Teen Mom OG Recap Farrah Freaks Out, As Usual: Season 5 Episode 9 “Boiling Point”

Teen Mom OG Recap Farrah Freaks Out, As Usual: Season 5 Episode 9 "Boiling Point"

Tonight on MTV their series Teen Mom OG continues with an all new Monday May 18, season 5 episode 9 called “Boiling Point” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Tyler pressures Cate to lose her pregnancy weight.

On the last episode, Amber, Farrah, Maci and Cate arrived in New York to do press for the show; and tension erupted between Farrah and the others when she learned that Maci had quit the series because of her. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the MTV synopsis, “Tyler pressures Cate to lose her pregnancy weight; Amber and Matt lose it in Vegas; Maci worries about Bentley’s safety; and Debra wants to go into business with Farrah.”

It sounds like Teen Mom is going to be an awesome new show. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Teen Mom premiere at 8PM ET!

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#TeenMomOG starts at Maci’s house. She tells Taylor she’s not feeling well. She was in a bad car wreck in her Jeep with Bentley and says she rolled it three times. She tells Kiki, the producer, that another car had a blow out and hit her then another car hit her from behind. She says they landed upside down. She says they were hanging by their seat belts. Taylor says her mom called and then he met them at the hospital. Maci says she was worried about the baby, but it’s fine. Kiki says it’s amazing that they walked away from that. She says Bentley has one bruise and she has three.

Over at Farrah’s, she talks to Simon to ask if he’s coming to Austin this weekend. He is. She talks about juggling a long distance relationship. Her mom is also visiting and Farrah says Sophia has a photo shoot. Debra gets her ready. Farrah cheers her daughter at her little photo shoot. She pouts and does sexy little poses. Farrah says her mom wants her to go to a convention to promote the family pepper sauce. Farrah goes to talk to her neighbor Jeanne who asks about the sauce.

Farrah says it’s her grandma’s sauce and then says she still hasn’t seen a contract for any of this. She says her mom wants her to go to BevNET, an industry convention where they could meet contacts to promote it. Jeanne says she gets to spend time with her mom but Farrah rolls her eyes. Catelynn is struggling with her 60 pound weight gain. She talks to Tyler about her weight and says she lost 20 pounds in two months. He says she should start her diet and exercise as soon as possible.

He says exercise will not affect her milk or breast feeding. He says she’s past the six or eight week mark where she can diet. Tyler googles diet and exercise during breast feeding and she says he’s getting cocky. She looks worried. Amber is off parole so she and Matt decide to go to Vegas. They take a helicopter ride at night. Then they head out to eat and Amber says she drinks once in a while but hasn’t done any drugs. She has Matt taste her drink to see if there’s any alcohol in it.

She is upset that people are staring and says her anxiety issues are made worse by being on TV. She freaks out a little. They go get in the car and Matt asks her to cheer up. He asks how she went from happy to this. He says she’s a different person when the cameras come on but she says it’s the people, not the cameras. She says she didn’t like that he said shit like this. He says she only does this when the cameras are around. She gets upset and says it annoys him what she said.

She says it’s just her anxiety and she doesn’t like being around a lot of f-ing people. She’s furious and cursing at him. He says he’s sorry and she keeps saying she changes for the cameras and keeps repeating it. Matt says to grow up. She tells him to f-k off. He asks if she’s done and she says he started it then asks if he’s done. Wow!

Maci and Taylor are out to eat and she tells him she’s really nauseous. He asks if they’ll have Bentley tonight and says he’s been nervous in cars since the accident. He says imagine what would have happened if they hadn’t been wearing their seatbelts. She says she’s been having flashbacks and nightmares. Taylor asks if it hit the tabloids yet. Kiki googles them and they ask if they saw photos of Ryan’s wreck.

