Shameless Recap – Fiona Equals Chaos: Season 5 Episode 2 “I’m The Liver”

Shameless Recap - Fiona Equals Chaos: Season 5 Episode 2 "I’m The Liver"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all new Sunday January 18, season 5 episode 2 called “I’m The Liver,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Sheila [Joan Cusack] gets an offer to buy her home. Plus, Fiona [Emmy Rossum] is off house arrest!

On the last episode. in the season season 5 premiere episode, the season began with Fiona balancing her job and a crush on her older boss. Meanwhile, Lip left college and headed back home to work a demolition job; Frank unveiled the secret project he was working on; Ian helped a pregnant Svetlana take care of baby Yevgeny; and Kevin played stay-at-home dad when Veronica went to work at the Alibi. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime synopsis, “Frank tries to talk Sheila out of an offer; Lip has his first day of work; Kev and Svetlana bond.”

Tonight’s Shameless season 5 episode 2 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Shameless — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Shameless?

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Frank shares more of his milk of the gods and a buddy says he thinks it made him crap his pants. He tells Frank it’s bad ass and swaps him some dope infused baked goods for the jar of ultra strong brew. Fiona is excited that she’s off house arrest as of this morning and looks for a screwdriver to pry it off. Lip congratulates her and tells her not to celebrate with hard drugs or road trips.

He’s starting his construction job and says he’s excited to be free of academic stress even though he might be dumping toxic sludge. Veronica and Kevin are juggling the twins and he’s doing much better than she is. He says they’re just loving on him since it’s Father’s Day. He asks what she’s cooking for him. She curses, lays down the baby and runs out. She goes to Fiona’s complaining.

Lip wishes them luck with too many babies and jail breaking Fiona’s anklet. Veronica says she’s counting the minutes until she can go to the alibi and sell booze to Frank. She calls her twins the spawns of Satan then asks Fiona if she’s a bad mother. She tells V compared to what she grew up with, she’s an excellent mother. Fiona gets the ankle monitor off and cackles in glee.

Lip is on the work site and asks if he can work the bobcat. The boss tells him to pick up concrete like all the other assholes. Lip says he can manage then gets a boob text from Amanda’s. The guy says the phone is a hazard on the work site. Lip is disgruntled but hands it over. The boss says she has nice nipples. Fiona comes to a meeting and sits beside Sean. She hands him a coffee.

She rubs his foot with hers and he asks if she’s ankle flirting. He asks how she got the monitor off on a Sunday and she says a screwdriver. He tells her she’s trouble. Liam and Carl are burping and they wonder how they’re going to make money this summer. He says he’s going to be a gigolo but Debbie says if he loses his virginity before her, she’ll kill him. He says he can’t wait til he’s 30.

A man knocks at the door and Liam opens it. He says he’s looking for Frank. The man starts crying and says his liver was his son’s. They tell him to go to Sheila’s. Sammi comes to bug Fiona at the diner about using her kitchen to make a Father’s Day dinner for Frank. Fiona says no because he’s not a father to any of them. She hands syrup to a huge guy who empties it and asks for more.

Fiona tells Sammi that Frank will always disappoint. The fat guy wants creamer. Sammi tells her she’s too young and pretty to be that cynical. The guy then asks for more butter. Fiona is about to snap but smiles. Fiona says she’s not cynical, she’s sane. Ian gets dressed when Svetlana asks him to take the baby for a run. He says he has to go to a funeral and Mickey says he’ll go along.

She asks him to take the baby but Mickey says it’s illegal in this country. Mickey tells Ian not to wear a uniform so an MP doesn’t spot him but he refuses. At the pool, Holly and Ellie flirt with Carl to annoy Debbie. She tells him so but Carl doesn’t care and says maybe she’d blow him to make her jealous. Fiona follows out the fatties who didn’t tip her.

The fat wife slaps Fiona for calling him out and Sean comes over. The fat guy demands to talk to her manager and he says he’s the manager. Sean says if he can’t afford to tip, he can’t afford to eat here. The fat guy calls Fiona a slut and Sean slams him against the wall. He tells him to apologize and never walk down this street again. The guy does and they leave.

