Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap and Spoilers: Season 2 Episode 3

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap and Spoilers: Season 2 Episode 3

Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood continues with an all new Monday September 21, season 2 episode 3 called “Episode 3” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Nikki and Brandi are about to go full Magnum P.I. on Brandi’s husband.

On the last episode, a former friend interfered with Nia and Soulja Boy’s relationship; Ray J was confused by Princess and Teairra’s friendship; Milan wanted Miles to move in. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “Nikki Mudarris knows what it’s like to have a man cheat and she also knows how to HANDLE a man who is cheating. When Brandi comes to her with the news that her husband might be cheating on her, Nikki knows just what to do. She’s got her private investigator kit ready to go!”

It sounds like the 2nd season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood will be packed full of can’t miss drama. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood tonight at 8PM!

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Teairra is feeling stuck between Ray and Precious. She reaches out to Hazel, her true friend. Hazel thanks her for reaching out, but also saying that the allegations that were brought upon her were serious. Teairra says that if she thinks she got on her knees in an alley with sticks stones and debris, she doesn’t know her. Hazel says that the fact those allegations exist is crazy to her. Teairra tells her that Berg is a liar, asking her how she doesn’t see that. “But he lied to you,” Hazel says. Teairra says that he lied to both of them. Hazel says she wants her to say she was wrong, and Teairra admits she was wrong in her relationship with Berg. She says she won’t cross boundaries for her, and if she can do the same they can move on.

Ray J calls Brandi, who really wants you to know she is Whitney Houston’s goddaughter, for assistance with the “crazy women” in his life. He tells her that Teairra and Princess have been hanging out, and she is shocked.  He tells her that Teairra is serving as an informant, but he only half trusts her. Ray tells Brandi that he and her husband, Max, are going to be making music together, something she didn’t know about. He tells her she can’t keep being “over anxious” about everything. He says they’ve been together for 10 years, and at some point she has to let it chill. She says the two of them are still strong. She says if she had let the last bitch get to her the relationship would not have lasted. She says the same goes for him and Princess, and tells him to go get his woman as he repeatedly tells her to calm down.

Soulja Boy is working on his new song with an inane title.

Nas shows up at his house, surprising him by telling him they need to talk about the “back and forth shit” that is going on with them. She brings up the fact that she was with him and then he sees her with Nia. He laughs saying she knows what the relationship between him and Nia is. She asks him if he’s in a relationship now, since before he wasn’t acting like he was. He tells her she is tweaking.

He storms out, and she asks him how he’s going to fix things with him when he’s in a relationship with another person. She tells him she loves him and wants to build a family with him, and that they need to be together.  He says that at the end of the day if she feels bad about what he did, that’s not what he intended but her coming to his video shoots is not going to happen anymore. He tells her that he was doing it out of respect for their relationship but she needs to stop tweaking.

Fizz is done being tied down to women after becoming free of Amanda. However, he is dating a model. He left her his keys so she could stay there while he was out of town for a few days, he says in confessional. He meets her at her photo shoot and gets his keys back. She tells him it’s weird spending so much time with someone every day and then he’s gone. He’s tells her it’s cool because they’re dating and it’s all good. She tells him she misses him and definitely wants to spend time now that he’s bad.  Fizz says in confessional that she’s cool, but he hopes she realizes that it’s casua. He says she is not the only pretty face in his call log, keeping it classy and gentlemanly as usual.

Max says in confessional that he has a lot going on, but it’s hard to keep up with because he has to deal with his crazy wife. She gets suspicious of him when he tells her he will be going to the studio. He tells her there will not be any girls, but with his job he needs to stay out in the studio all night or someone else is going to take his place. He says he just has a wife who wants to go online and threaten people who are just fans. She says fans are not trying to figure out what’s behind those boxers and those women are Becky’s. She tells him that women are trifling and they want what she has.  He tells her they have moved on from the past, and she agrees.

Nia meets with Apyl and Shanda at a restaurant. Apryl asks her what the story is with Nas. Nia tells them that back in Atlanta, she brought Nas around her man. She says it’s not about him or her, but her wanting to be famous.

Apryl says it comes with the territory being with the type of guy they’re with. The three of them talk about side chicks, and Nia says there are women Dre sleeps with, but that’s all it is. Apryl asks how things are between the two of them now. She says she and Dre are cool, but no matter what she is delusional. She says she’ll have another conversation with her to tell her how delusional she is, but she says that if someone is trying her happiness, she will f**k them up.