Kiki shows Maci a photo – his car is trashed. She reads the story to Taylor. She says Ryan wasn’t wearing his seatbelt then shows Taylor the photo. He says Ryan was lucky too. She says she has to talk to Ryan about this. Back in Vegas, Amber says Matt was still mad and punched a wall. Producer Heather comes back and asks what happened. Amber says this was her vacation and it’s not going well.

Heather asks what went down. He says he’ll go to the hospital when they get back. Heather asks what’s up with them and if they’re okay. Amber says she doesn’t want to talk about it and Matt says he just wants to salvage the rest of the trip. Farrah and her mom go to the convention. Her mom has a table set up with their sauce. Farrah says she thinks the label shouldn’t have photos of their face. Debra says a well-reviewed artist set it up. Farrah says it should have something about Sicily on it.

Debra says a lot of people do that and Farrah says if she won’t listen, she’ll just leave. Farrah feels like she’s being taken advantage of. Heather is there with her and asks if she’s annoyed and if it’s a good idea for her and her mom to go into business together. Farrah says she’s been asked for a lot of money for this and doesn’t have time for this charity work. Heather asks if they have a contract and she says no. Farrah says she’d be okay if she had a contract that protected her interests.

David, Catelynn’s dad is there when Nova poops and hands her over. The camera guys are holding their noses. David and Tyler talk about how amazing it is to have Nova there. They talk about their priorities changing. Tyler says he’s going to finish his psych degree. He says he feels different now and wants to finish the reliable degree. He says it gives you a kick in the ass. River, her brother is there and she talks about losing weight for the wedding then says if she’s not at her goal weight, she can push it off.

Tyler says he wants her to feel the hottest she’s ever felt. He says when you can eat McDonalds or cook a chicken breast, they should cook. He talks about how tiny she was before she had Carly and says she never finished a meal. Tyler says she should try the wedding dress on to visualize what she needs to lose. Cate is looking pressured by all this.

Maci texts Ryan about his wreck. She wants to talk about Bentley’s safety. She and Taylor meet Shelby and Ryan. They exchange pleasantries at dinner. Shelby asks when she’s due and she says she has 11 weeks left and if they’re excited about a girl. Maci says the clothes are way cuter. Shelby says Bentley is being more protective. Ryan brings up his wreck and Maci asks what happened. He says he was looking for his phone and wasn’t paying attention. Shelby asks if he was wearing his seatbelt.

He says no and Maci says that’s all that kept her in. She asks if Bentley is always in a car seat but Ryan says not always. Ryan says he didn’t ride in one as a kid but Maci says he has to be in a car seat no matter what. Back in Vegas, Amber wants to see a psychic so they go. Heather and David are psychic therapists they go see. They talk about their engagement and they ask Amber and Matt to talk about their relationship.

Heather shuffles Tarot cards and Matt starts talking about how they started as friends and it developed from there. Amber says they fight about stupid things like her anxiety when they’re in public. Heather says they have different energies. She says little things can rip you apart. Amber asks if they can see if they get married. Heather checks some Tarot cards. David says he sees two different outcomes. He says they could choose to part ways and not get married.

Or he says they could choose to jump right into it. He asks if the argument earlier was a deal breaker and says they can use this as an opportunity to grow. He says there’s no right or wrong path, just the path that they choose. Cate bought her wedding dress two years ago and the store is holding it for her. They go to try it on to see how it will fit. They head to the bridal shop with her mom. She tries to squeeze into it and they try to fit it from the other direction.

It won’t go around her middle and the dress lady says she needs to lose four sizes to git it. She comes home and says her boobs hurt. She says Nova took a bottle. He asks how it went. She says it just won’t fit her ass and boobs but she’s already lost 20 pounds. She says she went from a C to a DDD. He asks if it went worse or better than she expected. She says she has to lose four dress sizes. She says it’s not fair how much he can eat and not gain weight.