Sean tells her that her lip is bleeding. She’s very impressed with Sean. Kevin is at the park with his girls and Svetlana watches another mother breast feed. He tells her he’s sorry for looking. He says his wife isn’t breast feeding because she got bit. She tells him to imagine a baby shark sank his teeth into his ball sack. She says it’s like they are declaring war on you and you want to hammer their brains.

She says it’s no reason to quit and says her husband has no interest in her baby. He says his wife works a lot. She says two babies no help is a problem and asks for the baby. He hands one over and she pops her on her boob. Holly is sitting on Carl’s lap on his wheelchair making out with him while Debbie watches irritated. Debbie watches a girl dump her BF because she says he’ll screw anything with legs.

Debbie looks interested. Sean asks Fiona why she’s starting shit and reminds her she’s still on probation. She admits she found his violence sexy. He tells her to get back to work. There’s a sloppy sign hanging on Sheila’s fence wishing him happy birthday. He tells Sheila he thinks Chuckie is retarded. Sheila tells Frank that two lesbians came by with a realtor and offered her double the market value of the house.

She tells him they could take the money and travel far away where no one could find them. She hoses down Sammi with the garden hose when she tries to come over. There are gay bashing protestors outside of the cemetery and Ian finally snaps. He grabs a cross out of the ground and goes for them. The officer running the funeral tells him to calm down or he’ll call his CO.

Mickey intervenes and talks Ian down then tells him they need to go home and plan how to get back at the protestors. Ian relents. Frank tells Sheila the house purchase must be a scam. He calls over Sammi and says she has a good head for scams. Sammi says it’s no scam – this is an up and coming neighborhood. Frank freaks out and says they can’t let the lesbians have the house.

She says they could take the RV and travel. He says it’s just like the Jews. He says they want to move people in that can pay taxes and eventually they are moved to a tent city on top of a landfill and then they’re given smallpox blankets. There’s a knock at the door and Sheila hopes it’s the lesbians with a better offer. The guy, Wade, comes knocking on the door about the liver.

Sammi takes this chance to creep into the house. Wade says he and his wife are having a lunch for all of their son’s organ recipients. Sammi says that’s a nice idea. He says he wants to have one last Father’s Day with his boy. He says he’s sorry for the late notice but he had a problem tracking him down. He asks them to come over at five and gives his address.

Frank is excited to hear they’re serving prime rib and says they will be there. Sammi asks if she can come. Sheila says she’s not invited and shoves her out the door. At the pool, Debbie hands Liam off to Carl and goes to sit by the recently jilted guy. She tries to flirt and he’s unresponsive. He thinks she’s special and tells a guy whose there with special needs kids that he lost one.

Debbie is horrified and goes to jump into the pool. Fiona delivers pie to the musicians and Davis notices she has no ankle monitor and invites her to their show. He says she can bring her man and nods at Sean. She says he’s just her boss. Svetlana is at Kevin and V’s talking babies. She tells him that she’s pregnant now because she’s a surrogate and he says his mother in law did that but kept their baby.

He says it’s cool talking babies with her and just thought she was a hand job whore. She says she thought he was an illiterate bartender pimp. Debbie comes in he asks if she knows Svetlana. She says of course since he’s her brother’s lover’s baby mama. She tells Kevin there’s a rat in the pool. He asks her to watch Amy and Gemma and goes to dig out the rat and take a dip.

Svetlana asks why she’s not at the public pool and asks if there’s shit in it or if someone shit on her. Debbie says sort of then asks Svetlana to tell her how sex works. Svetlana smiles. Down in Frank’s brewhouse, Sheila tells Frank all the places they could go in the RV with the house money. She says they could also get away from Sammi. She begs him not to fight her on this.

She says Sammi brings out the hate in her and says – I hate your daughter Frank and I’m willing to sell the house I love to get away from her. Frank says he won’t participate in the destruction of his neighborhood. He says he’s going to stay and launch his beer. Sheila says she wants to see the burning man and Frank asks if he’s alive. Sheila says she doesn’t know but wants to know.

