Mad Men Recap 5/10/15: Season 7 Episode 13 “The Milk and Honey Route”

Mad Men Recap 5/10/15: Season 7 Episode 13 "The Milk and Honey Route"

Tonight on Mad Men it’s an all-new Sunday, May 10 season 7 episode 13 called, “The Milk and Honey Route,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Don [Jon Hamm] has trouble sleeping; Pete [Vincent Kartheiser] is blindsided by a friend.

On last week’s episode, Don received a reward for his work; Joan butts head with a coworker on an account; Roger dodged a big decision. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the AMC synopsis “Don has trouble sleeping; Pete is blindsided by a friend; Henry arranges a family reunion.”

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#MadMen begins with Don driving in the dark listening to Okie from Muscogee. Sirens wail and he pulls over. The cop approaches and he rolls down the window. He asks for Don’s license and registration and asks what he’s doing. He says they’ve been looking for him and he knew they’d catch up with him eventually. He was dreaming. He wakes in a cheap motel room. Pete treats a boo boo on his daughter’s arm and tells Trudy she got stung while they were at the orchard.

Sherry mentions she’s allergic and Pete tells his daughter he’ll see her Thursday. He leaves and Sherry says when Bill has their kids, something terrible always happens. Trudy says she does everything for their daughter but Pete is all she cares about. Sherry says she doesn’t know if she could restrain herself and not poison the kids against their dad. Trudy pushes back at her. Don calls Sally and they talk about her quitting field hockey. He says next time she quits to do it before he buys the equipment.

Then he complains that Spain is expensive and she asks where he’s going next. He says he’s in Kansas and will head to the Grand Canyon. She says she feels like she’s sitting right next to him. She says it’s cold and not to rush home. He says to sell the equipment then hangs up to call her brothers. Betty is breathing hard from climbing the stairs at school. The other students are running up past her and one knocks her down and then asks “are you okay lady.” She says just her pride is hurt.

Pete sees Duck headed up to 28 then asks if he’s helping them replace Don. He says he’s done it before. He asks Pete how he’s doing and he says after Joan left, he even saved Avon. He asks what Duck wants and they step into Pete’s office. He tells Duck people will think he’s job hunting and Duck says they should always think he’s looking. Duck tells him there’s a private aviation company that he wants to do the hiring for and wants Pete to go in recommend him to them.

He says he should make it up to him and says it’s Lear Jet – private luxury air travel. Duck begs for his help and Pete agrees then asks who it is. He says Mike Sherman – Princeton ’52. Pete gets annoyed and says he’s Dartmouth and Duck says they’ll still jack each other off. Pete kicks him out. Don drives but then starts having car trouble. He pulls over. The radio says it’s beautiful weather. The kids drop Betty off at the hospital and the nurse calls her Mrs Robinson.

The doctor asks if she can get her husband down here and says they have serious news and says it’s not just a broken rib. Later, Henry picks her up and rants that he should sue that quack for scaring her. She asks about her car and he says he’ll send his secretary to get it. He says he’ll call Jim and then Rocky. Betty says she wants to go home. Henry says she’s going to be just fine. She goes for a cigarette but he grabs the pack, crumples it and throws it in the back.

Don has his car towed then goes to check into a hotel. He says if he threw a rod it will take some time. Don says it’s the rocker arm. He checks in and meets the owner and his wife. He asks where he can get a meal and she offers leftovers as room service. Pete is with Mike having steak dinner. Pete mentions Lear Jet being glamorous and brings up Elizabeth Taylor and Danny Kaye. Mike asks if there’s someone he wants to meet. Pete says corporate executives should be his core customer.

He says he needs someone who can convince CEOs that a private jet is a justifiable business expense. He says McCann could help him. Mike thinks Pete wants the job and says Duck recommended him. Pete says Duck tricked him into a job interview. Mike says he’s glad they got to meet. They agree to have a brandy since they’re going to bill Duck. Betty hears that her lung cancer has metastized and it’s in her bones and lymph glands. Henry asks what they can do.

The doctor says they will do some radiation and chemo. He says Betty could have nine months to a year then says he’s sorry. Andy comes into Don’s room and says he’s the maid and messenger and says the mechanic says it’s the rocker arm. Don asks what there is to do and the guy says there’s Fruday night football then asks where he can get a drink. It’s a dry county but the guy says he can rustle up a bottle. They swap introductions and the guy leaves to get him some hooch.

