The Island Recap 5/25/15: Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere “Man Up”

The Island Recap 5/25/15: Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere "Man Up"

Tonight on NBC the all new show The Island hosted by Bear Grylls premieres with an all new Monday May 25, season 1 premiere called, “Man Up” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, fourteen ordinary men must survive on an isolated island without modern conveniences in the series premiere of this reality show hosted by Bear Grylls.

For those of you who don’t know, the show is an internationally acclaimed adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls offers men from across the country the ultimate challenge: Can the average American man survive on a deserted island without the luxuries – or even the basics – of contemporary everyday life? “Man has never been further from his hunter-gatherer origins,” said Grylls. “We take food, shelter, warmth for granted; we click buttons rather than test our resourcefulness.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “world-renowned survivalist Bear Grylls gives the modern American man the ultimate challenge. Fourteen men on a deserted island are stripped of all modern conveniences where they will have to hunt for food, source water, erect shelter, build community and try to survive using only their strength, determination and know-how. There are no prizes. No eliminations. No winner. No camera teams. The entire series is filmed by the men themselves. This experiment takes them to the very edge of human endurance where they will test their physical, mental and emotional limits and fight for their very existence. In the end only the strongest will survive and remain standing.”

Tonight’s season 1 premiere is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us how excited you are for season 1 of The Island.

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#TheIsland starts with host Bear Grylls talking about how far 21st century man is from his primitive roots. He asks what happens when you strip modern man of all his luxuries and force him to fight for his existence. The 14 men will be completely alone and will be given no food, no shelter and no water. They have to find everything on their own and will even be doing their own filming. Bear tells the men they are five minutes from the island when they’re on the boat.

They will have 30 days alone on the island and he says they will be changed men. Dakota is 21 and from Idaho – he’s never even seen the beach. Earnest is 27 and an Iraq war vet. Jud is 28 and is a privileged attorney. Taylor is 25 and a radio producer who says he can get things done. They pull up to the island and the boat stops a little ways off. He says they have to swim their way in. They have three knives, three machetes and one canteen to last them one day shared.

They jump into the water one by one. 50 year old Mike is an engineer and says they’ll show the world who they are. They guys make it to the beach and Bear says if they don’t find water and get a fire started, it will be miserable. He says this place can be hell on earth. They’re on an uninhabited remote Pacific island that has scorching mid day temps that hit 104. He says they will get dehydrated fast. He says the rest of the footage will be filmed by the men themselves.

Four are experienced camera operators but all the men will film. Benji, Rick, Graham and Matt are all camera operators. Earnest says they need to take the island and hold it as theirs. He says to leave the egos on the boat. Rob says he has concerns about the camera guys and says they need more water and rest because of the burden. Rob is a 43 year old stay at home dad. His wife works while he stays home. He says it’s very gratifying but it’s made him soft and he wants to push his boundaries.

Taylor wants them to find a beach and get settled. The main beach is two and a half miles from their current location. It’s a little after noon and it’s 100 degrees. They head across through the land and Mike proposes they send out a scout to look ahead. Nat, Trey and Taylor head out and then they spot a stream. Bear says ground water can contain a whole host of nasties because animals poop and drink there. He says you have to boil it first.

Taylor tells them not to drink unless it’s a need. Dakota asks who this guy is. Jim is 64 and a retired police chief. Another guy thinks Taylor is yelling and doesn’t want to be near him. Taylor says he was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident and was injured seriously and had to have brain surgery. Davion says he thinks going higher isn’t a good idea. Trauma surgeon Buck, Mike and Rick head off to scout ahead. Jud finds a bug and eats it. He says it was great and they have to try it then laughs.

They almost step on a giant snake. They decide to try and catch it to eat. The snake isn’t interested in being dinner. They pin his head and another one grabs the tail. They get the machete and finally kill it after some skittering. Taylor tries to get them to move and Jud says they’re waiting on the scouts. Jim asks Taylor to shut up and listen and says they should just wait the half hour for them. Taylor says he doesn’t think they’re going to find anything. Dakota says Taylor has his own agenda.

Benji says he’ll go if Taylor is set on this mission but doesn’t agree with it. Trey agrees to go along. Rob says Taylor is expending a lot of energy is a big deal. The scouts head back with their dead snake. Mike says at home, he says if he goes to the woods, something is coming back dead. He’s a very outdoorsy guy who competes and hunts. They agree they need fire now to cook this even if they don’t stay there. Buck says they’re pulling together and it’s a good start.

Bear says making fire from scratch is very hard. He says they need it to purify water and cook food. Earnest is trying to use his glasses to start a fire. Buck, the trauma surgeon, skins the snake and says he’s never done it. He says his dad would take him hunting as a kid but would always do all the skinning. He says he works with trauma cases and he says he can take care of anyone who gets hurt. The guys get some smoke but then the string breaks. Earnest got his glasses trick to work and they have a fire going. They are happy they have snake, water and fire.