Frank hugs her and comforts her. Ian comes home looking for guns or grenades. He knocks on Mandy’s BFs door and asks for armor piercing ammo. He tells Mickey to get his bitch in line. Ian wants to go burn down the homophobic church (they’re very Westboro). Mandy thinks that Ian may need to see a shrink because he’s off the rails. Mickey says no, they’ll fix it themselves. He tells Ian he has a plan.

The guys are surprised to see Lip is still on his phone. They had a pool running that he wouldn’t make it the day. He asks if he won it but the boss says it will buy them all a round. He tells Lip to meet them at the Alibi. When they’re not looking, Lip collapses. Frank and Sheila are living for the donor dinner and Sheila tells her to get lost but Frank relents and tells her to go get Chuckie.

She thanks her dad and runs to get Chuckie. When she gets in the trailer, Frank grabs Sheila’s hand and tells her to run. They do. Mandy finds Lip rinsing off at a hose and he says she looks like a church girl. He asks how Ian is doing and she says not good, but they’ve got it covered. She asks if he’s got a GF and says to call if he wants to come by when Kenyatta isn’t home. He tells her she looks pretty.

Sammi breaks into Sheila’s house. She gets the address of the dinner they left lying and lets Chuckie in. She tells him to do like they talked about and gives him some privacy. He drops his pants to take a crap somewhere in Sheila’s house. Classy.

Mandy shows up to the hate church and asks to talk to the pastor. They ask to check her for weapons. She lets them search her and she passes muster. She goes to talk to the pastor once cleared. Fiona comes to another NA meeting and Sean says he can’t believe she’s at two meetings in one day. She says she didn’t get much out of the first one because she was sitting next to a guy she likes.

She asks him to go see a band tonight and says it’s a date. Sean asks if he can answer after the meeting. Frank and Sheila are at the dinner and each person has a name tag with the organ on it they got. Wade says his son died fighting off a home invader. His wife comes in and he introduces Laura to them. She thanks them all for coming. Frank says – I’m the liver.

They each introduce themselves then there’s a knock at the door. It’s Sammi and Chuckie. She says she’s sorry they’re late but says Chuckie had to go number two. Sheila is sorely annoyed. Mandy cries to the pastor and asks why her brother would choose faggotry over family. She snuggles against him and cries. He tells her that she needs to cut him out of her life.

Sean touches his foot to Fiona’s and looks over at her. He stands and walks out. She waits a moment then follows him out. She looks around but doesn’t see him. Mickey, Ian and some other gay soldier buddies talk about what they need to do. None of them want to do it but Ian says he will. They say they’ll be happy to kill the guy. One finally says he’ll do it for their country.

Mandy comes in and says the pastor is on his way. The volunteer chugs a big hit of booze. Svetlana teaches Debbie how to make a seduction face. She asks if she has no mother and Debbie says not really. She pulls out a pair of scissors and says she’s going to do for her what her mother did for her. Wade talks to them all about having his first Father’s Day without his son.

Sammi breaks in and says it’s her first Father’s Day with a dad. Frank drinks some wine and the others are horrified. They tell him that he can’t drink with a donor liver. He says he’s done extensive research and it can last him a decade. The guy who got the lungs says – f-k it, anyone got a cigarette. Kevin comes in and finds that Debbie has a haircut and she tells her to show Kevin her seduction face.

She does and Kevin flips. Svetlana says he should let her cut his hair since V took her boobs away from the babies. She asks who wears the testicles in the family. Fiona wakes a conked out and exhausted Lip and asks him to go see the band. He says he has to go to the Alibi and says it’s a job requirement. He’s sore and tired, but heads out.

Fiona calls V to ask her to cut out of work and go dancing. Sheila stares at the long piece of poop that Chuckie left on her coffee table. She screams in anger. Fiona comes down and finds Sean in her kitchen. She asks if she overstepped and freaked him out. He says he wants to but just can’t. He says he can’t do anything with her. He says she’s dangerous.

