MasterChef Recap 7/29/15: Season 6 Episode 12 “Family Reunion”

MasterChef Recap 7/29/15: Season 6 Episode 12 "Family Reunion"

Tonight on FOX Masterchef returns with an all new Wednesday July 29, Season 6 Episode 12 called, “Family Reunion.”  We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode the Top 10 cooks prepare meals for VIP diners who turn out to be their own family members, and the winning team is safe from the next pressure test, which involves making gnocchi with brown butter and sage sauce.

On the last episode, the Top 10 home cooks entered the Wild West when they faced their next team challenge and created steak meals for 101 cowboys and ranchers. The team that received the most winning votes moo-ved on in the competition, while the remaining home cooks faced the next pressure test. Back in the MASTERCHEF kitchen for the pressure test, the losing team will bake tarts and saw who could bake their way to victory.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis “The Top 10 home cooks will cook family style when they face their next team challenge and create family style meals for VIP diners. After each team prepares their family style meals, they are greeted by the dinner guests, their family members. Each diner will vote for one team’s meal and the team with the most votes will be safe from the next pressure test. In the pressure test, the losing team home cooks must create a gnocchi-in-brown-sage-butter-sauce dish. Find out who will go home and who will move on.”

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#MasterChef tonight has the home cooks serving dinner family style for Gordon’s family. The home cooks head into the kitchen to meet the judges. Graham tells them they will make an entree, two sides and a dessert served family style. He says they will serve it in the Master Chef restaurant. Gordon says they will create memories for a family he invited. He says you don’t want to let them down.

The judges choose as team captains Derrick for the blue and Claudia for the red. Derrick chooses Nick. Claudia takes Katrina. Derrick then takes Olivia. Claudia takes Hetal. Derrick takes Christopher who had wanted Claudia. Claudia takes Stephen. Derrick takes Tommy and that sends Shelly to Claudia. Claudia thinks Derrick is over-confident. They have 90 minutes to cook.

The losing team will face another challenge and at least one will go home. They run to the pantry. Claudia wants to make roasted chicken with potatoes and strawberry shortcake. Derrick wants to do a rack of lamb, ziti, salad and then chocolate mousse pie. They grab the ingredients and head out to start prep and cooking. Christina says you learn to love food at the family table.

Claudia explains her menu to Gordon and he thinks the chicken doesn’t have time to cook properly. Stephen says they should split them and Gordon asks if that his decision or the captain’s and he says it will be the captain’s then talks her into it. Gordon tells them to get organized. Derrick tells Graham and Christina he’s doing Italian family style.

He says there’s a capresi salad, baked ziti and lamb. Derrick pushes on his people to get the food into the oven. Graham tells Gordon that Derrick’s menu is less cohesive and thinks he’s not looking at the big picture. Gordon tells them the other team should already have their chickens in and Graham says they won’t cook in time. Gordon yells at them to get them in now. Claudia and Katrina bicker over this.

Graham says the red team will not have food to serve. Gordon tells Derrick he has two cheesy sides and says he’s serving the same dish twice. Olivia suggests an alternate side. She proposes a salad change and they are down to just under 20 minutes. Derrick is annoyed with Christopher who keeps undercooking the pie crust. The teams are down to their last few minutes.

Derrick is upset that the pie isn’t what he wanted and says it’s the last thing they’ll think about before they vote. Graham welcomes the people and says the chefs have no idea who they were cooking for. Nick’s mom is there and she says she hasn’t seem him in a year. Shelly’s daughter is there and Stephen’s son who says his dad is cool and he misses him.

Each person will get the food and will judge on which meal they like without knowing which team their loved one was on. There’s feedback that the lamb is underseasoned. Derrick’s mom critiques the ziti too. Katrina’s boyfriend is leaning towards the blue team menu – not his honey’s. They dig into dessert and Derrick says he’s concerned about the mousse and criticizes Christpher.

Derrick’s mom says the mousse crust isn’t great. Christopher’s GF picks his team. Then they are asked to vote. The home cooks head inside and get to meet who they cooked for. They are all stunned. They all hug their loved ones and cry. Stephen goes and grabs his son and picks him up and pounds him on the back. Claudia’s mom is there and they’re both crying.

