughter hostage to trade for Maya. DB says he’s trading his daughter for Shaw’s. That explains a lot. The red Chevy pulls up into a parking lot and Shaw tells Maya to cut off the engine, give him the key and get out.

Maya asks again why he’s doing this and says he doesn’t seem the type to prey on women. He tells her to get out. They do and he grabs her arm and she asks if they’re waiting for her. He says she’ll found out soon enough. They head inside a building and there are crime scene tags up. Paul is there and tells Maya she’s even more beautiful in person that Jared said. Jared is there too and says he told him so.

Shaw asks where’s his daughter. Paul says he can have her as soon as he turns over his gun. He says he doesn’t trust cops, even dirty ones. Shaw demands to see his daughter. Crawford shows DB some traffic footage of the car. It’s from 20 minutes ago. Crawford pulls up a map and says they’ve flooded the area with cops and have a helo in the air. They chopper calls in and says they found the car outside the 1500 block of Sunrise Highway near a warehouse.

Paul brings Amy out and tells Shaw to hand over the gun. Shaw lays down the gun and kicks it over. Amy runs to her dad and she asks where her mom is. Jared asks when he gets what’s coming to him. Paul says he can’t have loose ends and Shaw says he should have figured this would happen. He pulls a gun he’d hidden and shoots Paul. Jared attacks Shaw with a tire iron but Shaw gets the better of him and is choking him with it.

He gets off him and Paul shoots Shaw in the back. He goes to Shaw and pulls up his shirt to show him he’s in a gun vest and asks if he thinks he’s smarter than him. He tells him that in killing his brother, he took the only family and heart he has. He says when he finds Amy and he will, he’s going to do things to her he can’t imagine. But then Maya attacks Paul brutally and tells Shaw she’ll get help. She runs out and finds her dad and the cops pulling up.

She fills him in and Nick says Shaw is alive but Jared is dead. Paul is not in the room. Maya has Amy and Crawford comes over and says he’s going to get her out of there. Maya goes to her dad and he tells her she was so brave. She says she learned from the best. She starts crying and he hugs her. Julie comes to see Shaw at the hospital. He asks about Amy and she says she’s safe. He asks if he can see her and Julie says no. He says he was never a good dad anyway.

Julie says she wishes he would have come to her for help. He says he should have. He asks her to find Amy’s grandmother in Texas so she doesn’t get lost in the system. She says she’ll take care of it and tells him to focus on getting better. He says once he gets out of there, his trouble will start. Sarah tells DB they found a blood trail leading to a drainage tunnel but not Paul Winthrop. They look at all the photos the Gig Harbor killer took out. Sarah says Paul is on the run and Jared is dead.

She says DB is in the driver’s seat and he says it doesn’t feel like that. DB says Paul is a predator and animals are most dangerous when they’re cornered.