Cate says she wants to work out and lift weights since it’s strapless. Tyler asks if she can add sleeves. She says she’ll just work out because adding sleeves would look ugly. Farrah is with Debra who says she met a lawyer who can work with them. Farrah says to send her the agreement once it’s done but Debra says she should be there to say what she’s looking for. Debra says it’s a start up and that’s how they have to look at it. Farrah says she understands all of this.

Farrah says she’s manipulating her and says they need a contract so they don’t have to go back and forth. Debra says she’s treating her like someone off the street. Farrah says she’s not putting any more of her time into this until she has a contract. Debra says – good grief. Maci goes for a pedicure with her friend Ashley. Maci laughs when she sees herself on a magazine cover talking about how she’s getting married. Ashley says she saw a photo of her wreck.

Maci says she’s been having anxiety about it and wondering how they survived it. Then she says Ryan was in an accident and totaled his car. He hit an SUV head on and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Ashley says she thought he was getting better but Maci says he’s oblivious to real f-ing life. She says she’s scared about him driving Bentley and says he doesn’t always put Bentley in a car seat. Ashley says maybe something will snap him out of it.

Maci says she doesn’t want to take him from Ryan but says maybe he shouldn’t be around Bentley without anyone else around. Maci says she can’t fix him and gave up on him four years ago. In Vegas, Matt cuddles with Amber who says she’s scared of the rest of her life. He says he is too and she asks what he’s scared of and he says the same thing. He says they both have a bad relationship record. She asks why he asked her to marry him and he says he loves her and thinks they can do this right.

Amber asks if he’s sure he wants to marry her and he says 100%. Then he asks if she’s sure and she says she’s 100% sure too. She says she’s just 24 and it’s natural for her age. He says he wants her to do what makes her most happy. He tells her he loves her and she says it back. Cate is out to dinner with her friend Alexa. She’s upset about Tyler’s comments about her weight. She orders a salad then tells Alexa that her wedding dress won’t fit her.

Alexa says her boobs are huge. Cate says she’s thinking about using Weight Watchers. She likes the points system. She asks if Tyler is pressuring her to lose weight. She says he’s trying to be supportive but it’s bothering her. She says she would order a salad if he didn’t point it out. She says Cate needs to let him know that his pushing is having the opposite effect from motivating her. Cate sits down with him the next day and says she did the Weight Watchers points on all the stuff on the fridge.

He asks if she called a gym. Cate say she’s horrible. She tells him that he’s making her feel bad. He asks what’s bad for her. He says if he doesn’t say anything, she won’t do it. He says maybe he’s wrong but that would work for him. He tells her to tel him how to support him without bothering her. She says she doesn’t know but says she’s feeling really insecure. She talks about how all her time is eaten up. She says he could take Nova for a couple of hours so she can go to the gym.

He says to not put stress on herself and not put a number in her mind. He says she’ll be beautiful no matter what and says he loves her. Farrah is celebrating her dad Michael’s birthday. She and he and Sophia go to an indoor skydiving place. Debra is there too and Farrah says she’s going to try and not let her issues with her mother ruin the day. Then they go to dinner. Farrah says Simon is coming to visit and will meet Sophia for the first time. Michael asks if he can meet him.

She says he can sit Sophia while they go to dinner then meet him. Debra says Sophia is falling asleep at the table. She nods off at the table on her jacket. Michael asks about the conference and Farrah says it went and it’s gone. Farrah eye rolls and gets bitchy with her mom. Debra says she doesn’t have any animosity and just wants to do the business right. Farrah gets really short and snotty with her mother. She says Debra never listens to her and Michael asks them to calm down on his birthday.

Debra says Farrah is her family but Farrah says she can’t commit to an agreement after two years. Michael says she doesn’t have to work with her mom on the project, she doesn’t have to. He says a lot of families can’t do business together. Amber and Matt leave Vegas. Care is writing down all her points. She and Tyler smooch over baby Nova. Debra is uncomfortable with Farrah who sulks.