Survivor Cambodia Recap – First Blindside! Season 31 Episode 3 “We Got a Rat”

Survivor Cambodia Recap - First Blindside! Season 31 Episode 3 "We Got a Rat"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor Cambodia airs with an all new Wednesday October 7 season 31 episode 3 called, “We Got a Rat,” and we have your weekly recap below! Tonight, another castaway is voted out of the game.

On the last episode, One Tribe was completely puzzled at a classic immunity challenge. Also, one castaway attempted a heartfelt apology in an effort to stave off elimination before an intense tribal council. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “just days into the game, castaways drop their buffs and switch from two to three tribes. Also, a castaway’s future in the game is in jeopardy when they’re caught sending a message to another tribe.”

Tonight’s season 31 episode 3 looks like it’s going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor Cambodia episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 31.


#Survivor starts on night 6 at Ta Keo as the Survivors come back from Tribal Council. Spencer thanks the tribe for keeping him. Spencer knows he needs to play a more social game from now on and he wants to change and take advantage of his second chance at the game. Terry is pleased Shirin is gone and is confident he’s at the top of the heap and is playing a good social game. He’s got his sights set on Spencer if they go back to Tribal again soon.

Jeff welcomes the Survivors to talk to him. He asks Ta Keo about sending Shirin home. Wu says they have better team unity now. Kass is surprised to see Shirin is gone. Jeff tells them to drop their buffs and says they’re splitting into three tribes. He says six will be at Ta Keo, six at Bayon and six to a new beach where they have to start from scratch like they’re just beginning the game. Andrew isn’t happy about this twist since he doesn’t know anyone on the other tribe.

They have to draw buffs blind and then they open to see what color buff they have. Anyone with a yellow buff has to start at the new camp. The new tribe is Angkor. Jeff then sends them back to camp. Andrew is not pleased. Spencer is thrilled because it improved his odds. It’s day 7 at Angkor and the Survivors check out the new camp. They have to start over with a shelter and fire and find they have no food. Jeff tells Wu that Andrew is going to get on his nerves.

Wu, Jeff, Peih-Gee and Abi talk about sticking together .Andrew and Tasha are concerned about being in the minority on the new tribe and know they are targets. Keith, Joe, Terry, Kelley and Kass chat and Terry is confident he can swing the numbers his way. They have food at least and decide to make chicken for dinner to celebrate. They cook up some chicken and rice. Kass and Ciera talk about how great this swap is since they have four Bayon that can stick tight plus a strong group for challenges.

Kelley says she thinks Terry might have an idol since he was out looking for it – she’s lying because she’s the one who has it but wants to throw him under the bus in case they’re targeting the two former Ta Keo. At Bayon, the new tribemates talk and they have Jeremy, Kimmy, Monica and Stephen then Spencer and Kelly W in the minority. Stephen is thrilled to be in a new camp and not be at the bottom. He feels safe and confident. Spencer has decided to play with more feelings.

He talks to Jeremy about his GF and not being comfortable telling her that he loves her. He’s trying to bond with Jeremy to get further into the game. Jeremy gives him some relationship advice and this does make Jeremy like him better and he says he trusts him and likes him. It’s rainy day 8 over at Angkor. The others sit in the shelter trying to stay less wet and Terry stands out in the rain and rants. Tasha says she knows what it’s like not to have food or shelter from her last season.

Tasha is pleased to see that Peih-Gee and Abi don’t like each other and hopes to leverage this to keep safe. Once the rain stops, Abi talks to Tasha about her former tribe. Tasha says her old tribe got along together and tells Abi that if she sticks with her, they can join with her former people once they merge. Abi is listening to her and considering what to do. Tasha and Terry talk about getting to the jury. Tasha talks about them needing to keep them for merge because the other tribes have more of her people.

Terry is now worried that the others will woo Peih-Gee and Maria if they’re also pitching those women. It’s day 9 at Bayon and they’re chasing a tiny Scorpion out of their food. Stephen talks about the advantage they have since it’s 4:2 but is also worried about the idol. He talks to Jeremy about it and says it could bond their alliance. The alliance goes looking around. Jeremy is frustrated looking for it since it can be anywhere. Stephen says it must be somewhere noticeable but he hasn’t found it yet.

Then Jeremy finds a clue in a little tree full of leaves. It tells him where to find the idol at the next challenge. Now it’s time for the #ImmunityChallenge. Jeff takes back the idol from Monica then explains the challenge – there are two immunity idols for the time being. They have to push a cart through a course, get keys, unlock chests and put them on the cart. They have to get three chests, take the cart apart, move it through a barricade, put it together, then open the chests to get pieces for a puzzle.

