Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap 11/30/15: Season 2 Episode 13 “Reunion (Part 1)”

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap 11/30/15: Season 2 Episode 13 "Reunion (Part 1)"

Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood continues with an all new Monday November 30, season 2 episode 13 called “Reunion (Part 1)” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the first part of the reunion begins, the cast members of Love & Hip Hollywood get together and talk about the events during this season.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is the Hollywood based spin-off of Love & Hip Hop and it’s about the lives of hip-hop denizens in Hollywood who’re charted in this reality series, an entry in the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ franchise.

On the last episode, Nikki decided Rich deserved to know that his girlfriend had feelings for another man. At a Fashion Week party, Nikki sat Rich down and told the hip-hop producer about the conversation between Moniece and Fizz. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “part 1 of 2. The cast members reunite. Series executive producer Mona Scott-Young revisits Season 1’s dramas, and Mally Mall, Berg, Nikki and Masika stir up fiery tension.”

It sounds like the 2nd season Reunion Episodes of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood will be packed full of can’t miss drama. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood tonight at 8PM! Are you enjoying Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? What kind of drama do you think is going to unfold during the reunion? Sound off in the comments down below and let us know what your thoughts are.


On tonight’s part one of the explosive reunion, Host Nina Parker managed to ask just the right questions that had people jumping out of their seats in the first fifteen minutes.

First up in the hot seat was Ray J. Ray had promised his girlfriend on this season of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” that he was going to be stepping up and was willing to offer her a more stable relationship. However as time went on, he just couldn’t give up on the stripper parties and eventually Princess walked in on one.

And that was yet another mistake on his part. So soon Princess began spending time with Teairra of all people and not that surprisingly their “friendship” veered incredibly left. Teairra was never particular sincere with Princess and things ultimately erupted between them after Princess realized her new “friend” had been funneling information back to Ray J.

So Nina asked the ladies about that and, from the very beginning, Teairra said she didn’t come after anyone with malice intent but she also wanted to go on record that she didn’t do what she did to get Ray back. He on the other hand claimed she called him and stated she wanted to be back in his bed. Yet Teairra called bull on that one. She said she would never say she wanted to be back in his bed – if she wanted to screw him then she wouldn’t hold back on using the actual words.

And so Nina then attempted to bring Moniece into the discussion next because Moniece had something to say when she saw Teairra and Princess brawling it out. But Princess had liked what she said at the time nor did she want to accept Moniece’s excuse for why she came after someone she barely knew. So that led to Princess throwing a lot of things at Moniece including the fact she doesn’t have a home and that made Moniece feel uncomfortable so she left the stage before she could get into a fight.

Though the friends she had in the audience did defend her. Rich, Jizz, and Teairra for that matter were quick to say that Moniece did have a home. And that Princess shouldn’t be making claims that aren’t true.

So of course Ray J got up out of his seat when he believed Princess was being insulted and he had to be talked into sitting down. Yet there was no reason whatsoever for him that get excited. And while it looked like he was ready to fight Rich when it came to Princess, he ended up taking the other man’s side when it was Rich Dollaz that suddenly had to answer to tough questions.

One of them being was he or was he not sincere in his relationship with Moniece?

Earlier this season Rich moved out to the west coast for his girlfriend Moniece and unfortunately that relationship later imploded. And what set that off was the fact Moniece admitted to needing closure from Fizz. Closure because she still loved him.

And well that made Rich feel kike he wasn’t her first choice. So he stepped away from the picture and there seems to be some confusion about whether or not he was looking for a way out. On one hand he had a heart to heart with Fizz where he may have implied that he was looking for a way out but the Rich at the reunion show wasn’t going to fess up to that.

Therefore all he really did say was that he loved Moniece and that he had wanted to start a life with her after giving her a ring.

But the only thing that’s clear is that he and Moniece did love each other and they look as if they were still in love. So who knows what could happen in the future with them but those two probably now think its better that Nikki doesn’t get involved. Nikki had run back and forth between them way too many times and she was still in the picture because she was still with Fizz.

Fizz had gotten into some trouble a while back for referring to women as appetizers and main courses yet things have stabilized for him since he became official with Nikki. And because their relationship is the way it is, she doesn’t mind that he sometimes has to support Moniece emotionally.

Moniece often says she feels like she’s fighting by herself and this year we saw Moniece’s mother go behind her daughter’s back to ask Fizz to seek out sole custody. Apparently the other woman didn’t believe her daughter was prioritizing her grandson. So until Moniece does begin to do that – her own mother doesn’t believe she should be involved in her grandson’s life.

And honestly that caused a lot of moms in the cast itself to proclaim that nothing should come before your child. But when Moniece had to answer that, she went off on one of her weird tangents about not getting help from her parents with her son when he was baby. And that just didn’t make sense because none of the other women got that help and they still put their children first.

Hell that was one of the main reasons Amber was so angry with Miles. Miles had been her best friend as well as a surrogate father to her daughter. Yet he risked that relationship by hiding the fact he was gay for over ten years.

So when the ladies began arguing about motherhood, it was literally bound to get several them out of their seats and the episode ended with a couple of them bum-rushing the stage.