Hazel hangs out with Milan and tells him that Teairra apologized, admitting her relationship with Ray was inappropriate but not admitting to giving a back alley bj. He says at the end of the day, he is her friend and Teairra has hurt her enough. She asks if he has talked to Miles yet, and he tells her about the difficulties. He says he could understand if Miles is having issues coming out to the world and being gay. He brings up that he used to bring Hazel to events to appear straight. He says that Miles may not be in the same space he is in, but at the same time he is having reservations as soon as he wants to move forward. He says he doesn’t know if it’s about coming out to the world or if there’s someone else. He tells her that he thinks Miles is cheating. Hazel asks where he’s going to go from here, and he says he’s going to have to go through Miles’ phone. Hazel tells him that he knows if he looks for something, he’s going to find it.

Fizz comes back to a completely changed apartment after giving the models his keys for a few days. He says in confessional that she even left her feminine products in his home. He says he’s very OCD about his home.

Nia invites Nas out to talk “like two grown women.” Nas akss Nia why she didn’t feel the need to tell her about her and Dre. Nia says she thinks she has bad memory, asking Nas how she met him.  Nia says Nas fucks everyone, and Nas says she sleeps with both of their men so what does that make her. “I had a relationship with Dre,” she says. Nia asks her if that’s just what she thinks. Nia says now they’re together, so she needs to let it go.
Nas says he is still f**king with her, and Nia says that isn’t true and that she’s with him every single day. “Are you?” Nas asks.  Nia points a finger in Nas’ face, saying at the end of the day even if she and Dre break up, it’s never going to be her. The two of them break out into a fight over the table, get separated by security and dragged outside while continuing to hurl insults.  Nas screams “you wore my panties” repeatedly, at which point Nia gets in a car and leaves.

Nikki invites Brandi out fabric shopping. Brandi pulls out a ring that her son found, which her husband left at home. She tells Nikki that she thinks the women are just lining up for the men in the studio. She asks Nikki if she thinks she’s tripping, and Nikki says she would feel the same way and maybe something is going on outside the studio. Brandi asks her if she has a car that’s black because it’s time to do some spying. Nikki says she has her binoculars from her Happy Meal ready, and Brandi says she has her own because she has done this before. They both bond over their past escapades, and Nikki shares that she had someone dress up as the maid in a hotel to spy.

Fizz and Omarion work out together and they talk about the model. Omarion asks if it could be serious, and he says he isn’t trying to do that. He tells Omarion about how his furniture was rearranged and he found kitchenware in the kitchen.

Milan has become more suspicious because Miles has not only missed a dinner date, but his oral surgery. When Miles comes back home, Milan tells him they need to talk. He asks him why he didn’t come over yesterday, and he says he told them he was at the studio. He says every time he is at the studio he is alerted because he used his credit card, so he doesn’t believe him. He outright asks Miles if he’s cheating on him, saying he acts different and talks to him different, and now he’s being distant. Miles accuses him of making everything an issue, asking him what’s next.

He tells Milan he wants him to do it on his time, and Milan says that he obviously wants to be with him but he isn’t going to be his secret anymore. Miles says he isn’t a secret, and Milan asks him who knows. “Your friends know,” Miles says. Miles storms out.

Fizz invites the model out rock climbing so he can tell her they aren’t all that serious.  He says in confessional that he is here to tell her he’s here to have fun, but she’s not the only one he’s having fun with.

On the date, she tells him she wants to know where they are. He says he is playing the field. She says they started building something. He says maybe he did want it, and once he got a taste he didn’t want it. She says that could have been communicated earlier. He concedes that he could have given her a wrong impression, and compares her to an appetizer.

He tells her if she wants to sit there and date him while he’s dating around, she can do that. She says she isn’t, that she isn’t going to sit around while he is having different appetizers, and that he can call her when she can get all of her shit. He smiles and tells her she can come get it whenever she wants.  “So you’re off the menu,” he says. “I’m not an appetizer, that’s for sure.

In the car with Nikki outside of Max’s studio, Brandi says she isn’t going to sleep one more night not knowing what’s going on.Nikki goes up to the door and gets them in by saying she left something inside. As they approach the room where Max is, they can hear the music bumping already. They walk in to find Max and others surrounded by scantily clad women. She screams at one of them to get her hands off her husband. Max restrains her as she asks the woman if she doesn’t know that he’s her husband.