Benji, Taylor and Trey are off looking for the beach. Benji says Taylor’s leadership style isn’t agreeing with everyone else. The other guys are cutting up the snake to make kebobs. They agree the snake smells nasty. Taylor and Trey smell the beach and spot coconuts. They make it to the beach at a little after 4 in the afternoon. They set down the camera then run to take a dip in the water. The other guys are cooking and eating the boa.

Davion says they have to have a pow wow about the other three and wonder if they’re lost but then hear them. Taylor says they found the beach and the others say they have fire and caught a snake. The guys then debate going to the beach. Bear says survival relies on teamwork and says good survivors are good listening. Benji says the beach is amazing and he knows how to get there. Dakota wants to go but Rick says they should split up since there’s water there.

He says the beach seems like a lot of work for him. They agree to split in two and meet up tomorrow. Trey says he’s exhausted and doesn’t know how Taylor has the energy to go back there. They make it back to the beach and Dakota is so excited since he’s never seen the ocean and is thrilled with the sunset. He says he hasn’t done too many thrilling things with his life and bird farming is all he knows and he still lives at home with his parents.

He goes for a swim in the ocean and is thrilled. He’s surprised at how salty it is. Earnest carves USA into the sand. It’s 10:30 pm and the beach crew works on building a small camp. Taylor says they got there even though people were against him and thinks he was right. They wake on the beach and Benji says it was airplane sleep which means you really don’t sleep. Earnest and Dakota ending up spooning and sharing a palm leaf.

At the inland camp, the guys wake and talk about their lack of solid sleep. Jim snored loud and Rob says he got no sleep because of all the bug bites. Buck says they need to set goals and get some water then try and transport some fire to the beach by moving some embers. Taylor asks the beach crew what the inland crew is doing. Some of them head to the water source. Bear says they shold both filter the water then boil it for safety.

Mike wants to come up with a group name like the Conquistadors. Trey make it back to the beach and says he’s glad to be out of the jungle. They have embers and Rob also has fresh water. Benji is excited to see them. Mike and Buck are worried that the water they found isn’t fresh water and shouldn’t be drinking it. Mike tastes it directly from the source and says it’s #Seawater. Mike says now they have no good water since they mixed their bit of good water with sea water.

On the beach, one of the guys drinks the blended water. The other guys head to the beach and tell the others that the water they found was seawater and isn’t fresh. Benji was the one who taste tested it, but he was wrong. Mike says they’re screwed and he’s scared now. They’re in panic mode now. By 11 am, it hits 99 degrees. The beach crew is told and Rick says this is back to square one and it’s about to get difficult. Taylor goes nuts and goes after another guy.

He says he’s sick of people telling him to shut up. He says he’s breaking the noise of the next guy who tells him to shut up. Graham says Taylor just flipped out on Rob and almost punched him in the face. He says it’s just day two and stay tuned. Taylor rants that he’s been right every time and yet they keep telling him to shut up. He walks off and a camera guy has to follow him.

He says the others need to shut up. He goes nuts again and shoves another guy. He walks off from them and says he knows his limits. They have to keep following him since they have the camera. Bear says there is safety in numbers and survival is best as a team sport. By 6 pm, they have a group meeting. Graham says there are some search parties going out. Taylor is back for now. Earnest says water or this and says water is more important since they’re losing daylight.

They ask if Rob is okay and he says he feels good. Then they ask Taylor if he’s okay. He says he is and they head out to look for water. Taylor, Earnest and Matt head uphill. Bear says as your temperature rises, you sweat and dehydrate faster. It starts to get dark and Earnest is panicking. They try to call Taylor back. He doesn’t answer and is out of sight. Back at the beach, Taylor is killed up in a ball and they check on him. He’s exhausted and hasn’t had any water. He says he doesn’t need any right now.

Later, Earnest checks on Taylor who is much worse. He’s dry heaving and faint. His chest is tight and he’s quivering. They worry he’s got heat exhaustion. Buck checks him over and they check his pulse. Buck says Taylor was over-exerting himself. They get the med kit. Taylor can’t even move. Buck says he needs hydration which they don’t have. They decide to call for help. Bear left a remote trauma unit to check on them in case of emergency.

The trauma team shows up and Matt says he’s been problematic the whole time. Taylor is thrown into the boat. Mike says they feel bad that they lost him and says he was part of the team. Mike says that means the rest of them will have to work harder. He says this island will chew you up and spit you out. Bear says the men weren’t careful with their most precious resource and it sent Taylor home on day two and could take out more of them.