Hetal’s husband is there and Olivia’s mom. Even Graham is moved to tears. It’s #MCTears. He tells Gordon he’s a sensitive man. Gordon says that the loved ones had no idea who cooked what. Then the votes are revealed.

Claudia’s mom voted for her mom’s team and so did Shelly. Tommy’s husband voted for his team. Christopher’s GF voted for his team. Hetal’s husband voted for her. Olivia’s mom voted for her. It’s tied 3-3. Katrina’s guy voted against her. Stephen’s son voted for him. It’s tied again. Nick’s mom voted for the other side. It’s 5-4 red then Derrick’s mom votes against her son. Derrick’s team loses. she picked the wrong dish.

Derrick says he’s so glad his mom is there but bummed she picked the wrong dish. They are told they have another elimination competition tomorrow night but will have the rest of tonight with their loved ones. Derrick says he’s not ready to go home and doesn’t think he should be in the pressure test since he did so well in the challenge.

Gordon says one of them won’t have to face the test and says Derrick won’t have to cook. Gordon says he was let down in the dessert department but his lamb entree was stunning. They send him upstairs. Graham pulls out a cloche and says this dish makes a potato elegant and served at the finest restaurants. He reveals it’s gnocchi. Nick, Christopher, Olivia and Tommy have just 25 minutes to make gnocchi in sage brown butter sauce.

Gordon says it’s all about texture and Christina says simplicity is key. Gordon says they may use too much flour or not rice the potatoes enough. They are down to 10 minutes. Nick says he’s used to making gnocchi and he’s making it light and pillowy. Christina says it seems like Christopher is boiling his too long, but he’s confident. Olivia tells Graham she’s only made the dish once before.

He gives her some notes and she thanks him. Gordon says he’s concerned about Christopher and Christina says he boiled his instead of blanching it. Christina also thinks that Nick is over-confident and plated to early. Tommy’s are exploding so he makes some fresh ones. With just minutes to go the judges wonder if he has time to make it happen.

The others tell Tommy to hurry and Gordon yells at him to plate. They think he has too much butter sauce. Gordon calls all four of them down. Gordon goes to Nick who say she made classic gnocchi with fried sage leaf. Gordon says the plate smells good then tastes and says wow – crispy, light and beautifully seasoned. Christina says they are incredible.

Graham goes to Olivia and says she was the underdog but hers is the best looking. He tastes and says it tastes good and she’s neck and neck with Nick. Gordon says Olivia does better under more pressure and tastes and says it’s delicious. He thinks hers are better than Nick’s. Christina goes to Christopher and says the presentation is not great and says the sauce should be on the edge.

She tastes and says the dumplings are underseasoned and the filling is dry. She says it’s likely he or Tommy will go home. Gordon looks and asks what the ants are on the plate – he says it’s a little cracked pepper. Christopher rolls his eyes to the balcony and Christina calls him out on it even though Gordon didn’t see it and says she will hold the door open for him.

She says if he’s disrespectful he doesn’t need to be there. Derrick says Christopher has been chewed out multiple times by Christina. Gordon tastes and says it needs more seasoning. He says he saw he didn’t taste the mixture before he blanched it and says if you don’t taste it first you can’t get the end result to be the quality you want for Master Chef.

Gordon then goes to Tommy and asks about him starting again. He says he has too much butter on the plate but Gordon says they taste decent and the flavor is there. He says he has the heart but then delivers clumsily. Graham shows him it’s mushy and they’re sticking together. Tommy says he made a mistake with the first batch and tried to fix it. Graham says his flavor is on the money but looks off.

They all four head down front while the judges talk. Tommy is worried that he’s going home. Christina says this challenge divided the team and says one pair showed how it should be done and the other two struggled. Graham says Nick and Olivia are both safe and sends them upstairs. Gordon tells Christopher it wasn’t a strong performance and was lacking flavor.

Gordon tells Tommy he shouldn’t have put the lid on the gnocchi and then tried to save it. Gordon tells Tommy to say goodbye to Christopher and head up to the balcony. Christopher eye rolled himself right out of the competition. Gordon says tasting a mix is important not tasting showed them he’s not ready to be America’s next Master Chef but says he’s leaving a much better cook.