Jeff says this was the first challenge from the brains vs brawns vs beauty challenge. Spencer, Tasha, and Kass have all played this challenge. We see the idol packet for just a second. The challenge starts and they are all playing hard. Spencer gets the key for Bayon then Wu gets it for Angkor and Kelley for Ta Keo. Wu gets the second key then Spencer and Kelley. Ta Keo has their three chests. Jeremy snags the idol when no one is looking. Bayon gets their third chest then Angkor.

They are all neck and neck as they take the carts apart but Ta Keo is slightly ahead with Bayon in a close second as they start to deconstruct and reconstruct the carts. Ta Keo is still in the lead. Now some hard obstacles. Bayon and Angkor get their chests and move out. Ta Keo makes it past the obstacles since they cleared first. Ta Keo has Joe and Kass working the puzzle. The other two are unloading their chests now. Peih-Gee and Tasha then Monica and Spencer working the puzzles for the others.

The puzzle is a large round number. Joe and Kass are way in the lead on this one. Jeremy tags in for Monica and Wu subs in for Tasha. Angkor is way back and Joe and Kass have a solid lead then slide in the last piece. They win immunity. It’s down to Bayon and Angkor. It’s very close now. Bayon is down to five and Angkor has 10 pieces to go. Jeremy is rocking the puzzle and they have just two left. Bayon has one piece left and they complete it to also win immunity. Angkor will go to Tribal tonight.

Tasha points out that Varner is mouthing to one of the other tribes and calls him out to everyone else. Bayon and Ta Keo both score immunity idols. Jeff asks what happened at the end of the challenge. Varner says he looked at Kelly W. Tasha says morale is down and then Wu asks why Varner is making new alliances. That’s messy already and they haven’t even started talking about how to vote. Jeff says this could be the beginning of a great underdog story and says he’ll see them at Tribal tonight.

Andrew thought he was going home but now is hopeful that Varner’s screw up will send him home. Andrew goes to Peih-Gee and Wu about Varner and tells them that Varner has been lazy around camp and isn’t any good at challenges. Wu talks to Peih-Gee and says they will still be in the majority but she wants to think carefully since Andrew is jealous. Tasha talks to Abi and they decide to vote out Varner. Abi says Varner is too unpredictable and wants to send him home but also thinks Peih-Gee is sketchy.

Abi goes to talk to Wu and Peih-Gee and they tell her that the others want to send Varner home. Abi says she knows she’s on the bottom with the others and isn’t with the new people. Peih-Gee wonders why Abi is showing so much animosity and now Peih-Gee wants Abi out. Peih-Gee goes to Andrew and Tasha to ask them to go after Abi. Then Andrew goes to Abi and tells her what Peih-Gee said to them and then Abi goes to Varner and asks him to target Peih-Gee. He’s happy to have a target off him.

Tasha agrees to work with Peih-Gee but Tasha isn’t sure what she wants to do. She says Abi is unpredictable and Peih-Gee can’t make up her mind. Each of Abi and Peih-Gee are targeting the other so the members from the lesser tribe get to make the swing vote decision. Tasha and Andrew get their torches for the first time. Andrew says he was stunned by the tribe switch since they would lose their established camp and now they’re in the minority.

Jeff asks Peih-Gee if Tasha and Andrew are in trouble and she says that’s usually how it works. Then Jeff asks Varner what happened. He says he signaled Kelly and Tasha called him a rat. He says he’s had no sleep and food and he had a meltdown. Tasha says he’s part of this tribe and shouldn’t be cross-communicating and thinks he’s disloyal. Varner says he’s happy to come out of tonight with no votes to send him out. Varner says there are so many names that have been thrown around.

Varner says he’s heard his name, Peih-Gee and Abi and says it looks like Andrew and Tasha are now at the top of the heap and can control this vote. Abi says she knows they could be targeting her based on camp conversations she wasn’t part of. Peih-Gee says she wants to be with people she can trust and tells the others she’s loyal and they can trust her. Abi says she’s been working around camp and is committed to the new tribe. Varner says he has no idea what will happen tonight.

He repeats that Andrew and Tasha are in charge of tonight’s vote as he sees it. We see Peih-Gee voted for Abi and Abi voted for Peih-Gee and says that Peih-Gee talks too much. We don’t see any other votes. Jeff goes to count the votes then comes back and calls for immunity idols. No one plays an idol. Jeff reads the votes: Abi, Peih-Gee, Abi, Peih-Gee, Peih-Gee and then Peih-Gee. She’s hit with a #Blindside and Peih-Gee tells them well played. Abi smiles with satisfaction and Peih-Gee wishes Wu luck.

Abi tells Wu that’s the second time he wrote down her name. Now Wu knows that he’s at the bottom and Abi has her sights set on him. Plus he just lost his ally Peih-Gee. After, Peih-Gee says they got her good with that blindside. She wishes the others luck for allying with Abi.