Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap 12/7/15: Season 2 Episode 14 “Reunion (Part 2)”

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap 12/7/15: Season 2 Episode 14 "Reunion (Part 2)"Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood continues with an all new Monday December 7, season 2 episode 14 one hour special presentation called “Reunion (Part 2)” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, it’s the conclusion of the Love & Hip Hop reunion, part 2. Tonight, the cast members get together and continue their reunion reminiscing of drama that took place throughout the first season and things begin to get heated .

On the last episode, in the Reunion part 1 of 2. The cast members reunited. Series executive producer Mona Scott-Young revisited Season 1’s dramas, and Mally Mall, Berg, Nikki and Masika stirred up fiery tension. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “conclusion. The cast members reunite. Here, Nikki and Masika square off in a showdown, and clashing between Princess and Morgan escalates to a dangerous level.”

It sounds like the 2nd season part 2 Reunion episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood will be packed full of can’t miss drama. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood tonight at 8PM! Are you enjoying Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? Tonight there is going to be a showdown, what kind of drama do you think is going to unfold during the second part of the reunion?

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Last week, part one of the reunion had ended with Moniece and other ladies get in an all-out brawl. And so they picked up from there on tonight’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood”.

The ladies were all over the stage and it was just pure chaos. Women were yelling and finding a ways to evade the many bodyguards. And ultimately the moderator had to call for a break.

So after a couple of minutes backstage, the women were allowed to come back out and in their own words they all tried to explain what had happened. Because there was some confusion. After all they had been talking about motherhood when all of sudden it started to look like women were ganging up on Moniece for her parenting style.

Admittedly, Moniece had said some things that were odd and that had made her come off as a tad spoiled. But her friends said no one should have judged Moniece on being a mother. In fact they felt that had crossed a line because everyone mother there has had their own struggles so no one should be judging anyone else.

And after the thing Moniece was benched, you would think things would calm back down. Yet that seems to be impossible on any “Love & Hip Hop” show. And right after the beef with Moniece had been settled, Hazel E and known blogger Jason Lee were brought onstage.

As many of us remember, Jason had thrown a drink on Hazel after he had gone on to insult to her face. So a lot of us wanted to know where that had come from. Hazel and Jason hadn’t really known each other before that and so their feud was kind of odd.

Hazel says she thinks Jason used her to win himself five minutes of fame and, while Ray J said that she should accept Jason’s apology, she refused to. Hazel believes Jason was only apologizing because he had experienced some backlash for what he did. And yet on the day footage was released, Jason had worn a shirt that had said “Eat This Bitch” and those were the exact words that he had told Hazel that day. So she was left feeling like he was trying to market the catchphrase.

So that’s why Hazel refused to apologize and later when they were discussing the fashion show blowout with both Princess and Teairra – the only excuse Hazel could give for not wading in was that she didn’t want anymore unnecessary drama in her life. She had just been sick of it.

However Nya has had her hands full of the drama what with a side chick that simply would not go away. Soulja Boy has said that he wants to be with Nya and is continuing to live with Nya but then there’s this girl that claims she could have him whenever she wants. So rather than calmly discuss their issues with each other – another fight broke out.

Nya and Nas flew out of their chairs to attack each other and, as it was getting really nasty, they were both sent to a much needed time-out backstage.

But things still weren’t all that great back onstage. Miles, Milan, and Amber had been talking about their situation when Milan was asked about his own feelings. And Milan had quite a lot to say. It seems he had been anticipating a proposal and had a sudden change of heart when he found out that Miles had been cheating on him.

So right then and there, the two ended their relationship in the ugliest way possible. Milan had put what was supposed to Miles’s ring down on the floor and Miles got up to kick it off stage. And so I don’t think they’ll be getting back together after this.

A kicked ring was kind of the last straw.

Though, luckily, Willie and Shanda were able to overlook her short return to the pole and the two are still together. So who knows what will happen in future. Milan and Miles might get back together or they could they probably try being friends. Which actually sounds a lot easier.

But all in all this was reunion that didn’t end with an epic fight. So I would like to congratulate the cast for that.

This was progress.