Don heads out by the pool later and sees a hot chick sunning by the pool. Then her husband and kids are there. Don dives into the water. Duck tells Pete to come meet him at Grand Central and says he’s already at $100k a year plus unlimited private air travel and he hasn’t even negotiated. Duck says he wants a dinner with wives. He says he doesn’t have a wife. Pete reminds him he has four years left on his contract with McCann and one million riding on it.

Duck says he should meet him and says to say his wife is sick. Betty brushes her hair when Henry comes to tell her about two doctors he’s looking at. He tells her to stop brushing her hair and says her rib won’t heal if she does that. She says she’s going to die and says she has to decide what to tell the kids and that’s what’s on her mind. He says she’s being morose and she asks him to stop yelling at her. He walks out. Don answers the door – it’s Andy with booze and he also left books.

Andy asks for $10 more and says he walked into town to get the booze. Don hands over the cash and takes the bottle. He asks if Andy wants a drink and he asks if the owners know the hustle he’s running out of their hotel. Then he asks how Don got rich and he says advertising. Don corrects his grammar and the kid leaves. Pete tucks Trudy into bed and then leaves.

Don watches TV when the set goes out. He goes to check it and smacks it. He goes down to the office and tells them. Sharon says as soon as she’s done with the typewriter she’ll get him a new one. Don fixes it quickly but she says it keeps coming loose. He tries it out and types a little. He shows her it’s fixed. She asks if he learned to type in the army but he says night school. She says the Legion Saturday night is lovely and says her husband would like someone new to tells stories to.

She says to come on and get him another TV. He follows her out. Pete sits alone eating pie when Trudy sits down and he says if she’ll do him a favor, he’ll keep Trudy overnight. He asks her to come to a client dinner. She says she doesn’t have to do those anymore. He says she understands the business but Trudy says she’s not comfortable being his date. He asks her to do it for old time’s sake. Trudy says he’s jealous of his ability to be sentimental about the past and says she remembers things like they were.

She asks him to leave so she can turn off the lights and lock up. He leaves and leaves the dirty dishes for her. Henry goes to see Sally at school to tell her about her mother. He surprises her in her room then asks her to sit and talk. He says he has serious news that’s bad. He says her mother is sick and has advanced stage lung cancer. Sally puts her hands over her ears and says she needs to call her but Henry says Betty doesn’t want her to know yet. He says she’s turning down treatment.

He thinks she’s being stubborn or vain. He says he wants Sally to talk some sense into her about trying the treatments. Sally says she doesn’t know what to say and Henry says it’s okay for her to cry. Then he starts crying. He’s full on sobbing and Sally pats his back. He asks what he’s going to do. Don picks up his car then comes back to the hotel. The guy asks if Don will be on his way and asks him to join them tonight but Don says he has to go.

Don says he doesn’t know about staying then the guy says he’ll throw in a free night of rooming if he can fix the Coke machine. The guy says Coke wants to give him a new one but he likes this one. He goes to get his tools and Don looks at it. Henry comes in and finds Betty cooking. He has Sally with him. She brushes past Sally without a word and goes upstairs. Henry goes after her. Sally lies to her brother and says she got in trouble at school again but doesn’t want to talk about it. She tells Gene to come sit with her. She pulls him onto her lap.

Don goes with the hotel owner to the American Legion. He says this is a fundraiser for a guy whose kitchen burned down. He says there’s a fine jar if Don will contribute but says he’s getting his drinks. He asks Don’s rank and where he served and he says he was a Lieutenant in Korea. Pete eats with brother Bud and asks him he knows something is a good opportunity. He says in banking, you stay on a certain road. They talk about their dad and his attitude toward business.

Bud wonders if his wife knows he’s cheating on her and then says he has to make a phone call but Pete says not to listen to him. Don hangs out with the older guys at the Legion and they tell him how they all know each other. They ask if Don served in Europe. They call over Jerry Fandango – a guy who served in Korea, They introduce Don as he says he doesn’t want to talk about the war. Don looks at the guy who asks when and where he served. He says he was there before they even called it a war.

There’s music and then a cake is rolled out and a woman pops out of it. The men hoot and holler. The woman shimmies provocatively and does a whole burlesque routine. She shakes her bootie. Pete sits at home later watching TV when someone comes knocking. It’s Duck who rants that he stood him up. Pete says he never said he would go and Duck yells at him. He says Pete is on a magic streak and Pete is clueless. He says Mike called afterward and Duck told him that he says Pete didn’t show because the offer was insulting.