She says she’s not really a drug addict so he won’t damage her by dating. He says it would damage him. He says the meetings save his life every day. She says she gets it and says she’ll stop flirting at the meetings. He says chaos follows her and says she should have waited for the PO to take it off. He says he finds it charming as f-k that she pried it off and had a bloody lip by lunch.

He says she’s a chaos junkie and he’s a junkie junkie. He says women like her – hot, sexy, irresistible and fun – are trouble. He’s all up in her grill by now and fights for control. He says women like her were his drug of choice long before he got into smack. He says a woman like her shot him up the first time. She says she would never do that. He says she’s a slippery slope.

He says he wanted to beat that guy to death for not tipping her. He says he has to think about his son even though he wants to do bad things with and to her. She says she changed and isn’t chaos. She says she could be really good for him. He says he hopes she keeps coming to the meetings but says – please sit somewhere else when you do. He walks out.

V comes in and freaks out to find one of her babies on Svetlana’s tit. She also freaks out when Kevin comes down with a shaved head. He says they should do that every summer. She asks why there was a hooker tit in her baby’s mouth. He says they ran out of formula and god made boobs for a reason. Fiona comes in and freaks out first over Kevin’s hair then over Debbie’s hooker makeover.

Kevin says he was hot and the kids were pulling his hair. V is hurt and asks how he could do this. He says hair will grow back. V yells that he fed her baby hooker milk and shaved his head. She asks who he is. He says it’s just a haircut and Fiona says to keep telling himself that. The pastor is on Mandy’s sofa and she tells him God wants her mouth on him.

She tells him to look away and says if he doesn’t watch, she can pretend she’s praying. She unzips and starts jacking him then the soldier takes her place and starts going down on him. They snap photos and video. The pastor sees and then Ian tweets it. He asks what the pastor is going to tell the press – that he thought he was getting blown by a teenage girl.

Debbie comes in and Carl says she looks like a hooker and hookers are hot. Fiona says she’s a smart girl and asks why she’s hanging out with whores. Debbie tells her she’s a smart girl and asks why she’s on probation for drugs. Fiona relents and says her hair looks cute but she needs to take the makeup down by half. She invites her to come see the band with her. Debbie is thrilled.

Lip shows up to the Alibi and they tell him they thought he pussied out. Frank tells them they’re building a Starbucks or a Whole Foods. He says it’s the beginning of the end and he’s seen gentrification before. He says within a few months, the whole neighborhood was sold and they were forced out. He says monied lesbians are the new money.

They ask Lip if Frank acts like this at home. Lip says he doesn’t let him live in his home and they all laugh at Frank but he rants on and says they’ll buy in, run the homeless out of the park like they don’t have a god given right to sleep there and then take over everything. He says it all starts with a Starbucks. Fiona takes Debbie to the rock show but then has to knock a guy off who tries to hump her.

Sheila comes out and tells Sammi she tried to be her friend but she realized she’s her step-mother and to be a good step-mother is to be a parent rather than a friend. She says as a parent, her responsibility is to explain that the reason people don’t like her and that people don’t want to be around her is that she’s very needy and annoying and slutty and a bad mother.

She hands her the bag of crap and says she thinks it belongs to Chuckie. She tells her to work on these things. Debbie and Fiona dance and she smiles up at Davis. He pulls her up on the stage and that leaves Debbie alone on the floor. The older guy is on her again and Fiona jumps down and punches him a few times. Davis then hops down and punches him and Fiona grabs her sister and says – let’s go.

They run outside and down the street. Fiona tells her she has to learn to run faster if she wants to dress like that and hang out in bars. Debbie tells she’s insane and says she can’t believe she did that. They stop and Fiona cops a squat. Debbie looks happy but Fiona looks thoughtful. She drops her head into her hand. Is Fiona turning into Monica 2.0?

Next day, the construction guys look in shock at the sign that says it’s an organic coffee place. Frank is there and says he told them. He crows at the rising sun.