He says he got him a huge signing bonus in the form of a lot of stock options, a giant salary and says McCann is going to let him out of his contract because they want the clients he can bring that he’ll meet at Lear Jet. One of the Legion guys tells a dirty joke about penis gangrene. They all toast Don for being quiet and drinking with them. They try to get Don to talk about his war experience. They get one of the old timers to tell a story.

Floyd says he was in a forest on the German border near Belgium. He says they were cut off – three of them – says there were nine but six died when they came upon a machine gun nest. He says four Krauts there wanted to surrender because they were starving. He says they were starving too and were boiling bark. He says more snow was coming. One of his buddies says he did what they had to do. Don asks what he did. Floyd says they made them start digging then killed them.

The other guys tells him they did what they had to do to come home. Don says he killed his CO. He says they were under fire and there was fuel everywhere and he dropped his lighter and blew the guy apart. He says that’s why he got to go home. The other guy says that’s the name of the game. They call for Andy for more booze then start singing Over There. Betty comes to Sally’s room late into the night. She sits on her bed and says Henry shouldn’t have scared her.

Sally says she knows she doesn’t want the treatment because she loves tragedy. Betty says the year the treatments could give her would not be a good year. She says she watched her mom die and it was awful and says she won’t put Sally through that. She says knowing when to move on is a gift, not a weakness. She hands Sally an envelope and says to open it as soon as she passes because she has to take care of things and says it contains instructions. She says Henry won’t be able to take care of things.

She tells her to go back to sleep and says she’s going back to school tomorrow so she doesn’t scare the boys. Don is passed out on his bed when the soldiers come to confront him. They think he stole the fund raising money. They hit him upside the head with a phone book then take his car keys and tell him he can have the car back when he hands over the money. Then they wonder if the car is stolen too. They head out to look at it.

Pete comes to see Trudy at 4 am and says he needs to speak with her. She asks what it is and says he’s scaring her. He tells her to take a breath and says he was offered a job tonight and says he wants she and Tammy to come to Wichita and be his wife and child again. Trudy says things can’t be undone but he asks who says. He says they’re entitled to more and she asks – of what. He says he wants to start over and knows he can. He says he’s not as dumb anymore and knows he can lose her love.

She says she can’t let him hurt her again and he says he loves her too. He says he always has and says he’s never loved anyone else ever. She sighs and says he thinks he can come in there and says things she wanted to hear two years ago and make her run away with him. He says he’ll say what he did 10 years ago and says – I do. He says Wichita is beautiful and pure and says they’ll have a plane and can travel anywhere they want. He begs her to say yes and she kisses him.

He kisses back. She asks how she’ll explain it to Tammy and he says to tell her that her birthday wish came true. Pete says he’s going to go and they’ll have dinner Saturday night as a family like it was the first time. He kisses her again. He tells her good morning then goes. She looks stunned. Don is nursing a head wound when there’s a knock at his door. He goes to answer and finds Andy there. He knocks the kid down and says he could kill him right now and says he knows he took that money.

Don says he has shitty instincts for a con man and Andy says that drunk burned his own house down. He says Andy is going to give him the money and will leave town. He says if he keeps the money he’ll have to become someone else and says he can’t start out like this in that life. Don says to go get the money now. Don comes to check out and hands over a bag of cash to the owner. He hands Don his car keys. Don says he’s not paying for the room. He leaves.

Andy is waiting and asks if Don can drop him off at the bus stop. Don tells him to get into the car. Betty comes down and tells Henry she has class but he asks why she’s doing it. She asks him why she was ever doing it. She kisses him and heads out. Sally is back at school. She opens her mom’s list of instructions. It says she knows she’s frightened but she has to tell the coroner that she’s to be interred intact. She tells her where to find the dress she wants to be buried in.

She asks her to show them how she likes her hair and makeup. She tells Sally she knows her life will be an adventure and says she loves her. Sally cries bitterly. Betty makes her way slowly up the stairs to get to class. Don pulls off at the bus station to drop Andy off. He turns off the engine and hands the kid the keys. He says the pink slip is in the glove box and tells him not to waste this. Don gets out and leaves the kid his car. Andy slides over, cranks it and takes off. Don waits at the bus stop